Segment 1: project introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free asking

MOD: Before moving on to segment 1, could you please tell us a little about your background

Mr. Yo Mi: For sure. Let`s dive into

Mr. Yo Mi: we launched ZIGZAG 2 years ago.  This was the first version of the system on EOS.  In 2 years we have completely redesigned the system. ZIGZAG v2 is a DeFi system built on IPFS specifically for e-commerce (online shops, casinos, online games).  We are not building a complex system with all kinds of smart contracts.  An online business has a very clear task – to ensure easy flow of money for users.  We are building a system that makes it easy to replenish the balance, withdraw and transfer money without commission.  And it’s all decentralized.  But at the same time, the business has a transaction control system.  This is a mandatory requirement for a legal business.


MOD: First question

MOD: Q1. Can you explain a little about the ZigZag project to our community?

Mr. Yo Mi: We created this zigzag v2 system specifically for a business task.  And now we are integrating it into 3000 gaming terminals.  All blockchains are looking for clients.  We have already found our clients and they will pay for using our system.

Mr. Yo Mi: Selesai =)

MOD: Wooww Indonesian language

Mr. Yo Mi: Haha =)

MOD: Q2, what is the name of the token from ZigZag, and how much is the total supply, and where will the token be allocated?

Mr. Yo Mi: Two tokens. ZAG – bonus token and ZIG stablecoin. Supply for now is 120 000 tokens. Total 1 mln

MOD: Next question

MOD: Q3. What are ZigZag future goals in forming a blockchain network?

Mr. Yo Mi: POS L2 solution on Ethereum with EVM and 5000 TPS

MOD: Q4, What are the benefits for $ZIG token holders, and how do they work?

Mr. Yo Mi: if you use Paypal to receive funds, you pay a commission from 2 to 6%.  If you add ZIGZAG, the commission for users will be reduced to 0.5 – 1%.  This is when using credit cards.  Including all transaction costs. And this system is easy for use

Mr. Yo Mi: Make sense?

MOD: Ok, the last question on this segment

MOD: Q5. Please tell us about zigzag safety?

Mr. Yo Mi: We have a very strong technical team. Our code is constantly audited by two companies.  Security and legality are very important for us. And we use a system where transactions can be controlled.  We do not hide this – this is a prerequisite in real business.

MOD: Very nice security

Mr. Yo Mi:  Woop Woop


MOD: Q1. From @Zuzika95

To obtain the investors trust, all projects need to give proves that are a real company so can you tell me what are your Partners and when is gonna be published your Whitepaper?

Mr. Yo Mi: Our main partner is Askott Group. Is a leading provider of Esports first software for the iGaming industry. And we will publish our Whitepaper at 15th of October

Mr. Yo Mi: follow the news

MOD: Q2, from @Alicewonder1202

ZigZag was designed and developed by EOS Block Producer, is there a role for EOS token in your ecosystem? What is the main ovjective of ZigZag as a product of EOS?

Mr. Yo Mi: Initially we built our network based on EOS blockchain.  Free and fast transactions were important to us.  We are now moving to L2 solution on Ethereum network.

MOD: Alright, next question from Twitter

MOD: Q3, from @dtv1907

As I know $ZIG is a digital asset backed token with exchange rate target zone at 1 USD/ZIG . Is $ZIG a stablecoin? Price stabilization is also a difficult problem to keep $ZIG around 1$ . So What are the ZigZag Fianance’s solution when $ZIG go up or down than 1$ ?

Mr. Yo Mi: Great question!

Mr. Yo Mi: ZIG token will be fully backed by money in the bank account.  This is a requirement of the regulator.

MOD: Q4, from @Nohope49320791

Why does ZigZag Finance ecosystem issues two tokens $ZIG and $ZAG? Which is the main native token of #ZigZag ? What is the main function of these tokens and how does it role in ZigZag ecosystem?

Mr. Yo Mi: So. We have 2 tokens. ZIG – stablecoin (based on real USD on bank account), ZAG – bonus token (cashback). You can make any payments and deposits to your gaming or casino  balance using ZIG. After this you will get ZAG as Cashback. To send cashback we buyback  ZAG tokens from  exchanges. and ZAG price rises

MOD: Last question from Twitter

MOD: Q5, from @sarpbilginer132

Using two tokens in one platform is an ingenious idea. What is Zig doing to have the same value and be exchanged for the USD? How do Zig and Zag complement each other?

Mr. Yo Mi: As I said earlier ZIG will be fully backed by money in the bank account.  This is a requirement of the regulator.

Mr. Yo Mi: Done


Q1 From @eylem201: What are your major goals to achieve in the next 3-4 years? What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption?

How do you elevate crypto participants understanding of project

Mr. Yo Mi: What are the recent major achievements made by the Zigzag project? And can you describe in detail the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, security audits?

Q2 From @awesomedivya:

Mr. Yo Mi: 2) now we have 3000 gaming terminals on which we have to start accepting ZIGZAG as a payment instrument.  This is our plan until mid-2021.  this is more than enough to reach the $ 10 million valuation.  We will continue to develop a network for receiving payments using ZIGZAG.

Q3 From @xwidex: Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the ZigZag token long-term?

Do you have a plan to help boost token demand and scarcity?

Mr. Yo Mi: 3) If the project has a community and clients, the exchanges will list such projects. Our plan is very simple: we get new customers, increase our user base, and then list on large exchanges.  Now there are 120,000 tokens in circulation.  The total project estimate is $ 500,000.  We expect the project valuation to rise to $ 10,000,000 next year.  You can calculate the planned token price yourself.

Q4 From @Spott: Is ZIG ZAG an international project ?

Is any community or country restricted from taking part in the project ?

Mr. Yo Mi: 4) The project is focused on the markets of Canada, Europe, America.  Later we will move to the Asian market.  Tokens will be available for all countries that are allowed on exchanges.

Q5 From @cat0999: Why should I invest in your token? do you guarantee I’ll be profitable?

Mr. Yo Mi: 5) Now the capitalization of our project is only $ 500,000.  Our plan for 2021 is $ 10,000,000.  You can calculate the token price yourself.  But always be aware of the risks.

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