Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with @metabombglobal

welcome to our community Mr. Kandy

Mr. Kandy: Hi everyone, I’m Kandy, Head Business Development from MetaBomb. I’m very happy to be here to present about our project.

I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: Project introduction

Segment 2: Question Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question


MOD: Q1, Can you explain to our community about the metabomb project?

Mr. Kandy: MetaBomb is a Casual Play-2-Earn game, where players actually own something in the Metaverse and earn steady income through fun and interactive gameplay.

Players control their heroes in MetaBomb world, collect tokens, NFT items in different game modes: Treasure Hunt, Boss Hunt, PVP, Arena, Tournament, etc. and all of the items are tradable through the Marketplace. Moreover, players can build, own, buy and rent private properties in the world of MetaBomb.

MetaBomb was created as a game model that can be accessible en masses, anyone can join the game easily, and earn while taking their time playing the game. We recognized the problems of competitors: unsustainable tokenomics, inflation, repetitive gameplay,  questionable NFT ownership, etc, thus developed Metabomb – a better product to overcome those problems. The MetaBomb team is confident that it will be a bright spot among GameFi projects in 2022.

Q2, Can you explain about your IDO project? And what are the requirements that we have to prepare? And when will the IDO take place?

Mr. Kandy: As of now, we can confirm that our IDO on LaunchZone’s launchpad will take place on April 14, 2022. For more information on how to join IDO whitelist, you can refer to past IDOs organized on LaunchZone’s launchpad.

For more information on the Metabomb IDO, please head over to our social media to stay updated.

Here’s the Launchzone telegram channel: https://t.me/lzofficial

And our MetaBomb’s channel: https://t.me/metabombglobal

Q3, Metabomb belongs to the P2E category, and where P2E-based games usually drop the price of the coin very quickly, could you explain to us the steps you took to prevent the price from dropping quickly?

Mr. Kandy: Gamefi has a new definition – It’s Gamefi 2.0. Dev team try to reach this goal

Metabomb is proud to lead the GameFi 2.0 that solves current issues of GameFi 1.0 like inflation. We all know that, many GameFi 1.0 players start to lose their passion in playing the game because they earn less and more time consuming. Anti-inflation mechanism of Metabomb requires the player to continuously reinvest in the game if they want to keep the income steady. In the other words, we design a game system that boost the utility of $MTB by circulating $MTB back to the game to upgrade heroes,bricks, hotel etc. There will be fees to apply on the marketplace and upgrades/fusion process which are sent to the Reward Pool to pay for players. As the result, the demand to issue more token decreases and Metabomb asset can store value like gold. We also have a detailed in-game ecosystem in our whitepaper.You can check it here: https://whitepaper.metabomb.io/

Q4, Some users in our community always look at the partnership and future steps regarding the project, can you explain to us some partnerships and future steps regarding your project?

Mr. Kandy: MetaBomb and LaunchZone established a partnership after the presentation and evaluation from both companies. Both LaunchZone’s CTO and CMO were deeply involved in the project as advisors. Mr. Thanh Dao, the CTO of LaunchZone has provided his expertise on key partnerships and the tokenomics of MetaBomb.

Mr. Logan, the CMO of LaunchZone has provided his expert insights in the listing process, IDO process, marketing operation and training personnels of MetaBomb. We have also established partnerships with Biswap, which will be announced soon on our social media.

And our CEO – Cuong Nguyen, with 10 years of experience in online business, online marketing and building technology products, saw the potential in the GameFi field, and after the success of many games in 2021, Mr. Cuong wanted to develop a cutting- edge GameFi project that can carry on the legacy of GameFi in 2022. Mr. Cuong has gathered a dream team of individuals who are experts in blockchain, game development, and graphic design.

We will announce more partnerships in the future !

Q5, In terms of security, can you explain to our community about the security of player data in metabomb?

Mr. Kandy: That’s a good question

We have secured an agreement with Verichains and they have audited our smart contract. We are also in the process of connecting with other auditors to ensure the security and transparency of our smart contract. We highly recommend that users be cautious with phishing attacks, always check and make sure that you are on the correct website and have the correct token contract address. And never click on links that are questionable. If you see any red flags, please report to us immediately. Our admins are always open to receive reports to keep our users safe.

We respect our players’ privacy. All of our systems are designed to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The game system is divided into two parts with different login mechanisms, for the purpose of increasing compatibility and security.

– MarketPlace will completely use the login mechanism via Metamask (the wallet security part is on the metamask side that is not related to the game system).

– If you log in to the game via web, android or ios, you will use the game account that is created after logging in with a wallet and verifying via MarketPlace. In this account, the system will only save the hash of the password in SHA512 encrypted form, but not the password directly, so the system will not know the user’s password.

