How To Use Binance Pay

What is Binance Pay?

Binance pay is a cryptocurrency payment product that is included in the Binance application, with the binance pay feature, the goal is that you can send crypto currency more easily like the slogan contactless, borderless and secure user-to-user. You are presented with a very easy and fast user to user payment feature, of course with zero fees.

Interesting right?

How to use Binance Pay?

First and foremost, you must have a Binance account, if you don’t have account Binance please register here.

To use the Binance Pay feature is very easy, make sure you have funds that will be sent to relatives or friends, of course with crypto currency. Then you only need to move assets from the spot wallet to the funding wallet. Oh yes, I almost forgot, in the binance pay feature there are 3 ways available, sending using an email address, sending using a phone number and sending using a binance pay ID.

Okay, let’s continue on how to use Binance Pay, after you transfer assets from the spot wallet to the funding wallet, please continue by selecting the “PAY” menu in the funding wallet menu. Then click “SEND”, after that you will be faced with 3 choices of payment methods, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER and PAY id. I personally use PAY ID more often.

after you enter the PAY ID then click “CONTINUE” then select the cryptocurrency to be sent, then enter the amount of cryptocurrency to be sent, enter your PAY binance PIN and click “OK”. Congratulations you have successfully sent cryptocurrency using Binance Pay.

For more details, below I include a video tutorial on how to send crypto currency using Binance Pay.

Before using all the features above, you must first activate the Binance Pay account

The method is as follows:

1. go to your binance app and open “funding wallet”

2. then click open wallet

3. Enter the alias name and accept the terms of use

4. set a “PIN” for your binance pay account

Congratulations, your Binance Pay account has been successfully activated and ready to use. It should be noted not to forget your “PIN” binance pay let alone known to others.

Benefit using Binance Pay.

You need to know, there are many advantages if you use Binance Pay.

Receive and send crypto currency very quickly to friends  with zero fees, with binance pay you can also make payments such as hotel bookings, airline ticket reservations, mobile top ups and much more.

So this article was created with the aim that you can understand what Binance Pay is and how it work..

Binance Pay :

Register Binance here :

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