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Joel Natanael : I’ll explain a little bit about how the AMA will works today

So there are 3 segment in this AMA

Segment 1: Project Introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free Asking

But before we go to segment 1,

Can you explain to us a little about your background before entering the cryptocurrency world and why did you finally decide to become a part of Moonwolf?

Strategic Wolf : Basically, we´re a pack of really likeminded people, who are around in crypto for quite some years. I have a pretty scientific background, since I am industrial engineer. I have a good amount of experience in marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship, but I wasn´t that happy in normal corporate structures

This is what the pack has in common, we want to do things differently that they´re being done in most places of the world rn

We have indredibly talented people for the dev, front and back end have won hackathons already. Besides that we have marketing veterans, musicians, financial gurus. Just all you need to get a project going  in crypto.

Crazy Wolf : We are an team army. The wolf army 🐺😂🙏

Strategic Wolf : The crypto space offers just an insane variety of opportunities, we´re here to build a place for basically anyone wanting to engage. We´re just the initial pack and we will push this full power, but in the end it´s all about the community!

We just created a subgroup for our indonesian pack, so anyone, who wants to be one of the very first:

AHHOUU 🐺🐺 That would be super cool. Indonesia is just as colorful as crypto space, endless opportunities in your country, too!

So we´re very happy to be able to get in touch with the indonesian crypto community


Q1. Can you explain to us a little about the  Moonwolf project (WOLF)? What is the mission of this project?

Crazy Wolf : The mission is to go to the moon

Strategic Wolf  : Oh yeah, sure! So moonwolf is the project and WOLF is our first product. WOLF is a deflationary token, that means that a portion (1%) of every transaction gets burned and another (1%) gets auto rewarded to all WOLF holders.

The mission of moonwolf is much bigger. We just started out with deploying WOLF, since we´re watching crazy inflations coming in the economy very soon.

So for us it was the perfect decision to start the project off with creating an alternative to inflationary FIAT money with the WOLF token

Going from there, we started the monthly NFT release, every full moon there is an exclusive artist collaboration for the NFT release

Our very first NFT sold for 2ETH right away, but this month the NFT was even more successfull

We had one legendary version of it, selling for 15.000$ right away

Also we sold 50 more of the ones that crazy has shown. Our very early wolves got a crazy incentive and everyone holding a certain amount of WOLF got a free NFT from us!!

But you were asking about our mission, so I try to answer that: Our mission is to create a place for anyone with great ideas and the will to get involved! So this already goes out to you guys: If you got a crazy idea for moonwolf, which you want to bring to life, just join the pack. You will be heard!

Crazy Wolf : Yes in our community everybody is equal and everyone will be heard 😊🙏 everybody is the team

Strategic Wolf : We want to support anyone, who wants to create value within our ecosystem, everyone is welcome and can profit from this. This is our vision: To free people from the boundaries of normal economical systems and in the distant future we plan on buying some land where the community can get together and create even more value

Strategic Wolf  : I guess, this should sum up the vision pretty good for now 👍🏽

Q2. Why did you choose to built your project on Polygon? What advantages that Polygon brings to your project?

Strategic Wolf : Polygon was the best decision ever! At this point I wanne encourage everyone getting involved in Polygon. This will be the next big thing, mark my words. Polygon has the advantage of near zero fees, which makes it supperior to Ethereum eg.

Besides that it has WAY lower energy consumpion, so the environmental harm is greatly reduced

Both of that is offered by Binance Smart Chain, too, but Polygon has still something that BSC doesn´t offer: Polygon is fully decentralized!

So for us it was a pretty easy decision PRO nature, PRO usability, PRO investors! So we came to the conclusion Polygon is just the perfect spot to start a project. Like I said, the WOLF token was just the first product. There´s so much more to come from our side.

Those NFTs we sold were just sold out within minutes eventhough there was big trouble with the marketplace we were using. Just imagine what will be possible as soon Polygon sees mass adoption in a much greater scale!

Q3. How can Moonwolf provide benefits for WOLF token holders while maintaining the price of these tokens to keep growing?

Strategic Wolf : First of all: The nature of the WOLF token is just being a great HODL token, since your stack of tokens will increase just by holding it. This is called DeFi 2.0

So you don´t even need to stake your WOLF to get rewards. Everytime WOLF is involved in ANY transaction, there is some WOLF flowing right into your wallet

So for me this is just a crazy system where you don´t need to do anything, but hold and wait. Since we´re ahead of similar projects on other chains, we don´t stop there a bit! With the NFTs already selling like crazy, we stumbled across the problems of existing NFT marketplaces and started to build our own. This is under construction right now and all WOLF holders will profit from anything moonwolf is putting out in the future.