The system also does not collect and store any other user information besides the wallet address and the email that the user used to log in to the game.


Q1, from @Gangnam40  Please explain to us What kind of interesting features do you have in this project? And what are the strengths of this project?

Mr. Kandy: First of all, MetaBomb will be released in more suitable platforms for IOS & Android and web gamers. Metabomb also offers 5 different game modes with lots of exciting rewards for players to earn. We’ll also release special features to keep old players engaged as well as attract new users. Regular events such as PvP Tournament will be organized for players to show off their skills and earn rewards. MetaBomb will also introduce the House/Hotel NFT system, where you can build your own property and rent it out for extra income.

There’re plenty way of earning from MetaBomb

Chest Farm Mode: Players send up to 5 heroes into a mining area and have them plance bombs to destroy chest blocks to collect Bomb Piece, MTB token and NFTs on a 19×11-block map.

Boss Hunt Mode: Players deal the most damage as possible to the boss. Rewards (tokens or NFTs) are distributed based on your damage to the Boss at server reset.

Arena Battle Mode: Each player controls one character to battle with other players in a match. Players receive daily and monthly rewards (tokens/NFTs) based on their rankings.

PvP Mode: Players place bets and join 1v1 or 2v2 battles with other players. The winner will win all of the bet rewards (tokens).

Tournament Mode: Players join the weekly elimination. The winner will receive rewards in tokens.

Players can also complete daily quests to earn $MTB tokens.

Q2, from @Kansia6 What is MetaBomb goal and what contribution does your project want to make to the world of cryptocurrencies?

Mr. Kandy: By the end of 2022, here are some of the important marks that we want to hit:

Release test version of Metabomb and a beta version

Release Metabomb’s web, IOS and Android version

Official launch of Metabomb and Marketplace

Release all game modes of Metabomb

Release of Build & Rent feature

Release of Multi-chain testnet and mainnet

Now, Gamefi 2.0 is a new definition which every gaming developer wants to deliver to the market. MetaBomb is approaching this model and preparing carefully to launch in the near future. You can read more about the game in MetaBomb’s whitepaper.

Q3, from @Meiko_951 In Meta Bomb games, how can players learn from the experiences that make them so veteran and strong? What innovative functions can Meta Bomb  NFTs provide and how can they trade in the market?

Mr. Kandy: Metabomb has a great gameplay with various modes which aims to build a strong community and attract more players. Real gamers feel bored with the simple gameplay of most Gamefi projects. Knowing it, developers of Metabomb create many modes in the game such as PvE, PvP, Boss Hunt, Arena Battle, Tournament. Besides, players can collect NFT’s pieces through PvE to open a new hero that can be sold in the marketplace or used for Fusion or Upgrade. In MetaBomb, players can collect bricks and build their own house or hotel to regain the hero’s stamina. All NFTs are in-game assets which holders can trade to make profit.

Q4, from @Herbertchandl18 Most players are looking to join games that generate profits, so how will @metabombgame build a game that is fun, dynamic and where every day players can generate more profits, Tell us about your plan to ensure the game is always profitable and keep player assets safe?

Mr. Kandy: After researching other gamefi projects, the Dev team decided to create a game with a carefully eco-system to satisfy players, holders and investors in the long term.

Players can enjoy the Chest Farm Mode by watching super cute Chibi heroes break the wall and treasury with bombs. Gamers can show their skills in PvP mode or hunt bosses together. While idling mode is very simple, other modes need gaming skill to conquer.

Holders can stake their tokens to earn interest from the Staking Vault and investors can collect Bricks through PvE or PvP to build their own house and hotel.

House will help heroes restore their mana of which regeneration rate is affected by the house level.

Hotel provides a symbiotic relationship between players. Players without houses can rent rooms from other players who own hotels.

You guys can find everything in our whitepaper https://whitepaper.metabomb.io/

It’s very interesting when you understand our project

The game is designed with a variety of game modes. Many types of fee arising from game activities and upgrading items keep the player’s pool reward stable and healthy.

Q5, from @Juliawong48 Earning in the game is important, but with me that having fun while earning is also important. To what extent does  @metabombgame focus on the entertaining aspects of the game? What measures are in place to help make the game suitable for everyone, including non-crypto people?

Mr. Kandy: If you are familiar with the old-school game Bomberman (there are other names for this game in different countries), you’ll find the gameplay of Metabomb quite familiar. During the development process, we thought that it was a great idea to pay tribute to the game that many members of our team grew up playing, thus we developed Metabomb, a game that will bring many players nostalgia, catered to all kinds of players. The game play is quite simple to understand. You can check out the demo of Metabomb’s Chest Hunt Mode right here: https://demo.metabomb.io/

You can look up Bomberman on youtube and get a hang of what the basis of Metabomb’s gameplay will look like. I’m sure that you don’t need to be an expert in blockchain to understand how to play Bomberman or Metabomb 

We’ll provide tutorials on how to play for different game modes, as well as how to navigate through the Metabomb’s Marketplace, etc. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to our global/local Telegram communities, as well as our Discord server.

