September, 21th 2020, CEO Love Coin Miha Stefe join a live Ask Me Anything session in Forum Crypto Moonlight Indonesia.

The AMA had 3 Segment which are the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Twitter Question
  3. Free Asking


MOD: Q1. Can you tell us a little about your background and what your role was in LoveCoin?

Mr. Miha Stefe: My name is Miha Stefe and I come from sLOVEnia, My schooling in computer technician and engineering and also management and land management. I have heard of Bitcoin in the beginning in 2009 but did not enter the market until 2013, when I was sure enough that this Blockchain technology is here to stay and be accepted by most of the people. In my years of trading I have lost a lot of Crypto do to fees and lost or wrong transaction and have then always wanted a simple payment or transfer crypto currency I could use to make my trading more simple and cost and time affective. And I found XLM or stellar network that I had used and it works how I had imagined it, from this it came the idea from my girlfriend of a LOVE coin, because LOVE is an universal word that all people know not just only people in the crypto space and market and this LOVE coin token would be easily accept by people as a payment method. So together we create LOVE coins for all of us to have and share <3

MOD: Q2. What is the token name of LoveCoin? How many supplies are available? Can you tell us where the tokens will be allocated? And are the tokens ready to trade?

Mr. Miha Stefe: -Love Coin is a sharing coin, let us provide you with the love cryptocurrency that enables you to share love with your family, friends, and dear ones. You can share them, spend them, donate them and each time you do so you get rewarded with cashback in LOVE Coins.

-The number of Love Coins is based on the population of people on the planet earth, each day the number is recalculated and new coins are created or burned as the population grows or decreases in numbers. Each person has one heart so for each person one Love Coin exists.

-Current supply: 7,804,298,720


MOD: Q3. Some investors would want a profit, so how does LoveCoin handle something like this? What are the benefits for $LOVE token holders?

Mr. Miha Stefe: ADVANTAGES

With LOVE Coin Token you can SHARE, Buy, DONATE AND MORE plus you’ll get up to 9 percent CASHBACK in LOVE Coins.

Actually, LOVE Coin operates on the true love principle: Give Love have Love. To get money you can also STAKE and Sell LOVE Coins.   Sharing

Share LOVE Coins with your relatives, friends and family or someone else. By sharing LOVE Coin, you’ll increase the LOVE Coins supply and receive some cash back or a reward for doing so.


You should give LOVE COIN. Donate Love to whom it is most desired, and receive compensation for doing so.


LOVE Coins looks like Love, but it’s only a crypto currency, so you can trade it.

Hey! You can exchange LOVE Coin and trading can bring benefit.


You can stake LOVE Coin in your LOVE Wallet by keeping more than 365 Tokens. If you have 365 or more you get 1 LOVE Coin regularly.


You can buy items on the webstore of LOVE Wallet and Love Coin.

MOD: Q4. Crypto is warm in the world because there are many new tokens/coins whose prices are high, so what about LoveCoin to stabilize the price of the $LOVE token?

Mr. Miha Stefe: Crypto world is volatile and it will remain like that in my opinion until more people join the crypto market, in this aspect LOVE coin can help and bring new people into the crypto world by easy access and adoption of LOVE coin lots of new people can enter the crypto space.

Price will be established itself after we get liquidity on the trading and for that we need recognition and a big community.

MOD: Q5. What are LoveCoin biggest challenges in the future of blockchain? And how will you handle it? How important is community support for the LoveCoin project? And how do you plan to build a large community and grow the Blockchain?

Mr. Miha Stefe: The biggest challenge is the community, we need a big big big community it all depends on the community, LOVE coin is working 100% it can be traded it can be transferred and you can even make real life purchases with LOVE coin, all we need now is recognition and a good happy and loyal community.

The future holds many obstacles and many successes and only if we will work together and be as one, we will make it true. We are now preparing our own wallet and we have a contract signed with a big centralized exchange to help us list our coin and make good name and recognition for our LOVE coin.


