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Ryan : Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with @PhilosoRaptorToken

I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: project introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question

Before moving on to segment 1, could you please tell us a little about your background @Henkie84

mister I : Hi, my name is Ismail van Essen, born in the Netherlands and now living 8 years in Bulgaria. I am 36 year and working in my normal day-to-day job as a Finance Operations Development Manager in a corporate company. I have a wife and a 5 month old daughter. I have been in the crypto world trading mostly since 2017 and started now the Raptor Token.


Q1, Can you explain a little about the Raptor Finance project to our community?

mister I : The Raptor token started as a meme coin for fun actually with the intention to donate the specially set up donation wallet to support charities that help to prevent climate change. The idea is to donate piece by piece of that wallet after Q4 this year to those charities. The community would be in charge of picking those charities.

After a couple of days we saw what a great little community was starting the build. That is why we put our heads together and our funds and said we want to build our own blockchain with RaptorSwap. The principle of the blockchain and RaptorSwap is to have low fees and a fixed part of these fees go to the charities picked by the community. During the build of the BlockChain we will launch different cool features like Staking (available now in beta), Lottery (Raptor and wBNB) and Farming is coming in July. There are more things planned but those have not been announced and we like to keep them as a surprise 🙂

Q2, What programs has Raptor Finance launched?

mister I : We just started so haven’t launched very much. We did a hard fork (switching contracts) that made us move from being a meme token to a real moonshot. We had to do that because the old contract couldn’t host our plans. We have did that hard fork on Saturday the 24th of April and launched directly after the Staking feature. This is all working fine and it is totally safe. Like this you earn free Raptors actually and you can claim them back whenever you want. You can check it out here: (it doesn’t look that pretty yet but we are working on a new design of the website and hope to have that all ready middle of May)

Q3, What benefits will be given to investors when investing in Raptor Finance?

mister I : The benefits will come in the long-term. We just started so any investor is still an early investor. We are building on the way and doing many different type of promotions to make sure people get to know our project. This means we will grow over time and that means value of our token will grow over time. As mentioned earlier we have Staking so by just having Raptor tokens and staking them you earn more Raptors. In July we will finish our Framing feature and you can earn more Raptors with that as well and for the lucky ones if you buy a lottery ticket you can win the Jackpot that we will have every week.

Q4, What type of security does Raptor Finance use to protect investors’ data?

mister I : Everything is build on the chain and we make sure everything is secure and safe. This is our highest priority because this builds the trusts for the users. We also are transparent towards the community because we are a community token. We know that without trust from the community we will never succeed. One of the reason as well my name/face is out in the open.

Q5, Most projects use NFT as mining material, so what is the function of Raptor Finance’s NFT?

mister I : At the moment we do not have plans to us NFT’s as mining materials. Currently we have our Dinosaur theme with Raptor as the lead and we are planning to have some cool Dinosaur art NFT’s to be created. Maybe in the future we will rethink this and build the mining feature in it as well.


Q1, From @Farhan89266866 : Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

mister I : Yes I know such projects myself. We did the hard fork to ensure we can build this future. We are currently having a 7% burn fee which will reduce the total supply over time and this will increase the price over time. We also delivered already the Staking beta version which we promised to do. So far we have delivered on everything that we promised and we will make sure we keep on doing that in the future. We are planning to have the Farming released in July and that means you can earn more Raptor tokens.

Q2, From @Ekasapidi : What features/tokenomics will be in place that ensure that Raptor Finance is stable for the long haul, unlike other yield farming projects which so often crash and burn?

mister I : Staking has a low APR because high APR project always mint too much tokens and crash because of that. That low APR is strongly compensated by burning the fees. Basically it’s more profitable for user to leave his/her tokens to staking for enjoying increasing scarcity and little APR. It is very important to have these balanced out otherwise you end up like many projects that crash and burn.

Q3, From @Gazianteplyy : Your platform has ideas in line with the current reality of the planet and that is very attractive in a new project, but what financial characteristics will your platform have? so that it can be sustainable in time and can really help the environment

mister I : Currently we have a 2T donation wallet locked away in Staking until Q4. After that time we will start donating piece by piece to foundations picked by the community. We also plan to have a fixed part of the fees that will come with the blockchain and RaptorSwap to be donated. This means there will be a constant flow of fees going to this donation wallet and we can donate every month to these foundations. You can imagine how many transactions for example PancakeSwap has every day and then having from each transaction a part going there we can really donate every month good amounts to those foundations so they can really make an impact.

