MOD : Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with VULPOS.

Mr.fadi admo : I am Fadi Admo CEO of Pleasure to connect with everyone!

Myself I started at a very young age in business. I always knew I wanted to do something with real estate, and at age 17 I started working in luxury rentals in Europe. This was at the same time I was in Law School. I saw the future, it needed to be with Smart Contracts. Then Ethereum came along in 2015, and I knew this needed to be integrated with Real Estate. We started studying the possibilities and interviewing everyone, from banks to technology providers in 2018 / 2019. At the same time our business was continue to build, with many beautiful homes in our portfolio. Crypto is just one part of the equation, we will use it to grow adoption globally and let more people share the profits of real estate. is a global company tailored to the luxury real estate market. We are a FULL STACK real estate company. So we are involved in everything from management to investing to design as well as consumer facing directly to our guests.


MOD: Q1. Can you briefly describe what is Vulpos?

Mr. fadi admo : Vulpos is a global real estate company focused on the high end market. We are a FULL STACK real estate company, so we are vertically integrated which is very unique. We do everything from design to investing to development to branding to management and deliver the total end product to the consumer directly. This way we know every piece of the puzzle, similar to how Apple makes iPhone, Vulpos makes Homes. Recently, we introduced $VPX — the REAL ESTATE CRYPTOCURRENCY to allow people globally to become part of our great ecosystem!

MOD: Q2. what is the name of the token from Vulpos? how much supply is available? can you tell us where the token will be allocated? And is the Vulpos token ready to trade?

Mr.fadi admo : $VPX is the name of the token. Circulating supply is around One Billion at the moment. We have wallets for Vulpos Liquidity Network as well. The token will be distributed based on demand, so there will never be too many tokens in the market, this to protect the price. You can buy the token directly from the website on and soon on Uniswap there will be liquidity to trade! Our goal with the token is to provide token buyers with a stable exposure to real estate profits and our ecosystem, it is safe like a stable coin with the growth potential of utility tokens.

MOD: Q3. what network does Vulpos use? for us investors or users, what benefits can we get if we hold the vulpos token?

Mr.fadi admo : Vulpos uses $VPX on the ETHEREUM network. Benefits for holding the token is the safety of the coin, as it is supported by our ecosystem in many ways. Investors in tokenized funds need it to STAKE $VPX before they can launch a fund. We have already great demand from institutional investors worldwide for this. This protects the value of the $VPX and gives it the market demand needed to grow into a TOP 5 coin in the markets. The potential for Vulpos is really BIG! We will be tokenizing TRILLIONS of Real Estate and $VPX will be a part of this. This lets you know that the price now is really great to become a part of the $VPX ecosystem, similar to buying Ethereum in 2015.

MOD: Q4. can you tell to our community what the major milestone of Vulpos on this 2020?

Mr.fadi admo : Major milestone we added almost 10,000 homes in the world in our network. Majority are in the very high end of the market! For example this one, goes for 100,000 EURO per week, we have many clients coming from celebrities to royalt families. We are very proud of our product and will continue to grow it globally and hope to include you in our community!

MOD: Q5. Lately defi has become a trend and many investors are attracted to defi projects. when talking about defi, usually synonymous with uniswap listing, my question is whether $VPX will be available on uniswap?

Mr.fadi admo : Yes! Vulpos $VPX is the project with the BIGGEST potential in DeFi! Uniswap listing with liquidity will follow soon!


MOD: Q1. From @Buraysalah1763

What is the crucial thing,in your opinion,that would increase adoption of #VulposHomes and possibly the rest of crypto. What’s the #VulposHomes economic model and how will it is architecture ensure scarcity of the token and help to growth token price?

Mr.fadi admo : Great question! We believe the most unique aspect is that we are a FULL STACK company. Tokenization is just one part of what we do, and the $VPX Smart Money is a part of this, like the oil in the ecosystem. The most important part is that we have a Brand and Community beyond just crypto, this will play a crucial part in bringing value to the $VPX as well as to the broader blockchain ecosystem as a whole! In the end, we need REAL WORLD ADOPTION, this is only possible with REAL WORLD CUSTOMERS!  While there are many companies doing tokenization, it is very hard to monetize, tokenization in itself is not that special. But when you combine with everything else, it is very powerful.  Same like an engine of a plane, in itself, it is just a machine, will not move. Together with body, wings, pilot, everything else, it will fly across the ocean, and you can even make space-ship to go to moon! Tokenization = Machine.  Vulpos = complete Spaceship

$VPX is a very important part of the Spaceship, it will allow our company to grow even more aggresively globally. We manage this aspect very strictly, we always keep the token scarce to protect the price and token buyers. We only distribute the token strategically and based on demand. Benefits for holding the token is the safety of the coin, as it is supported by our ecosystem in many ways. Investors in tokenized funds need it to STAKE $VPX before they can launch a fund. We have already great demand from institutional investors worldwide for this. This protects the value of the $VPX and gives it the market demand needed to grow into a TOP 5 coin in the markets!

MOD: Q2. From @wuihbego

what VPX think about defi ? are you going join on this hype just like other project? if yes tell me what diffrent VPX with other project?