👉 Follow us on our journey!

🌐 Website https://metabomb.io/

🗣 Twitter https://twitter.com/metabombgame

🌏 Telegram Channel https://t.me/metabombofficial

🎯 Telegram Group https://t.me/metabombglobal

🔥 Discord https://discord.com/invite/cXM3SjXchf

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🔉 Medium https://medium.com/metabomb

⚡️ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/metabombofficial

✨TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@metabombofficial

💥 LinkTree https://linktr.ee/Metabomb


Q1. From What is your marketing strategies and programs that you are planning to attract new users?

Mr. Kandy: 1. We are putting the experience and benefits of our user as our top priority first, as our users are the one who will keep our ecosystem operating and running. Metabomb’s unique anti-inflation and idle gaming mode will be the solution to the existing problems of GameFi projects, and most importantly, these features will improve users’ experience.

We also want to get in touch with the community through local communities, helping users with questions and assisting users who are experiencing issues. We take users’ feedback very seriously, as it will help us vastly improve the quality of Metabomb gameplay. AMA sessions will also be held frequently and users can freely ask anything they would like to know about Metabomb.

Q2. Is there anything unique about Metabomb that can attract players and compete with the other current Space Venture games on the market?

Mr. Kandy: Metabomb introduces the anti-inflation protocol and NFT burning protocol that could potentially solve many of the issues encountered by GameFi users currently.

Since the early development phase of Metabomb, inflation was one of the issues that we wanted to address first. Many players lost interest in GameFi because they are earning less and less as from when GameFi projects first launched. We decided to have $MTB as our only token with a fixed total supply, which is utilized throughout the Metabomb ecosystem. Not only can users buy new characters with MTB, they can also use MTB to level up and fuse heroes, purchase houses, etc. All of the MTB tokens that are used in these actions will be “burned”.

MTB tokens are not “burned” in a traditional sense, where the tokens are sent to a null address. “Burned” MTB tokens will be circulated back into the in-game reward pool, so that players can still generate stable income rates, and the token price is not fluctuated.

Q3. From Gamers are busy playing games and are unaware of the fact that a Blockchain technology / world also exists for them to switch into. So how will metabombgame you educate the gameers with zero knowledge in cryptocurrencies and things related to blockchain technology?

Mr. Kandy: Gamefi has exploded in 2021 and it’s the easiest way for people to get close to blockchain. MetaBomb is the fusion of Bomberman and Metaverse. It’s very familiar to every gamers.

Metabomb brings back the nostalgic gameplay of Bomber man, with new added features, such as Chest Farm Mode, Boss Hunt Mode, Arena Battle Mode, PvP Mode and Tournament Mode. Players control their heroes in the Metabomb world, collect tokens, NFT items in different game modes such as Chest Farm, Boss Hunt, PvP, Arena, Tournament… and trade them through the Marketplace. Moreover, players can join hands to build, own, buy and rent properties in the metaverse world of Metabomb.

Q4. Currently, most projects and platforms are in English.  Do you have a local community to better understand your project? thanks sir?

Mr. Kandy: Besides the Metabomb main global community, we also created local communities for players from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Spain, Nigeria, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Admins in each local community are carefully picked, consisting of inđividuals who have had experience in blockchain and/or GameFi, and they will be available to assist users when needed. We will also provide a series of articles with the purpose of providing guides, tutorials, as well as informing players of the latest trends and knowledge in the GameFi field. To give back to the community and show our gratitudes to users who support us, we will also hold airdrops and in-games events that come with very exciting prizes.

Q5. Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

Mr. Kandy: You can follow us here to update news !

👉 Follow us on our journey!

🌐 Website https://metabomb.io/

🗣 Twitter https://twitter.com/metabombgame

🌏 Telegram Channel https://t.me/metabombofficial

🎯 Telegram Group https://t.me/metabombglobal

🔥 Discord https://discord.com/invite/cXM3SjXchf

👥 Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/metabombofficial

🔉 Medium https://medium.com/metabomb

⚡️ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/metabombofficial

✨TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@metabombofficial

💥 LinkTree https://linktr.ee/Metabomb

“Mr. Kandy: Thanks Crypto MoonLight and all of you for joining with me today. I’m very excited. I hope that u guys will join our game to enjoy, to earn and to build a strong community together. Welcome to MetaBomb’s family.”

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