We´re really in love with our first baby, the WOLF token and we will try to incentivise our holders (wel call it WOFL instead of HODL) for WOFLin those tokens over the course of many months

So quick summary. As a WOLF holder, you get autorewards, the value of the token itself is pumped by increasing scarcity and on top you will have the opportunity to profit from anything moonwolf is doing in the future!

Q4. Can you explain to us how to get your NFT and what can users do with this NFT?

Strategic Wolf : Our NFTs will be purchasble in the future on our very own NFT marketplace. For now we´re only hosting the monthly NFT full moon drop. You just missed the last one. Too bad 😞 It was a very cool event and everything was sold out in minutes. Maybe you will see some of those NFTs on secondary market on, but better keep up to date with what´s happening with moonwolf, since we will feature great artists for our own marketplace.

Polygon is just the perfect space for an NFT marketplace, since those incredibly low fees make microtransactions possible, which won´t be even thinkable on ethereum! So we´re all about getting this done.

Always keep checking and our official Twitter @moonwolf_io to keep track!

Crazy Wolf : The last artist, drippies is famous in Hollywood

Strategic Wolf : And like I already stated, you can kick off the indonesian community TODAY:

Yeah right, our NFT this month was a crazy collaboration! We´re OFFICIAL partners of Polygon and quickswap (which is the leading DEX on Polygon)

So we teamed up with Polygon and DRIPPIES for the last NFT. You can see the Polygon logo on the belly of the NFT! DRIPPIES is an insane artist. He helped with animating “how to train your dragon” a huge blockbuster movie

Only those, who have bought the NFT can see some unlockable content. We´re working on using the most up to date tokens we can think of for those NFTs, so we will build this marketplace state of the art

Q5. In case some of our members wants to buy WOLF, can you explain to us how to get the WOLF token and where can we buy the token?

Strategic Wolf  : There are several ways to buy WOLF, depending on where your funds are right now

You can visit

There are instructions for almost any possible route you can take right now. There are bridges from Ethereum and BSC up and running. So you can move your funds from those chains. Or you can buy MATIC on AscendEX exchange and swap it for WOLF on, too

We´re listed only on for now, but we´re already looking at other exchanges right now, so better be quick and get onboard before that haha

Crazy Wolf : We also have plans to get listed on a cex, so if you buy now you can make huge profits 😉

Strategic Wolf : We´re blessed with the greatest community ever, so if you got questions, you can visit and get help

You can use fiat onramps, too. But like I said: will help for most of those!


Q1. From @Prasadperaka  : I am intrigued by the name of your project so could you tell me what is the origin of it and what does it have to do with your project in general?

Strategic Wolf : This was a pretty wild shot just kinda out of the dark. The few initial wolves felt a bit like lonely wolves in the wilderness of crypto. As we came together, there was just magic happening and out of those lone wolves became the incredible pack we´re now looking at with over 2000 wolves in several mothertongued communities

Crazy Wolf : Wolves are just strong in a community  💪😊

Strategic Wolf : And since wolves keep howling to the moon, it just appeared to us this is where wolves belong. So Moonwolf was born, the wolves that want to go to the moon as a pack.

You can read our WOLF PAPER:

There you can learn more about where we originated. We were asked so many times for a whitepaper, that we felt the urge to satisfy this demand, but in our own way, since we do things differently and take new paths!

Q2. From @tasfiya43  : How is project development going? Can you describe in detail current development efforts, market expansion plans, expected applications, and when will they become commercially available?

Strategic Wolf  : Yes! Development is going without sleep, I can tell you that haha

Joel Natanael : hard work will not betray the results 💪

Crazy Wolf : We act globally. We have many different language groups. Our community is colorful and diverse as our marketing 😊 this is a billboard we have in the USA

Strategic Wolf : But just plain realtalk: Our team is working around the clock to get things done. This is just crazy, to be honest, but all of our core wolves are feeling the opportunity we have here and want to get this as huge as it can get for all those wolves, who already joined and will join us in the near future.

Right now we´re pushing for the NFT marketplace really hard. This is just natural teamwork. We´re operating as a pack now, not lone wolves. So habe some pushing on marketing, some on dev, some on partnerships. We´re really trying to trigger all channels, but we´re still just get things going.

