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Thank you all for participating in our last AMA on Telegram, in which Alex galkin – CEO of MyCryptoPlay and Kimberly Wolfson – Senior Dev of MCP answers questions from the community about MyCryptoPlay.


MOD: Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with MyCryptoPlay.

MOD: I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

  • Segment 1: project introduction
  • Segment 2: Question from Twitter
  • Segment 3: Free asking about project

Mr. Alex Galkin: We are very excited to be here with @FCMchat

MOD: Before moving on to segment 1,

could you please tell us a little about your background Mr Alex Galkin and Mr Kimberly Wolfson

Mr. Alex Galkin: I am alex galkin – Ceo at MCP. I worked for 14 years in the corporate world wearing multiple hats with leading companies like microsoft and cisco.

Mr. Kimberly Wolfson: Hello Everyone, I am berly wolf, Senior Dev at MCP . I have more than a decade of experience in building large scale platforms at multiple MNCs and also lead multi membered Dev teams at few startups.


MOD: Q1. MyCryptoPlay already has a working product, can you tell us about this product and why should we be involved in it, right?

Mr. Alex Galkin: MyCryptoPlay has a V1 product designed which is in the implementation phase. A lot of time, effort, dedication is going into providing a reliable, fast, easy to use, and secured product to the market.

MCP is bringing the fantasy gaming experience into the cryptocurrency space to make it more exciting and rewarding at the same time. We are here to make your fantasies become real with our platform.




You can find more info on our website and medium blog

MOD: Q2. Are there any similar projects to yours? And what is the more outstanding advantage of your project?

Mr. Kimberly Wolfson: There are few prediction platforms out there, but MCP is a fantasy trading platform which provides a way to compete with peers and earn money on the MCP platform. The real unique thing about MCP lies in the product design and usability as it will be simple to use for rookie traders as well. Also, the platform fee collected for participating is the lowest that you can find out there in the market. With our fantasy trading platform we are helping a lot of people to grow their knowledge along with their portfolios in crypto currency markets.

MOD: Q3. $MCP is a Unique Token from MyCryptoPlay. Can you tell us the features of the Token and their use?

Mr. Alex Galkin: MCP is a native token of the MyCryptoPlay platform. MCP has several use cases but to name a few as of now,

1) In MCP price prediction contests – MCP token will be used as a contest entry fee

2) MCP token will be collected as a platform fee for every contest on the MyCryptoPlay Platform

3) Users can stake MCP tokens on our Staking wallet.

MyCryptoPlay will intoduce more fantasy gaming experiences under its umbrella in the coming days and MCP token will be used in our fleet of products in the future.

MOD: Q4. Many blockchain platforms are available, why choose Ethereum, for Tokens when you can easily use other Blockchain platforms?

Mr. Kimberly Wolfson: Few blockchain companies like NULS have already contacted us to build on the NULS chain, but we are more inclined towards Ethereum due to the market size and potential. We need mass adoption for MCP and it will be possible only with the Ethereum blockchain. Though we have a lot of advantages with Ethereum, we understand that there are a few hiccups which our team is trying to mitigate.

MOD: Q5. Are there any plans to list on the Exchange in the near future?

Mr. Alex Galkin: We are exploring a few tier 2 and 3 exchanges for listing after our public sale. We are already in talks with few well known exchanges, stay tuned we can drop the news anytime.


Q1. From @elvie3193 : DeFi has three sectors: DEX, Synthetic asset, and Lending. Which exactly is MyCryptoPlay focusing on? Do you have plans for others that you’re not focused on yet?

Mr. Alex Galkin: We are not a DEFI company. We are into fantasy gaming and MyCryptoPlay is a fantasy trading platform where users can participate in price prediction contests of various cryptocurrencies along with other users of the MCP Platform to showcase their skills.

We have plans to bring other aspects of fantasy gaming under the MCP umbrella which will be revealed in the coming days. Stay tuned and join our community for regular updates.


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To know more about MCP, please read our Litepaper and medium articles.




Q2. from @Jupiter_Ji  : Are you planning on buying back or burn token in the future. Do you have such programs?

Mr. Kimberly Wolfson: 70% of the MCP platform fee collected through contests every day in MCP tokens will be burned instantly. Unsold tokens from both Private sale and Public sale will also be burnt. Apart from this we don’t have any buyback and burn programs planned as of now.

