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Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with @metagrail

I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: Project introduction

Segment 2: Question Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question


Q1, Can you explain a little bit about MetaGrail to our community ? And how does MetaGrail work on the blockchain?

Gavin : MetaGrail is a decentralized social protocol that studies the standards for generating meta-social networks. Our vision is achieved by developing an open social protocol standard based on blockchain technology, building an integrated and interoperable social protocol matrix, and forming a standardized and universal social protocol to serve decentralized social networks.

On one hand, MetaGrail creates the ownership economy of NFT by attaching identity recognition and social trajectory to NFTs, and through a unique social token issuance model.

On the other hand, MetaGrail’s mission is to improve the decentralized social ecosystem by taking sociality as a breakthrough point. It not only encourages the co-creation and sharing of social content, but also subverts the traditional social-economic model, monetizes social influence, and provides a wide range of applications and prospects for the SocialFi field.

Q2, Do we have to have a Metaverse social ID to participate in the MetaGrail project? If so, how do we get the Metaverse social ID?

Gavin : MetaGrail is the project that will let you have the chance to grab a Metaverse social ID by interacting with the platform.

With MetaGrail,  you can cheers your way through hosted events and the entire GameFi experience. Concerts, sports and loads more. MetaGrail holders can live freely, re-define themselves and govern

in the Metaverse. Backed by Pluto, it’s time to raise your Grail and set the new benchmark with your Metaverse social ID!

Q3, Can you explain about 100Day in MetaGrail what it does and is it an Airdrop?

Gavin : In order to give back to the community and users of Binance NFT exchange market, and promote the development of MetaGrail community, we’re launching the “100D Airdrop Plan – Cheers In Metaverse” event.

Event period: January 1, 2022, 00:00 EST to April 10, 2022, 09:30 EST

Users can join the event via 100D Airdrop Plan – Cheers In Metaverse Banner. Click on the wallet link to browse the hot topics of the day, and then click on participate:

A total of 11.52 billion $GRAIL tokens will be awarded, with 115.2 million divisible tokens awarded per day. The reward will be collected by the user after the event.

Q4, I see that we can Mint NFT, can you explain what terms and conditions we have to prepare for Mint NFT?

Gavin : The NFT sales (a total of 8,888 NFTs will be sold) is not live yet. We are now in the process of whitelisting!

Whitelisting has started on 1st February and this process will whitelist 2000 lucky users who will be able to purchase the special NFTs at a preferential price of 150 BUSD for whitelisted participants. The public round will open the sale of these NFTs at a price of 199 BUSD.

Time for whitelisting: Feb 1st — Feb 13th.

How to join the whitelist event?

Step 1:

Join MetaGrail Discord channel:  and be active. Users need to be active in chats and pass the “Rank-Check” channel.

Step 2:

Whitelist opportunity is then available on the “#WHITE-List” channel via the “!address” (Users can submit address every six hours, with one for each discord account, depending on the last one the user submitted.)

More details can be found here:

Join our TG group and request an admin if you have anu questions regarding the whitelists and NFT sales:

Q5, Security and benefits are always seen by investors and beginners in cryptocurrency, can you explain what kind of security and benefits MetaGrail provides?

Gavin : MetaGrail utilizes Sharding technology to:

1. Improve scalability while ensuring security and decentralization.

2. Achieve seamless cross-chain transactions for the quality of user experience (QoE).

3. Provide customers with simple account management.

4. Open standards to support various Dapps.

5. Build an incentive-driven ecosystem.

MetaGrail is currently built on top of BSC but the dev team is working on cross-chain features of the project so you’ll be able to access it on mainstream networks in the future.


Q1, from @zhaochangyou All project tokens have a Main Utility and can be used in the real world! So, could you tell us about the significance of tokens in your ecosystem? Explain its utility and real-world applications. & Why should I invest in Your token on a long-term basis?

Gavin : MetaGrail has established a standard-setting group to formulate standards for common social behaviors in the market and new behaviors that are more in line with industry social networking.


MetaGrail social meta-universe activities are mainly used for users’ social interaction and are not limited to parties, concerts, online lectures, and other activities. When creating an event, users need to provide the following standard information: event name, the estimated number of participants (including the organizer), hosting platform, start and end time, event type (Party, Music, Sports), and tickets.


Tickets will be displayed in the form of a one-time NFT. After purchasing this ticket, users can participate in online activities such as events or parties and even competitions in the metaverse. Ticket prices and types are non-reusable, the prices vary based on values such as events and collections.


