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Ryan : Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with @youswapglobalofficial

Jake : Hello everyone, really excited to be here with the FCM community!

Ryan : I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: project introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question

Before moving on to segment 1,could you please tell us a little about your background?

Jake  : Good evening my FCM community! My name is  Jake, I’m managing operations as well as community engagement for the team. YouSwap’s core team consists of an international group of blockchain geeks who met while working on different projects and saw the potential decentralized exchanges can bring to the blockchain-focused future


Q1, Can you explain a little about the YouSwap project to our community?

Jake  : YouSwap was conceptualized with the trading user in mind – we use the function of aggregate transactions to find the optimal exchange path, while applying smart contracts in the liquidity pool to potentially enhance the ROI. Anyone can log on, connect their wallets through our secure website and start trading. Within 2021, we will be adding several functions such as financial products, derivatives, NFT trading, however our main focus is always to increase our interoperability.

Network fees is a big problem in Uniswap as it is only on the ERC20 network while YouSwap is on ERC,HECO AND BSC before May. We also already have a team that is researching on Polkadot, Solona and Cardano network. We are building on the popular chain first because it allows ERC/HECO & BSC liquidity itself to flow into YouSwap thereby further developing the ecosystem. Also it will allows projects solely based on ETH to actually migrate to YouSwap, get more accustomed to the ecosystem and provide further development.

Q2, What programs has YouSwap launched?

Jake  : YouSwap has the advantages of wide range of capital investment, low slip point, reduced risk exposure of impermanence loss, high real-time trading speed of scalability, low Gas cost and so on compared with other decentralized exchanges on the chain.

Q3, Is the project currently having an airdrop campaign or event for users?

Jake : Yes, we have 2 campaign currently, a giveaway & quiz

Q4, What type of security does YouSwap use to protect investors data?

Jake  : User asset security is the highest priority in YouSwap platform design protocol. YouSwap exchange enables the on-chain data availability (OCDA) function of governance protocol 1.0, it will provide YouSwap users with the same security level as the underlying multi-chain block chain, meaning that YouSwap exchanges can remain anonymous. The updated iterative version of the YouSwap is completely decentralized and does not host user assets. All assets are kept in the chain, and users have full control over personal assets. We have been audited by Knownsec and we are in the process of being audited by Certik. We will let the Certik team’s report explain our platform’s security.

Q5, What benefits will be given to investors when investing in YouSwap ?

Jake : We are actually going to have a lot more developments coming up. YouStarter, YouTreasury, YouDerivatives, OkexChain and Polkadot Chain are on the way, just to mention a few. We would like to see more features as our strength if we were to take a position. As for benefits, we allow staking and farming and the APY is around 600% now. Feel free to HODL with us and enjoy the steady upside!


Q1, From @ashes204BD : The past year we’ve seen a lot of projects that make great startups but suddenly get abandoned because they don’t get enough revenue. How can we be sure that you’ll not leave $YouSwap despite the initial low income?

Jake  : Great question! One of our partner is China’s top 5 exchange called WBF (, which average about 2-4billion trading volume daily! So you can imagine, we are not doing this for quick cash or will we ever face problem like lack of funds and strategic partners 🙂

Q2, From @BasilBijuK1 : What made YouSwap to be referred to as “The Present and Future of NextGen DEX”?Compared with other decentralized exchanges, What all advantages does YouSwap have?

Jake : We are live on ERC20,HECO & BSC CHAIN. Exploring OkexChain, Solana, Cardano, Tron, PolkaDot next. Our YouStarter will be launching soon as we are already in talk with a few projects and centralised exchange. You can take a look at our roadmap here

YouSwap has the advantages of wide range of capital investment, low slip point, reduced risk exposure of impermanence loss, high real-time trading speed of scalability, low Gas cost and so on compared with other decentralized exchanges on the chain.

Q3, From @Gazianteplyy : YouSwap ambitions are huge. YouSwap want to participate in many fields of the future. Is there any technology or solid basis for you to fulfill YouSwap mission in so many fields?

Jake : As i have mention above, we are backed by WBF, China’s top 5 exchange, with the great amount of funds given to us, our team manage to expand to 150 and counting in a very short amount of time. That is why we will dare to have such a crazy vision. We have not miss anything on our roadmap so far. With $YOU in mind 🙂

Q4, From @ZamoraJoana : YouSwap has something called YouTreasury, where is store funds collected from fees, so can you tell us what is the usage these funds? Will it be back to the community?

Jake  : YouTreasury is actually one of our product, it will be providing mainly lending and wealth management planning services. For more details, please stay tuned for our updates 🙂

Q5, From @Manugotsuka1 : One of the most interesting products is the “YouDerivates”, so can you tell us how many types of Derivates do you support? Futures, Margin, options?

Jake  : Another great question, YouDerivatives is a completely decentralized, secure and highly customizable Layer-2DeFi protocol that YouSwap is building to support derivatives such as decentralized sustainable contracts and decentralized options products. There will be measure for short squeeze and long hunting but as to how that will work, it will be during Q4, if we ever bring it forward, we will keep the community updated 🙂


Q1. starcrypto fi : Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Jake  : The supply of YouSwap has been carefully planned out and calculated to be sufficient for all the usage of YouSwap. YouSwap adapts a trading fee burning system in which we will use ALL the trading fee that was earned from the platform and burn the tokens. All the process is transparent and can be find out in our webpage. The burning system will cease after 5 years of burning which will result in having half of the total supply burned.

We have already burned $40000 USD worth of YOU token supply at this moment and more as we progress forward.

Q2. Tricky Question : There are crucial things that help a project success, but AMONG :





which of them do you consider most crucial for your project.       ?

Jake : Community, because no good project can make it happen without the support and trust of you, the community!By holding certain number of YOU tokens (or pledging YOU tokens), you can participate in community governance, by voting on proposals and issues such as upgrade proposals, changing the trading fees, and discussions on distribution of liquidity pools, as well as the long term incentive plan of YouSwap. Majority and minority YOU holders can form a collective to propose feedback, which can be accepted and implemented by the development team.

Q3. Tricky Question : Do you have a head office and all you guys working together?

Jake  : Thanks for this question – I believe many projects founders obscure their locations and try to market their project while remaining anonymous. Yes, we are answering this from Singapore, your near neighbour. Our team is made up of blockchain geeks from all over the world, including US, China, but our base of operations will be in Singapore, as we intend to expand in the ASEAN region, a market we think is underserved.

Q4. Furry : HIGH TRANSCATIONS FEE, SLIPPAGE PROBLEM,LAG while swaping,web domain hack etc….

How will plan to SOLVE these problems?is YOUSWAP really safe to use?

Jake  : To counter these problems, YouSwap will strengthen R&D investment and explore the real decentralized cross-chain technology to realize the intelligent scene of multi-chain integration and create seamless exchange and mutual operation application of multi-chain native assets. In order to reduce the transaction exchange sliding point, the aggregate trading engine is developed to find the optimal exchange path.

Q5. Jemo Kedurang : Choosing the Binance Smart Chain seems like the perfect choice for any new project. Do you agree? if so what is the reason.

Jake  : Of course. Its the most popular chain now among projects besides ERC20 and thats why we decide to go live with it today. We seriously wants to serve you better.

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