📌 free 2 – 5 LDT

📌 price $1 per LDT


This round of invitation contests will be held 4 times, and we will calculate the number of valid Level

1, referral during each contest.

2, In each contest, the level of your inviter must be equal to or greater than 20 for you to be a valid referral.

3, The contest rewards are up to 1 Bitcoin. The details of the rewards are as follows:

4th Prize500 USD
5th Prize300 USD
6th Prize200 USD
7th Prize100 USD
8th Prize90 LDT
9th Prize80 LDT
10-5050 LDT
*The USD rewards will be paid in BTC.

4, The Contest Date (GMT)

1st: 09/07 12:00 – 09/14 12:00

2nd: 09/14 12:00 – 09/21 12:00

3rd: 09/21 12:00 – 09/28 12:00

5, This round of invitation contests is independent from the original marketing platform. They do not affect each other.

6, Super Promoter: we will calculate the total of valid referrals out of the 3 contests, and the top five promoters will receive a Libra Dragon (Permanent).


1, We prohibit any act of cheating or disrupting contest fairness, including but not limited to bots, cell phone farming, inviting users of the same device and IP address, etc.

2, After each contest, the anti-cheat system will check the data and eliminate cheaters. Rewards will be sent to your bitcoin address in 3-5 business days

3, We can disqualify cheaters from the contests and lock their accounts.

By Mr04

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