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Saturday, 8 January 2022, 12PM UTC

Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with @mundo_mmorpg

welcome to our community Mr.Thierry

Thierry : Hi everyone! Thanks for having me today! 😁

Really excited to talk about Mundo with you guys  🙌

I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: project introduction

Segment 2: Question Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question


Q1. Can you explain about your game project?  and what is the role play game mundo like, is there a trade system between players to sell equipment or rare items in the game?

Thierry : Mundo is a blockchain-based open world fantasy MMORPG free to play, play to earn game where anyone can earn tokens through grinding PvE content and skilled pvp gameplay. Player can grind 24/7, battle, raise pet companions, raid bosses, hunt for rare NFT’s in-game and so much more.

Players can easily buy and sell their equipment and items NFT’s through our fully integrated NFT Marketplace.

Q2.  I saw on the website, your project has a token called mundo, what are the benefits for users who own and hold mundo tokens for a long period of time?  and how to get mundo tokens?

Thierry : as of now the primary utilities of the $MUNDO token are.

– Payment for Mundo Crystal: $MUNDO tokens are used to buy in-game primary currency called Mundo Crystals.

– NFT Marketplace Currency: $MUNDO tokens are used as a payment for every transaction in Mundo NFT Marketplace.

– Staking: $MUNDO tokens are used for staking and in return, stakers will receive valuable NFTs as their staking incentives to be used in-game or sold in the NFT Marketplace.

We have some special plans that we are planning to announce as we are getting closer to TGE, Long-term holders might be able to get an amazing deal on some land in the game.

The token is currently not listed on any DEX or CEX, and thus can’t be bought yet.

Stay tuned for some announcements regarding our IDO to learn how to get your hands on some $MUNDO tokens 😁

Q3.  Will Mundo tokens be listed on major exchanges such as binance, mexc, and others?  because our community is very much using the market exchange

Thierry : We are aiming to get $MUNDO on all the major exchanges to make It easier for people to buy and sell them. We are currently looking into getting listed on or KuCoin after our TGE.

Q4. In developing your project, how do you plan to spread the word about the MUNDO token to the entire crypto community or to the Non-crypto community in the world?  whether your project will attract famous figures, like Hollywood stars maybe?

Thierry : We have onboarded some big partners that will help spread awareness surrounding Mundo. At this point we’d rather allocate the funds towards development and community focused campaigns instead of onboarding a huge superstar as Influencer.

Q5. What are your main project priorities in 2022?

Thierry : 2022 is going to be a huge year for Mundo!

Getting the full game release into the hands of the community is our biggest priority for the year, we will release some playable demo’s leading up to the full game release!


Q1. From @4k_monO Mobile games are popular this year and possibly in the future, because they are simple & can be played anywhere & at any time. Will your game be available on the Playstore/Appstore ? How can I play “MUNDO MMORPG”  in this time?

Thierry : As of now Mundo is still under development, we will release a playable demo really soon!

The game will first release on Desktops while simultaneously being submitted to the Playstore & Appstore, depending on the approval time, the game will be available on mobile devices shortly after the Desktop release!

Q2. From @Gazianteplyy When reading about the second jobs, I learned that Paladin is reached at level 80 and gain more abilities that allow players to face enemies, yet, you mention that Paladin can do many things that a mercenary cannot, so, do second jobs have more skills and talents than first jobs?

Thierry : It’s pretty much a similar system as all the MMORPG’s we know and love.

In your example it is correct that a Paladin has a completely different skill set than a Mercenary, as a Mercenary is usually more of a DPS focused class, Paladin’s normally fall under the Support/Tank role (depending on the game).

A Paladin in Mundo has access to protective and healing abilities that a mercenary does not have, but then again, a Mercenary has lots of damage dealing skill to which a Paladin has no access to.

Q3. From @andreas04567388 In Play-to-Earn games, we often see one-dimensional representations. for the future of Mundo, will your team add technologies like AR and VR to use in games?

Thierry  : As of now we have no plans for AR or VR integration as we don’t see it adding lots of value to the game experience of our players, perhaps this could be revisited in the future if the demand seems to be there.

Q4. From @Winner_696 Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and there are many new platforms under development. So what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have plans to grow there?

Thierry : Our main target audience is actually the SEA region.

The first game zones are based on the map of the Philippines. We are planning to introduce more game zones in the future that are based on the countries we are targeting!

We have lots of partners in the SEA region to help create awareness and onboard users.

Q5. From @SharayLug I saw that for Q1 2022 they are planning the launch of the NFT MARKETPLACE. Could you give us more details about this release? What unique characteristics will this NFT MARKETPLACE have? What benefits will it bring to users on your platform?

Thierry : The Mundo NFT Marketplace will be unique as it will be fully integrated with the game.

It will allow players to seamlessly trade their items without having to have a extensive understanding of the Blockchain. However if they would like to trade in their $MUNDO tokens for any other cryptocurrency, then they would have to learn a bit about how the blockchain works.

We like to think that we are helping a little bit with mainstream adoption, as we give our non-crypto players an incentive to learn more about the blockchain technology in order to take out their earnings/profits from playing Mundo.


Q1. Why you choose Binance Smart chain? we see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why you choose BSC?

Thierry : BSC has proven to be one of the most accessible and active blockchains currently available. Ofcourse there are other amazing options such as Polygon or Solana to name a few.

But Solana has dealt with some major outages, and Matic was recently heavily congested because of a flower picking game 😅

So we decided to stay on the BSC as it hasn’t had any major outages except from some heavy congestion from time to time

Q2. Cryptocurrencies are not so popular in Southeast Asia market, some countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, etc. Do you have any plan to reach these potential crypto countries?

Thierry : We actually noticed that we the current Blockchain gaming boom that the SEA region is one of the most actives ones. We are currently targeting the Philippines by launching the game with a map based on the country, we have had some great feedback regarding that approach!

I’d like to believe that you can reach that region the best, by showing that you care about them and put things they can closely relate to within the game!

Q3. Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will brings non-crypto user and real-use case?

Thierry : We are attracting them by offering them a game that is fun to play!

We really want the game to appeal to a wide audience, instead of only blockchain gamers. And by doing that we hope to convert some traditional gamers to blockchain gamers in the process 🙏

Q4. Many projects promise magic but never publish any work product or prove any income in the short / long period of release. Is it like this? If not, can you tell us what makes it different from other projects? Highlight those issues.thanks of your project.

Thierry : We actually have a working version of the game ready! This version is currently being ported and built upon by our development partner “Dutch Game studio”.

We are looking to release some playable demo’s really soon so the community can see for themselves that Mundo is something else compared to the currently available blockchain games!

Q5. Hi Sir Plz tell me  PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbone in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of ur partners with us.then you can share with us what your plan is ok??? thanks sir

Thierry : We have already onboarded some amazing partners! they have been of tremendous help recently.

We are also currently in talks with some parties that we are really excited to get onboard, but we can’t disclose those just yet.

This is the list of partners that we can mention right now:

Dutch Crypto Investors

Oddiyana Ventures

EFC Crypto Ventures

Dutch Game Studio

Spring Dawn Ventures



Kaso2Ka Ventures


WhiteList Ventures

Moonwhale Ventures



Telegram Announcements:



Youtube Channel:


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