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Hello everyone welcome back again to AMA series FCM. Today we will have an AMA with Vedran Vukman  as CEO & Co – founder of Revuto  🥳

Hello Vedran Vukman   welcome to Forum Crypto MoonLight 🥳🥳🥳. Happy to see you here. Thank you for taking your time to be at Forum Crypto Moonlight.

Vedran Vukman : Hello to everyone!

Happy to be here. Hope you’re fine and your hodling hands are strong 🙂

Before we start the AMA,

I’ll explain a little bit about how the AMA will works today

So there will be 3 segment in this AMA

Segment 1: Project Introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free Asking

Before we go to segment 1, we want to know more about you, So could you please explain to us a little about your background before entering the cryptocurrency world and why did you finally become (CEO & Co – Founder) of Revuto?

Vedran Vukman : Sure. My name is Vedran Vukman and I’m experienced (old :P) startup founder who founded several IT companies in the past. Some of them pretty succesfull, some of them not so succesfull. During my business path I mert with some amazing people, one of those are my cofounders CTO Marko Rukonic and Josipa Majic. We all met in Silicon Valley. Having great insights into what’s happening with the digital transformation of the financial services, we decided to join our knowlege, time and money to start building Revuto.

Also, since 2017. we’ve been amazed with the blockchain technology when we realized that “crypto” is the future.


Q1. One of the benefits of using the Revuto API is to block payments for prepaid applications, can you explain more about the Revuto API?

Vedran Vukman : The REVUTO API is built mainly for the purpose of integrating REVUTO functionalities within our B2B partner’s service. The plan is to offer the same functionalities for issuing Revuto Virtual Debit Cards together with options to easily Block, Snooze or Approve transactions to B2B partners like traditional banks and their services, and to other fintech companies. Also, there’s API for subscription service providers which they’ll be able to use to easily onboard new customers. Both APIs will be available later in 2022.

Q2. Regarding revuto program referrals, on your website, one of them gets a Revuto Pro debit card as a gift. What benefits are given if you have the card?  is there any time limit regarding Refferal Revuto program?

Vedran Vukman : Revuto Referral program is built as an acquisition tool to grow our user base. It’s very efficient because it incentivizes users to bring more people to the service from which they all can benefit trough service features and referral itself. Referral is rewarding users with REVU not only when their friends register by using their referral code but with rewards in REVU whenever their friends make a payment with Revuto. We see it as an awesome passive income revenue stream for our users.

The old, web-based, Revuto Referral Program where users could earn status, Revuto Pro Debit Card, and other benefits, was closed by the end of July, prior our the Revuto app release. From now on, Revuto users can use Revuto Referral Program within the Revuto app to earn rewards in REVU by inviting their friends to Revuto. Due to very high demand for the Revuto app, at the moment only referred friends are allowed to register with the Revuto app.

There are no time limits to enter the Revuto Referral program but, with the time, we’ll be lowering rewards in REVU for referring new users. We started with 10 REVU per every referred user, now the reward is 5 REVU, and later we’ll have to lower it to 3. Revuto is not an Airdrop project so we have a limited number of REVUs reserved for referrals and other awards.

In short, act FAST in order to grab your opportunity to take the most (benefits) out of our service

Lastly, Revuto Debit Card Pro will be physical debit Card which we’ll be sending out to our users but more about that later in the year. There’s a big roadmap in front of us so physical cards won’t come before 2022.

Q3. What makes revuto different from other payment apps or crypto wallets?

Vedran Vukman : The Revuto dApp and its UIX is built with the focus and purpose of solving problems with managing and paying for the subscription services., saving you from the free-trial traps, helping you with seasonality of your subscription services and more. Also, REVU tokenomics and business are setup to save people’s money when paying for the subscription services and to leverage cypto and defi services on Cardano while doing it. Also, our cypto wallet will be the first Cardano native wallet in the mobile app supporting ADA, REVU and other Cardano native tokens.

Q4. Are there more paid features that users can get in the revuto app, such as revuto app pro maybe, with more complete features so that users can request other paid apps that are not in the revuto app list?

Vedran Vukman : Yes, Revuto Pro users (paying service) will be able to setup more subscriptions within the app, for every payment they make they will be rewarded with 4% cashback in REVU, they will be able to subscribe with Free-trials for numerous times, more options for staking their REVU to earn yield, and they’ll have more cool features in general.

In general, we have 2 business models for the Revuto app, one is freemium and other is premium (Pro).

Q5. Can you explain about DEFI MICRO loans using Revu?

Vedran Vukman : Sure. Our plan is to allow our users to provide liquidity to other users by staking their Revu in liquidity pools and earn yield by doing it. In short, users who’ll have temporary problems with their cashflow will be able to borrow funds from those pools and use them to cover their subscription charges while paying a small fee when returning funds. We’ll be using our CTO AI algorithms to calculate who and how much funds will be allowed to borrow in order not to generate losses. Yield for staking REVU in micro-lending and borrowing pools could be up to 4% monthly. That’s a big opportunity for additional earnings on holding REVU.

In short. If you’ll be short on funds to pay 10EUR to Netflix when the due date comes, you’ll be able to borrow funds from liquidity pool and pay with it to Netflix. When returning money, within 30 day period, user will need to return 10 EUR +6% fee (10.60 eur i total) to that pool. If borrower won’t return funds on time, his Revuto account, his Revuto virtual debit cards, setups and rewards will be suspended.

But again, more about that setup later in the year. All defi setups depend on the Cardano smart contracts availability and their functionalities.


