Claim free ZEC + PIVX + DASH every 20 hours


Open the PipeFlare Faucet now and claim free ZCash (ZEC) + PIVX + DASH tokens every 20 hours. If you link your social media accounts you will get 1.9x multiplier. After using the Faucet for 6 consecutive days, you’re eligible for a bonus spin that is worth up to $5. Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free tokens.

📍 Register on PipeFlare Faucet website + Verify your email
📍 Login + Click on ‘My rewards’
📍 Submit ZCASH (ZEC) and DASH wallet address (available at Trust Wallet
📍 Submit PIVX wallet address (available at Coinomi Wallet
📍 Receive ZCASH (ZEC) + PIVX + DASH

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By Ξbel

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