Binance Trading Fee Structure and Binance Loyalty Program

Hi, in this article, we will discuss about trading fees, what is trading fee?

Trading Fee is a transaction fee or sale and purchase of securities/securities charged by securities companies to their customers who buy or sell securities online, be it stocks, forex (foreign currency), mutual funds and other investment instruments.

Every market will definitely charge trading fees to their customers, with this article I will try to review the trading fees on Binance, how much do you think we have to spend to trade on Binance? Expensive? Or affordable?

Let’s review further for trading fees on Binance, please see the table below:

“Taker” is an order that trades at a market price, “Maker” is an order that trades at a limited price. (introducing Taker-maker)

VIP trade volume levels are measured on the basis of the spot trading volume, or whether the futures trading volume meets the standard (Futures trading volume includes USDS-M futures and COIN-M futures).

For a more detail  list of trading fees, please visit the following link:

If we compare it to some other markets, trading fees on Binance are quite cheap, especially if you pay using BNB, you save 25% on paying fees.

It is clear from the table above, I think the fees for trading on Binance are quite the Spot trading  For Regular Users, the maker fee is only 0.1000% while the Taker 0.1000% if paid using BNB becomes 0.0750% / 0.0750% you save 25%.

if you are at the highest level of VIP 9 then the maker fee is 0.0200% / 0.0400% taker fees and if using BNB it becomes 0.0150% Taker / 0.0300% Maker.

Let’s compare it with other markets such as MEXC for example:


It’s clear if we compare it to MEXC for trading fees there are more expensive, if we use Binance you will save 50% of trading fees for one transaction.

So now your choice is to save or spend more on trading fees?

Please register immediately via this link:

Besides that, Binance also has a Loyalty rewards program, this program is categorized based on your tier level, starting from regular users and the highest is VIP 9.


The benefit is that you will get smaller trading fees and more privileges depending on your account level.

For more details, please visit the following link:

once again, if you want to use Binance please register via the following link:





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