Forum Crypto MoonLight is Hosting an AMA with Butterfly Protocol @butterflyprotocol

🏰Venue AMA : @FCMchat
⏰Time: Thursday 6th may 2021, 11PM GMT+7
💰Reward Pool : $100
🎙Live AMA with : Josh Robinson- chief architect and cofounder of Butterfly Protocol

AMA will take place in 3 Segment, Last approximately for 1 hour.

📍Segment 1: Project Introduction
📍Segment 2: Twitter Question
📍Segment 3: Free asking

🛑AMA rules:

📌 Join the following groups and channels:
📍Join Group :
FCMchat :
Butterfly Protocol :
📍Join Channel :
FCMnews :
Butterfly Protocol :
📍Follow Twitter
Butterfly Protocol :

🗣 Ask Question Here

📌 Research the project & prepare for best questions.
Website :
Medium :
Linkedin :

Note : make sure to follow all rules before ama start or you will be disqualified (if you winner)

By Mr04

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