We´re all about delivering, not just promesing, so we really put much effort into creating, not just talking. For detailed info about progress, you really need to follow our channels to be well informed. I can´t give away too much, but I really strongly advice you to keep an eye on moonwolf in the very near future.

Crazy Wolf : Next month we will have the nft marketplace

Strategic Wolf  : Team is hustlin like crazy, but we´re giving infos to our pack in real time so just join and see!

Crazy Wolf : Best to invest now before the release 😉

Q3. From @sarath60504338 : You mention that Moonwolf combines cutting-edge technology in its NFTs with some sharp-looking 3D illustrations and animations, but could you really give us more detail on both that technology and the implemented illustrations?

Strategic Wolf  : I can give you some insights, but this will be published in detail over the course of the next weeks on our way to the NFT marketplace. But if you take a look at our last DRIPPIES NFT, you can tell we´re working with top-notch artists!

We´re looking at some very promising technologies we want to use for our NFTs

There are several ERC tokens that can be and were used, we´re looking at the one with the most features, like royalties and more. But I really can´t give away too much withtout being bitten coming back home to the cave later haha

I can just really recommend following closely, the next weeks and months will be insane for moonwolf

Q4. From @lucky50359 : Without proper marketing and capital infusion, project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top project?

Strategic Wolf : I can shortly answer that with: yes!

We have a marketing budget, we had that in sight from the start, but we didn´t need to invest too much yet, since we´re going for steady growth, no pump and dump. We´re ramping up those investments right now. With the monthly NFT drop we already established a revenue stream, which will help us build the project properly. The marketplace will have advantages for any wolf of the pack.

So we´re looking into a bright future in this sense. I really keep pushing this, but there´s more to come soon. But I´m not a bit worried over power or capital, I can tell you that.

Q5. From @SakibAh22256343 : Communities are considered as one of the stakeholders that make the most important contribution to the success of projects. Please explain how you encourage  and motivate your community?

Strategic Wolf : This is what I was pointing out earlier and can be looked at in our wolf paper. The main focus is the community.

We´re trying to listen to them as much as we can. We have very frequent community calls, where anyone can raise their voice and have impact on the course of the project.

This is a community driven project and this will be the direction for any further plans


Strategic Wolf : I will try to pick some. Guys! At this point big shoutout to this community and you indonesian people. This was the craziest amount of questions I´ve seen in any AMA thus far! just insane.

Q1. Ahamed : Do your team have a professional background and sufficient experience in different fields? As the project develops, will new members from different sectors be added to your Team?

Crazy Wolf : Yes we all hold university degrees and have work experience for many years In our field. We are a diverse team of marketing experts, developers and economy experts. At the moment we get all the tasks done by ourselves.

But if we go global and have the feeling that we would need more team members of course there would be the opportunity to hire some.

Q2.Annelle Hogan : COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? Secondly, are you still on track to achieve your targets as the road map says?

Crazy Wolf : People have more spare time maybe due to job loss. So they can use that time to find other opportunities. For example, participate in some investments. Also there are less spending opportunities, so people maybe have some savings they can put into crypto.

I think it’s a good opportunity for the crypto market to get into ass adoption. Take your chance and invest now. In wolf ;))

Second yes we are even ahead of our roadmap. We are very fast and get everything done fastly. Before the deadlines 😊

Q3.Henriette : As a community based project, how can I donate my quota for your success? Do you have a Global Ambassador Program or a Referral Rewards System??

Strategic Wolf  : You can just engange in the community. We have very frequent community calls where team members are listeining and interacting with the community. We had several calls in one week not too long ago. Just raise your voice and if the pack likes your idea, it will get through to us and we will kick things off with the help of you guys

Q4.Lijen Topper : projects are just clones of existing ones, and an analogue of an existing one is created. Do you have different and creative qualities from those who look like you?

Crazy Wolf : We care for quality not quantity.

We work together with top exchanges. Top artists. And partnerships. We are the original. The unique first  gas free ecological nft market place project ⛽️💪

Q5. Ora Lawrence : Many things can make a project strong like the community,the quality of the project,its investors. What make Moonwolf strong? What will you do to make it more stronger?

Strategic Wolf : We have accomplished more in 4 weeks than other projects in months, so I don´t doubt a second about our future path. We will be strong out of diversification! We´re just growing in several directions at the same time. We already have two working products with WOLF and the NFT full moon releases. Will be adding the marketplace soon and there´s already more in the making. We´re working on decentraland parcells, merchandise and other real life value. So theres A LOT being done to become resilient for market fluctuations

📌 Research the project & prepare for best questions.

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