Q3. From @auvantam1  : What liquidity model will #CRYPTOPLAY use to increase the token value? Can you explain the structure of #CRYPTOPLAY, What is the main focal point of your platform?

Mr. Alex Galkin: We are going to burn unsold tokens in the private and public sale right after they are concluded. 70% of the platform fee collected in MCP every day will be burnt. 50% of the token supply( team, dev, and staking ) is locked and will be unlocked over a course of 4 years. The main focus of our platform is to bring fantasy gaming experience into blockchain space and make trading fun and exciting.

Q4. From @NamakuGALIH1  : About the MyCryptoPlay WALLET,What security do you promise investors that the #cryptoplay wallet is very safe and reliable ??explain about #cyrptoplay project system security?

Mr. Kimberly Wolfson: All our security standards are in line with the ERC20 norms. Our team is constantly researching several other fantasy trading platforms in various markets to understand and

incorporate some of the security measures specific to fantasy trading platforms. Also, our dev team is super experienced in building large scale platforms at Microsoft and Cisco with utmost reliability and security.

Q5. From @Ontortk : From your website, MyCryptoPlay is world’s #1 Blockchain based Fantasy Trading Platform.My question is, Many new Traders are coming these days, Is Mycryptoplay platform Suitable for Newbies because many New Users find complex to use the platform?

Mr. Alex Galkin: One of the core priorities in our project is to make MCP user friendly and accessible to everyone. We are designing MCP in such a way that even new traders who don’t have any experience before can quickly understand the platform in their first attempt. We also are coming up with a dedicated LEARN platform where users can learn about trading and blockchain. Also, we have a virtual fantasy trading mode to enable users to learn by using the platform themselves without investing real money.


Q1. From @Nobzn: why should I join the mycryptoplay project, what are the benefits?

Mr. Alex Galkin: MyCryptoPlay platform provides a similar experience to any other fantasy gaming platforms. It is high rewardle if you put your skills to work. You can earn as high as 12X times your investment within few hours. Fantasy gaming is a whole new concept in the financial markets especially in the crypto space. If you love to experience thrill and excitement then MyCryptoPlay is the place for you

Q2 From @minhazurrahman: Question: Can you give me 3 reasons why users and investors should hold $MCP in the long-term?  What are the benefits your project ?

Mr. Kimberly Wolfson: 1) MCP empowers crypto traders to learn and earn with our fantasy trading platform. With our aggressive marketing and early adoption in the crypto market, we will see a huge surge of usage which drives organic growth to the product in near future.

2) Our continuous development cycle spans across 4 years with an experienced team constantly releasing updates time to time. This will also reflect in our Tokenomics.

3) The entire fantasy trading market is going huge in the future and we are the very early adopters of this space in the crypto market. There is enormous scope to multiply partnerships and expand to other fleets of products under MCP umbrella.

Q3 From @Spott: What is the long-term vision and mission of MYCRYPTOPLAYCHAT project for its users ?

Mr. Alex Galkin: Our mission is to bring never before experience to all our crypto traders with MyCryptoPlay.

Our long term vision to be the one stop platform for the whole fantasy gaming industry with our fleet of products under MCP umbrella

Q4 From @Joshblaze: I’m not good at keeping secrets Most especially that of benefits,So what do I earn for referring friends to this platform?

Mr. Kimberly Wolfson: MCP has strong referral marketing techniques as we want our product to be adopted by masses. Users of MCP platform will be rewarded with  MCP tokens when they refer their peers to the platform. Also, there are exciting giveaways and benefits for those who constantly use the platform. More details regarding the referral benefits will be provided soon. Please join our social media –


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Q5. From @Moikom: Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with your project?

Mr. Alex Galkin: One of the core priorities in our project is to make MCP user friendly and accessible to everyone. All our security standards are in line with the ERC20 norms. Our team is constantly researching several other fantasy trading platforms in various markets to understand and incorporate some of the security measures specific to fantasy trading platforms. Also, our dev team is super experienced in building large scale platforms at Microsoft and Cisco with utmost reliability and security.

MOD: AMA Crypto MoonLight x MyCryptoPlay has finished

thank you @alexgalkin1 @berlywolf for attending this event. I hope all this knowledge will make us understand more about MyCryptoPlay

to all members I thank you for participating in this event. see you next time, and we will announce the winners later.

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