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Joel Natanael  : Hello everyone welcome back again to AMA series FCM. Today we will have an AMA with Mr Elon as Co Founder of Polka Finance🥳

Hi Mr Elon from Polka Finance, thank you for having AMA in here. Will you say hi to our community 😀?

Elon : Hello @Joule123 and hi Moonlight community how are you all doing?

Joel Natanael  : I’ll explain a little bit about how the AMA will works today

There are 3 segment in this AMA

Segment 1: Project Introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free Asking


Q1. Can you explain to us a little about your background before entering the cryptocurrency world and why did you finally decide to become CO Founder of Polka Finance ?

Elon : Yeah sure, So let me introduce myself first. I am Elon the Co Founder of Polka Finance. Before this project i have been working with other projects as well and have been in crypto space for more than 5 years now. We decided to make a project like Polka Finance because of the problems in crypto world which are explained on our website, in which major are transaction fees and long blocktimes other than that we are focusing more on NFTs, so to make the trade and minting to NFTs easy we will be building a first major NFT marketplace on HECO like OpenSea on Ethereum

Q2. Can you explain to us in one sentence, what Polka Finance is?  And what are the goals / ambitions of this project?

Elon  : Yeah, Polka Finance is a first Multichain defi platform aiming to build first ever NFT marketplace on HECO. Our ultimate goal is to Free the crypto world from Transaction and minting fee of NFTs and trades.

Q3. Can you explain to us what are the strengths of Polka Finance so that we as investors have to invest our money in this project?

Elon : The major advantage for the investors i should say, for the early investors is the scarcity of PLF having only 4500 PLF for sale and total supply of only 10,000 tokens whichmake it very unique from the other projects to invest in. Other strengths are Good APY when they stake PLF, Launchpad, because right after releasing tokens, we will launch our Launchpad. So the IDOs held on our launchpad will be accessible only to PLF holders others will not be able to participate in it which will increase the demand of PLF which is always a good thing for a project.

Q4. What cooperation have been done so far and what other collaborations in the future to further develop Polka Finance?

Elon : We have made partnerships with some of the top existing projects in which BITKEEP is on top because its China’s biggest Defi and Dapp integrated wallet having 3M+ registered users, 400+ Dapps, DEXs and a lot more. Other than that we also have partnership with Zt Global exchange, YFIONE, Polynetwork and others can be found on Twitter. Apart from these we are always looking for new cooperations. 🤝


Q1. From @Obung98 : Now the token launch process is easy but to develop the ecosystem, maintain and expand the market is a challenge in every project, so what are your plans to maintain the price & supply of tokens in the market?

Elon : For the other projects, they do not follow the roadmap and dump their tokens i mean team allocation and for us we are strictly following the roadmap and will not release any additional coins other than explained in the token distribution and Roadmap of our project which will result in the increase of its demand due to the scarcity of tokens. So we can definitely say that Polka Finance is in safe hands

Q2. From @Cristubista  : I would like to know, why did you decide to focus your development on HECO compared to other options such as BSC, ETH and DOT? Does the HECO chain offer real benefits over other more popular ones?

Elon  : First of All its not true that its only available on HECO, we have already deployed our token on BSC as well and any body can swap their tokens from heco to bsc through Polynetwork. We decided these chains because of the very low transaction cost and instant transfers

Q3. From @Tonymon253 : PolkaFinance is the first NFT staking Cross Chain platform, but right now, you’re only available on HECO chain, so can we know Which are the chains that you’re planned to Integrate in the future?

Elon : Already answered this, and apart from heco and bsc we will be bridging it to Ethereum mainnet as well in near future and then to OK chain as well

Q4. From @RamonPila25 : I understand that NFTs have some drawbacks, such as their low liquidity. What mechanisms in your Marketplace would improve the current drawbacks of NFTs?

Elon : I think that should be surprise for our community for now rest assured it will be very contemporary and complex with zero drawbacks. 😎

Q5. From @Jonaz06739447 : How will your project generate profits / income to sustain and what is the revenue model? How will it benefit for your project and your investors?

Elon : We will not generate any revenue from our tokens by selling them in the market but from our launchpad because there will be some fee which will be paid be the project which will hold their IDO on our launchpad. So from that we will generate revenue and develop our project and platform. Which will not harm any investor rather benefit them.


Avijit Sengupta : I’m interested about your project. How can I find out more about your company and team building services. How can i participate?

Elon : Yes you can. You can pm us anytime about your interests and if if you want to invest at an early stage you are welcome for that as well. We answer our community very fast and satift them. 🤝

dian airlangga : Token burn is important for investors, do you have any plan burn or buy back?

Elon :Yes we will have buy backs as well as burn 🔥

Which will pump the token without any doubt

Telegram Group Official : https://t.me/polkafinanceorg

Telegram Channel Official : https://t.me/PolkaFinanceAnn

Twitter official: https://twitter.com/Polkafinanceorg

Website :http://polkafinance.org/

Medium : https://polkafinanceorg.medium.com/

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