Q1. From @Ramachari11O  How do you intend to expand Revuto’s adoption worldwide? How can you reach your goal of universal adoption given the reality that some countries are hampered by one or more factors, such as language barriers or government restrictions?

Vedran Vukman : To expand globaly we’re partnering with other comaopnies to help us do so, especially with those who’re our card issuing partners. As mentioned, some countries have restrictions so we may add Virtual Debit Cards to their app later on but still those will be able to get benefits from holding their REVU, staking them in different liquidity pools and other defi setups.

Next week we’ll be announcing some major updates and news regarding how we plan to become the biggest Cardano ecosystem creator.

Feel free to follow our official channels to learn more about it, but again, besides our main business model with subscriptions, we have amazing plans, not only for our users but the Cardano and crypto community in general.

Q2. From @Shopiamangak  Currently #Revuto Coins can be purchased in various Fiat and Crypto currencies. And Africa is becoming a potential market for Cryptocurrencies, due to the volatility of Fiat currencies. Are you interested in the fully integrated African market, any plans with the African market?

Vedran Vukman : That’s an awesome question. Next week we’ll be announcing crazy cool things @ With our partner Infobip we’ll go after unbanked markets to help them with paying not only for the subscriptions but their utilities as well. Those  (utilities) are another recurring payments. Still, as those countries alre lacking basic infrastructure as internet, electricity and similar, we don’t have the exact dates on when we’ll open those Markets.

Unfortunately, REVU can’t be purchased at the moment. We had our extremly short and successful token sale in May (we sold out 10M USD in REVU in minutes) and now we;re getting ready for REVU listings on tier1 exchanges scheduled for later this month or early next month. Once exchanges list REVU ,you’ll be able to purchase it there so >>> BE READY!

Those who’ll get their REVU cheap will benefit the most ouf our service.

Q3. From @zoro24608959  All project coins have main Utilities & real life usecases! So, Can you tell us what is the main role of your coin in your ecosystem? Explain its use Utilities & Real Life? and Why should I invest in your coins long term?

Vedran Vukman : All coins have utility, yes, but most of them are strictly related to the crypto-business. Unlike those coins, REVU is connected to the real life, rel world business case and the problem we all have. The subscription business in general is growing 100% Year over Year so soon, you’ll be buying evgerything on subscription based model. By doing so, people are losing money on unwanted subscriptions, on free-trial traps, by forgetting to whom, when, how much and with

what they are pating. Revuto sorts that mess out while allowing users to leverage crypto and defi services to pay and manage their subscription expenses.

In short, even if the crypto market goes into bear market, subscription charges won’t stop coming to you and you’ll need to handle them anyways. In a way, we’re connecting both worlds, crypot related setups and real-world use cases (problems).

Q4. From @V8Quang  What is the MISSION of Revuto? How is your project designed build real benefits and investment return to global community of crypto investors? How will you create positive impact on people and in the digital ecosystem using blockchain technology?

Vedran Vukman : First of all, Revuto is helping with adopition of the crypto technology and crypto-assets in general because, trought rewards, referral program and defi setups, it’s involving  users with crypto who didn’t necceserrly had contact with the crypto in the past.

REVU token holder will benefit from Revuto because the service is setup to create constant buying pressure on REVU. Only REVU holders will be able to use the most out of our service.

Q5. From @SyminuL  Revuto’s main goal’s to protect customers from being tricked into paying for dishonest subscriptions, though, is there any way Revuto can help customers predict the reliability of subscriptions before opting for it? Can Revuto teach its users to distinguish ethical subscriptions?

Vedran Vukman : YES!!! Revuto is the first service that’s allowing its users to opt in for any free-trial without any concern of potentialy losing their money, even if they’ll forget to unsubscribe on time (before the free-trial ends). Basically, we provide them freedom to try whatever service they want at no cost at all.

in the future we’ll be suggesting free-trials and services to our users upon what they’re already using or paying.


Q1. Do you have a Coin Burn / BuyBack system or a token burn plan to increase the value of tokens and attract investors to invest?

Vedran Vukman : Yes, we do have burning and buyback system, you can look up for it within our whitepaper ( but the question is what or if we’ll ever use any of those. Our plan is to provide a business model that will be used by millions of people and grow organically. As a result, the demant after REVU shoudl constantly grow and with it

the price of the token. In short, we’ll be focusing on our business rather than on cheap ways how to bring the price of token up/

Q2. How do you plan to spread awareness of your project in different countries / regions where English can’t be used well? Does you have a community approach for them to better understand project ?

Vedran Vukman : We have our official channels for the differen countries so you may look up for them. Our community managers are working 24/7 to help people understand REVUTO and get answers to their questions day and night on all languages.

Q3. Could you tell us more about your team and their backgrounds? many projects launch with inexperienced team members and fail to get any real traction later on.

Vedran Vukman : Our CTO was working more than 20 years for the biggest fintech in the world (Intuit). Also, he’s outhor of more than 20 peer-reviewed patents concernong classification of financial transactions. in short, while working for Intuit, Marko gathered experience and insights about the market. Having such a great CTO (brains behind the project), we feel confident we’ll be able to create a product people wonlt be able to live without 🙂

Q4. NFT is getting more popular now a days. It looks NFT has bright future. So do you guies have any plan to include NFT to your project? or NFT already on??

Vedran Vukman : We already issued 1826 unique NFTs to our EarlyBird T1 investors as a proof that they were the first investors in the Public Token Sale on Cardano.  Soon well update Revuto NFT platform and allow them to trade their NFTs, firstly between themselves and later with others.

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