Mr.fadi admo : We believe DeFi is DeFinitely the future. Everyone is integrating right now and Tokenization is a very big important part of the future of DeFi. What DeFi actually makes possible is very unique. It makes competition truly global and banks will have to compete with each other for the customer, giving the power to the people instead of to the banks. Imagine in the future, you want to buy a new house. You have two options. Either you go to an old fashioned local bank in person, have to do a lot of manual checks, etc, find a house etc, and get a high interest rate for your mortgage and it will take weeks to complete the purchase. Or you go to — authenticate with your digital currency wallets, we can track your salary and credit score in seconds from the blockchains that are integrated, and you browse the home you like, click ‘buy’ — our system then takes your mortgage application, and distributes it to every bank in the world that is competing for it, from London to NYC to Signapore to Hongkong every bank will make an automatic offer in seconds. Then you will have a better rate and you can purchase the home very fast. This is what DeFi makes possible. It is the future, and we are very excited to be at the CORE of DeFi!

MOD: Q3. From @Fermando675

Can you list 1-3 killer features of Vulposhomes that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Mr.fadi admo : Great question! We believe the most unique aspect is that we are a FULL STACK company. Vulpos is vertically integrated, so we understand everything from beginning to end. We truly think from the customers point of view and engineer every part of our business to surprise the customer with a better and more amazing home product every time. This is very unique in real estate, most companies only do one thing, maybe only design or only management or only investing. Vulpos Homes does EVERYTHING! We do not have any competition at this level in the world! The only companies doing things like us are in different industry, like Apple for technology, Tesla for cars. Vulpos does this model for Homes and we will dominate our market!

MOD: Q4. From @MiyukiMikoto

What is the $VPX utility token in the Volposhomes Real Estate business, why do you need blockchain? what is the actual function in your project? And how do you grow your business and blockchain technology?

Mr.fadi admo : Great question! $VPX is used in many different ways, as a utility token in the ecosystem to get tokenized funds going it is used as a STAKING token, and it has also functions of VOTING and GOVERNANCE. We use blockchain to make it easier and faster to launch tokenized funds globally and to share profits with investors! Usually, launching a fund is very expensive, now we can do it much much cheaper and faster, allowing even smaller investors to become a part of the Vulpos ecosystem! Owning $VPX is the easiest and fastest way to become a member of our global real estate operation!

MOD: Q5. From @Pamoato

What kind of token is $VPX and what role does it play within the Vulpos platform? Is it possible to rent these homes through this token? What uses does it have? Thank you!

Mr.fadi admo : Great question! It is mainly used in the funds as a STAKING and GOVERNANCE / VOTING token. This way we provide stability in the token price and give it room to GROW! We plan to introduce paying for Homes with $VPX when we reach $1.00 / VPX token price.


Q1 from @alanwalker

Every blockchain-based projects showcase the benefits of their platform. In the case of Vulpos, what can users benefit from and gain from the platform?

Mr.fadi admo : Great question! For the global crypto community, Vulpos enables the easiest and fastest way to real estate exposure using $VPX! The benefit is you have a stable token that will only grow in value over time because it is supported by Real Estate in our business! This is the greatest benefit of over any project in the space!

Q2 from @ahmad

Vulpos is based on Ethereum Blockchain AND CURRENTLY Ethereum blockchain is very Unscalable and slow. So, Can you Explain us, which solution is used by Valpos  for improving Scalability issue?

mr.fadi admo : Great question. We had studied this for a long time, and of course there are many faster blockchains right now. However, we decided to go with ETHEREUM because of this and this is actually really important to know for the whole industry: All the existing banks, governments, in Europe and USA we talked to, include our partner banks, are all testing and developing on Ethereum. They do not even spend any time talking or thinking about other blockchains. It may not be the fastest now, but this will be overcome with new solutions. The most important is ecosystem adoption. For us to work easily with banks and other providers, Ethereum is the only way. It will make integration much, much faster, and is some times it is the only option. So this is the real reason and many projects do not know this, because they only look at other chains if it is fast. And for some things, fast is more important, like gaming is great on EOS. But for tokenization, we need bank integrations, and Ethereum is the only and best way!

Q3 from @anunur

What is the function of VPX token in Vulpos ecosystem? Can you please explain the detail about VPX staking plan and the benefits of adding “staking”?

Mr.fadi admo :The function is for STAKING and GOVERNANCE. $VPX will only be distributed based on demand. This will always be the case. This way we guarantee stability in the market and leave potential for growth for token buyers. Our goal is to make everyone benefit from this! The staking will increase the demand and scarcity of the token, leading to even more growth for you!

Q4 from @mohitkumar

Can you tell me more about $VPX tokenomics. Are they an utility token? For what reasons we need to buy  $VPX tokens? What are they real use case?

Mr.fadi admo : $VPX is a utility token. The benefits are very clear! You will experience stability and growth like never before! Basically $VPX is designed in such a way it can only stay stable or go up. If someone dumps the token into the market, people will be buying it because of the fundamentals and the correlation with the staking. This is very unique in crypto and an opportunity for token buyers!

Q5 from @jobel

Do you also plan to launched mobile application for Volpus just like Airbnb and other platforms? How about marketing, do you plan to advertise Volpus in TV or in YouTube and hire some personalities to Indorse Volpus?

Mr.fadi admo :Yes we are launching a global Ambassador program to partner with influencers on Instagram and YouTube. This will create massive demand for both the rental of Vulpos Homes as well as investing in the tokenized funds as well as the $VPX tokens!

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