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Hello everyone welcome back again to AMA series FCM. Today we will have an AMA with Mr Thomas  as CEO of TryHards Official  🥳

Hello Mr Thomas welcome to Forum Crypto MoonLight 🥳🥳🥳. Happy to see you here. Thank you for taking your time to be at Forum Crypto Moonlight.

Before we start the AMA,

I’ll explain a little bit about how the AMA will works today

So there will be 3 segment in this AMA

Segment 1: Project Introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free Asking

Before we go to segment 1, we want to know more about you,So could you please explain to us a little about your background before entering the cryptocurrency world and why did you finally become CEO of TryHards ?

Thomas : Hi I am Thomas, the CEO of Tryhards.

With a passion for gaming, I worked for several years in the web and game development industries. I also had my own company. It is now time for the next step for Metaverses. The idea for Tryhards was born in 2020, when I saw the immense potential of NFT’s.


Q1. Can you explain about the Try hards game, and whether this game has a guild war system, pvp battle or a weapon and item trading system between players in the game.?

Thomas : In the end of Q1 Tryhards alpha version will launch, players will be able to run around on the map and try and fight in the Arena. Players will be able to place a wager and the winner takes all -10% Fee.

Later we will introduce more game modes likes 2 vs 2 and PVE. Players will fight multiple waves of minions ending in a boss fight. Players will need a NFT bases character and weapon to be able to join these game modes. We are planning to introduce a guild like system later. The NFT’s will be tradeable in our in-game marketplace called The Plaza or on Opensea. We have other in-game non-nft items that will be tradable aswell.

Q2. When will this game launch OBT?  and does this game use multiple servers or only use one server?

Thomas : The game is split up in two segments, the staking part and the actual game. The staking will be released on TGE which is planned on 16 of November.

The actual playable game and map will be released on the end for Q1 2022. First we will launch one server but will introduce more later, we will have servers dedicated to each region.

Q3. How do we register or play try hard games?  Will it be on the market like Playstore or iOS store?

Thomas : We will start in the webbrowser so it will be accessible for everyone, later we will expand to playstore and Apllestore

Players can connect their metamask wallet and purchase a character and a weapon, if they have both they can start playing the game.

Q4. I saw a try hards game using TRY TOKEN, can you explain about the token?  and what are the advantages for gamers who have TRY TOKEN?

Thomas : We have a liquidity providing pool. When you provide TRY tokens against another coin – you will be rewarded with crystals. Those crystals can be used to upgrade your NFT’S (weapons & fanatics) and receive more universe power. Universe power determines how much share you receive from the staking pool. The staking pool reward is the native try token. So we have two mechanisms in place where you can earn.

Fanatics, Weapons and Crystals can be sold on the marketplace.

Q5. What are your steps in the future so that the try hards game becomes more developed, will there be a big event?

Thomas : We have a lot of cool things planned, like you asked before a guild or clan system. We will introduce quests and tasks to gain more in-game currency. We want players to be able to work together to get better rewards. For example introduce bosses that require 2 players to beat it. And many more! Stay tuned for more updates on that.


Q1. From @Tikaalol How does $TRY token support the NFT market for Visual artists and what problems has $TRY solved with NFT? is there a burning system in $TRY and what are the advantages of holding long term?

Thomas : Players can upgrade their fanatics and weapons with crystals, these crystals are also nft’s. When players use for example 3 super crystals to lvl up a weapon in our refinery the crystals will get burned. Players who get strong crystals early on will probably be able to sell them x many times in a later stage. Also players that own a lot of $TRY will have more decision power in our DAO

Q2. From @andreas04567388  The success of a project also depends on how big the community is. Do you have any plans to spread awareness to crypto users and non crypto users in the world? Especially non-English speaking countries that may be barred from accessing your Project?

Thomas  : wWe recognize this might be a problem, so we have thought about this from the start. We are working together with partners who can help us reach those players. For example we are working together with Minh from KaCoin capital who is helping us translate our whitepaper in Vietnamese, we also have a Vietnamese dedicated tryhardsgroup. We aim to introduce more of these partnerships with Indonesian, south amarican and other south east Asian countries

Q3. From @SyminuL There are many NFT and Metaverse projects currently. The market is fiercely competitive and users are more elective when partcipating in any platform. What makes TryHards_io believe it will achieve the mission to become the future of the entertainment industry?

Thomas  : we got an advantage, because we develop a game that is made for gamers by gamers. And in the future we will make discission based on the players like or dislike. And keep on developing from that perspective.

Q4. From @MaharaniNiisa Some NFTs are very rich in artistic value, however, how can you ensure that the NFTs showcased on your platform can meet customer demands and “needs”? Thus, can you explain in detail how you can evaluate NFT and connect artists with subscribers?

Thomas : We are working with very skilled artists, who love making our graphics and nft’s. We are working very hard on continuously improving them. We have a story writer who is working closely with the artists to make the perfect NFT’s

Q5. From @Hiiiin6 Can you expand our knowledge about your roadmap this year and the future and any Updates on your Research and development progress?

Thomas : The game is in development. I think we still need 1-2 months to reveal more about it and that we are set for a good alpha launch in q1 2022. At the moment we are working on the finalization of the dapp where you can already purchase fanatics & weapons. Those can be upgraded to receive more staking power.

All can be traded on our internal marketplace. The NFT’s are automatically staked and their universe power determines how much rewards you receive. At the moment we work in parallel, which means we continuously develop the game but also improve what we have. There will be a lot of events until we launch the alpha so it will be really interesting for the community.


Q1. Do you have AUDIT certificates,  or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

Thomas : We are talking with CERTIK and some other auditers. All our contracts will be audited before launch to keep evertyhing transparent.

Q2. The name “TryHards” is interesting. Where did you find this name?Is there a reason for that name?

Thomas : We came up with the name because we believe gamers always want to be the absolute best and try to win every game. That’s why we called it tryhards

Q3. Is this your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone? Thanks

Thomas | Tryhards  : We are talking with multiple launchpads, for example seedify, gamestation and many more. Keep an eye out on our socials. There is enough room for everyone

Q4. So, do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

Thomas : We will burn a small percentage of tokens on every transaction to lowe the supply

Q5.DO you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us???

Thomas : We are working on a contest for players to make their own guides. So in the future there will be many guides in servral languages on how to play the game. And how to do it the most effecitve way.

“Thomas  : thanks everyone for their interest. I hope to see you all join as players, and if you have any other questions please join our groups to get them awnserd”

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