Q4, From @yoriLipB : At the moment I don’t see Raptor Finance having any activities or events such as, Partnership, fork/swap, burn, feature release and so on. Can you reveal what event or program in the future?

mister I : We are currently working on setting up a legal company to be able to make Partnerships. We want to have these partnerships based a legal bases of course. Hopefully soon we have that up and running so we can make those deals. As mentioned we just started and completed our hard fork last week. This was a lot of work to complete the new contract and to make sure everyone moved to the new contract. If you are interested make sure you use the correct contract! The old contract was renounced so we could not cancel it so it will continue for ever. Sadly we still have people buying the old contract. So make sure you use the correct one (0xf9A3FdA781c94942760860fc731c24301c83830A) So what is next? We have the new website coming in soon with the Staking & Lottery and in July we launch our Farming as well. RaptorSwap is currently being build as well and in q2 2022 we should be ready with our own Blockchain. Raptor will move from token to a real coin at that stage 🙂

Q5, From @PolathannKoc : Your tagline is very interesting “Can you make money & Help Save the World” many projects that only concern business. but you also help save the world. what is the reason you do this?

mister I : I believe climate change is real and want to do something good for that. I hope with this project we can really have an impact. Only together as one world we can fix this and having a global project such as this will make people more aware of the problem. I also know many people do not care or do not believe in this. That I understand but I believe even those people want to have clean drinking water, clean air to breath, and plastic free rivers/oceans to swim. So as mentioned together is the key word here and that is why Raptor is a community token. We can go together to Mars (in our wallets :)) and help save our own planet in the meantime!


Q1. dian airlangga : save the world for global business, in the future what programs will be present in this project? I hope it’s still for the good of the world and the world of business for sure.

mister I : Hi Dian and thank you for your question. We hope to raise of course a lot of money for charities/foundations/projects that help to prevent climate change. We want to focus on those that do more then just cleaning up so to say. We want to support the projects that come up with real solutions that can make a true impact. We will suggest to our community good projects and listing as well to the community if they have good ideas. As mentioned we are a community and together we can make this work. That is why we listen to the feedback of the community as well

Q2. Vinh Ka : EngIish is a popuIar Ianguage ,,, How does Raptor Finance pIan to spread awareness of its project in different countries where EngIish is not good? Does Raptor Finance have a IocaI community for them to better understand your project?

mister I : Hi Vinh, we have now multiple different language communities in Telegram (Dutch, Balkan region, Russian, Spanish). We would like to have more but we need volunteers to run those communities for us. If there volunteers here for different languages you can come to me and we can discuss together what are the options and set it up.

Q3. Sen : Philosoraptor is a fork of the raptor Exchange, so can you tell us what are the mainly differences between you and your previous version?

mister I : Hi Sen, the previous contract was build as meme token. Similar contract as Safemoon has. Sadly that is not enough for what we are planning to do and that is the reason we had to switch the contract. Now we will have features and can really build a future for this token instead of just being a hype and die. We want to be here for the long run and that is why we needed to change. To make sure we do not stick with the old contract we had to change the name. So it was the PhilosoRaptor (based on the meme) and now we continue as Raptor Finance.

Q4. Irfanul : Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to $Your platform and keep them long term.

mister I : Hi Irfanul, for marketing we are doing different cool things of course. We just launched a 1trillion token Airdrop and will do more of those in the future (check out in the pinned mssg in our Telegram). I am talking to many communities like I do now with you all. We have many requests actually for other AMA’s (above 30 more). We promote by having influencers talking about us on different social media platforms and of course our community is supporting the best by spreading the word as well. What keeps investors is the ambitious roadmap we have. We are planning to have our own BlockChain and tokens can be build on that Blockchain with all the principle that part of the fees will go to support climate change. Also our investors can stake there Raptors to earn more Raptors and the Farming is another way to earn more Raptors. I believe because of this roadmap, more and more people will invest and the value of Raptor can only increase. Specially for the people that invest now because we just started

Q5. Lovely_DC : Can you explain the $RAPTOR service fee? As a user, what incentives will I get?

Is it safe if we are advised to buy $RAPTOR now? If it’s too late what is the solution?

mister I : Hi Levely_DC, it is totally Safe to buy Raptors now and currently the price went down actually due to the market dropping last Thursday, PancakeSwap migration errors. The fees are currently only the 7% burning fee. This will reduce the supply and that makes the token become more valuable of time.

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