MOD: Q1. From @alej_pacedo

In LoveCoin 9% of the amount donated by any user is reimbursed in LoveCoin tokens. Where do these charity funds go? What achievements have been made?

Mr. Miha Stefe: You can donate LOVE to whom need it most and get rewarded for doing so up to 9% depending on your transaction.

We do not contribute to charities (institutions) only directly to people who make donations we reward them with cashback up to 9%

For now we have donated to for allowing us to use the wallet they have and to share and trade our LOVE coins on their platform and first donations have been made and cashback has been payed fort the donations <3

MOD: Q2. From @MiyukiMikoto

According to the LoveChain website, LoveChain also works in E-Commerce! Can you explain, what is the role of LoveChain in the E-Commerce Industry? What types of goods and services does Lovechain E-Commerce provide?

Mr. Miha Stefe: Yes you are right. We have and will have more and more e-commerce webpages that will accepts LOVE coin as payment. First e-commerce website that accepts LOVE coins is and the first products that was bought with LOVE coins was a WIFI router.

Our own wallet will have a store in the wallet itself, so you will be able to purchase products directly form the wallet.

MOD: Q3. From @iracundito

What kind of system do you use to recalculate the number of people on the planet and thus adjust the number of $LOVE tokens? Thank you!

Mr. Miha Stefe: We use this WorldOmeter:

MOD: Q4. From @Ale_Urich

What is the use you want to give to LoveCoin? Only that it serves as a gift to demonstrate love towards people? Do you think it will have a commercial acceptance?

Mr. Miha Stefe: The main thing to get adoption is to get as many stores and people accepting LOVE coins as a payment currency. It is fast (3 second confirmation) and it has no fees. The first store is already accepting them and our wallet with an inbuild store is coming soon. Read more about this here:

MOD: Q5. From @whydazm

Why did you choose to run $LOVE on the Stellar network? What features do you think the Stellar provides to help $LOVE development?

Mr. Miha Stefe: In my 7 years of trading crypto I could really relay only on the stellar network when I needed fast and cheap payments. And now we wish to establish more recognition for it with our LOVE coin and get more and more people in the crypto world with the help of LOVE coin and the stellar network.


Q1 From @Brucedt: #Love Coin community is growing, SO how can we user help you and How can we contribute your quota towards your success?

Mr. Miha Stefe: The best way to help is to get your own LOVE coin on the DEX market right now. The second is to join our SALE that we will have tomorrow. Third is to share this news of LOVE coin with family and friends and donate some to them and teach them about crypto and LOVE coin.

Q2 From @Jacktk99: I want to have a LONG TERM INVESTMENT with this PROJECT, but I’m in doubts right now, how can you convince and assure me this project is SAFE and PROFITABLE?

Mr. Miha Stefe: We cannot assure this. We can build this project together and with your investment into LOVE coin will develop the project further. The more LOVE coins there is in people hand’s (wallets) the more stable the currency Love coin will be. The more we spend the more we get, It is like love in general the more you give the more you get.

Q3 From @Spott: Is LOVECOIN a universal project ? Can every of the communities part take in the project ?

Mr. Miha Stefe: YES, we are universal and opened to all people and all markets ❤️ we wish to share our LOVE project with everybody ❤️

Q4 From @araceley: What is $LOVECOIN roadmap for this year 2020? Are there any new partnerships and interesting upcoming use-cases?

Mr. Miha Stefe: A redesign of LOVE coin and our webpage is coming this week and the first white paper where all of our plans and road map will be presented to you and the world ❤️

Q5 From @drzy16: Adoption is one of the important factors that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the investors eyes. What LOVE  has done and plans to do to achieve real-world adoption?

Mr. Miha Stefe: Yes adoption is the most important thing. We have already started this process, and have connected with many retailers and webstores that will accept LOVE coin as a payment. Plus our new wallet that is coming out will have its own store where you will be able to purchase LOVE products directly.  And of course big connections with centralized exchanges have been made and LOVE coin is listing very soon 😉

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