Users participating in the same “Event” or other social behaviors can enter the corresponding activity group, and users can realize instant communication in the group.


Users who hold MetaGrail NFTs can be eligible to apply for friendship through the behavior of ‘Cheers’ or participating in activities together. The other party can become a friend by approving the application.


Users with MetaGrail NFTs can freely view and select objects of interest through any search behavior. Attention has a real-time cancellation function.


Users who hold NFTs are free to give likes to other holders.


Users with NFTs are free to boo the MetaGrail holders.


Users are free to leave messages to MetaGrail holders.


Users can freely give tickets, drinks, and other gifts.

Q2, from @ceciliasung25 Each project has an intriguing storey about how and why it was constructed and evolved; what was your storey and motivation for creating this project? And what does MetaGrail stand for to you? What is the significance of the project’s name?

Gavin : Grails/Cups appear in various scenes in human society.

Cups have been manufactured and used long before human recorded history.  In ancient Mesopotamia, people made various grails for various purposes including drinking beverages.

We were inspired by the story of grails and coined the name “MetaGrail” which stands for Metaverse Grail, as a social symbol in the metaverse.

Q3, from @gatotkacaku555 what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

Gavin : The MetaGrail team embraces and encourages the concept of win-win, widely accepts mainstream DApps (Decentralized application) in the market to incorporate into its social protocol, provides consensus-based decentralized social protocol infrastructure, and works with all parties to build a shared social ecosystem that is more suitable for decentralization, and accelerates the value migration process.

Using the non-tamperable, transparent, and traceable characteristics of the blockchain, a more complete and self-consistent free economic model and social metaverse are established.

Compared with the traditional cross-chain behavior, there is not a good solution to connect and connect various scenes in the meta-universe.

However, as the concept of the metaverse deepens, how to use one identity and behavior to “play” all metaverse scenarios is an urgent problem to be solved. We hope that with MetaGrail, we can create an effective standard for the social metaverse and promote the realization of social value on the chain.

Q4, from @IpangBastian17 What are the highlights of MetaGrail technology and products that you believe will help you succeed? How does MetaGrail generate revenue to sustain the project, and what future plans do you have to attract more users?”

Gavin : To start with, we have a smart team. As mentioned before, the team embraces and encourages the concept of win-win, widely accepts mainstream DApps in the market to incorporate into its social protocol, provides consensus-based decentralized social protocol infrastructure, and works with all parties to build a shared social ecosystem that is more suitable for decentralization, and accelerates the value migration process.

Secondly, we have been working hard towards legal compliance. MetaGrail has established a group of British Virgin and legally compliant companies to operate and develop the project, with autonomy and effective oversight based on foundation management to maximize the trust and support of the local government.

Last but not least, the $GRAIL tokenomics are designed for long-term holding and value capturing. Which I believe is the ultimate motivation and incentive for the project’s development and prosperity.

GRAIL token distribition

Q5, from @botak244 Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

Gavin : Our first round of sales has been accomplished on the Binance NFT market. 1,111 Grails were sold in a very short period of time, which really exceeded our expectations:

Our priority at the moment is the upcoming NFT sales.

This sale is a great opportunity for you to grab limited edition NFTs through a whitelisting process. Check out the details of how you can get whitelisted and be among the lucky ones to grab these exciting NFTs at preferential prices:


Q1. sir please tell me????

1. Telegram groups

2. YouTube ️channel

3. Medium

4. Website

5. Twitter

6. Discord

Can you share us the link for your project in all these projects???

Gavin : Website:





Q2. Are you afraid that someday another project with more advanced technology will replace your project?

Gavin : We welcome competitors actually because they are what makes us stronger and better. We are not afraid of challenges but embrace them with great confidence! WAGMI 💪💪💪

Q3. Do you have any target for your project? What do you wanna achieve next? Are your team working on increasing value of the token or developing the project?

Gavin : Our main focus at the moment is the upcoming NFT sales. 8,888 MetaGrails will be up for grabs.  This sale is a great opportunity for you to grab limited edition NFTs through a whitelisting process. Join the whitelist now 👉 Discord:

Q4. Where i can buy toke n MetaGrail ?

Gavin  : GRAIL token is not yet listed on any exchanges yet. But we are talking to a few top exchanges. Please stay tuned to our official announcement.






Q5.  Is your project only for English language countries or not for language users in other countries?

Gavin : MetaGrail is for everyone all over the globe 💪

Join our Discord  and find your local language channel if you don’t speak English: Discord:






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