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Tuesday, 14th December 2021,1PM UTC

Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with @Gravitonzero

I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: project introduction

Segment 2: Question Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question


Q1. Can you tell us more about this game?  How does it work?  What will be the plot of the game?  What do we need to do to start playing it and where can we play it?  Also, what about this game that makes you believe that it will be the future?  What’s so special about it?

Jamie : Graviton Zero is a Sci-Fi Play to Earn, NFT game with player-owned assets and land. Graviton Zero lets you fight friends and enemies across an engaging array of game modes, always keeping you on the edge of your seat. Trade and collect Land NFTS, Ship’s, and Other Assets. Immerse yourself into a PvP and PvE metaverse experience like no other. One in which only your skill can determine the outcome of the battle.

The team has been working on this project concept phase for about a year before launch. and we have been co-developing with external studios to release our MVP demo game in the near future.

We aim to be the first hardcore NFT play to earn Sci-Fi MMORPG. Enjoyable to play with friends with engaging, skill-based gameplay. It will be powered by unreal engine the most powerful real-time 3d creation platform, Play to earn models which will provide randomized rewards for its holders on a weekly basis, expressed in GRAV tokens, other types of NFTs, LOOT chests, Ship Refuel tickets, tournament tickets and high fidelity enjoyable gameplay with an end-game. You will be able to battle each other for planetary control and control of monuments and stations. We aim to be the biggest Space MMORPG in the blockchain industry. Graviton Zero is built by Gamers for Gamers.

Q2. As you know, Tokenomics is very important for every investor.  How is your Tokenomics structured?  Can you describe your Project Tokenomics?

Jamie : 300,000,000 Is our total supply – please find attached below a pie chart detailing our token distribution for users to take a look – we plan to have our whitepaper and full token contract audits/vesting details released this week so everyone has a chance to see it all with plenty of time before launch. We have taken advice from industry professionals and our Incubators Oddiyana Ventures in order to put together a strong token ecosystem which can last for the long term and also reward everyone in the ecosystem at attractive and sustainable rates – any early investors have signed up to vesting contracts which can give our community the confidence that everyone is in this for the long term and wants to see the metaverse grow to be the next biggest thing.

Q3. When is Genesis One Land Launching?, and what are the benefits for Genesis One Holders apart from getting GRAVLINK priority access?

Jamie : Graviton Zero will be free to play. You will need a ship to traverse the Graviton Universe but we are going to give every single player in the Graviton Zero universe a common starter ship to get you started on your journey to overcoming the VOID. The benefits of owning the Genesis land collection will be the bonus’ that are provided. Mining Bonus, Void Mission Time Reduced, NFT Mining Luck for Grav tokens/NFTS, Land plots, and varying rarities of Landing pad and of course GRAVLINK priority access. This and much more (Yet to be announced) We plan to launch full Genesis One land details just after Christmas.

Q4. What is the Vision & Mission of your Project in order to survive in the very long term in the future?

Jamie : We have all forms of social media and also a Youtube channel which we already produce content on (check out our teaser trailer!). We plan to hold AMA’s and developer diaries to let the community follow us together as we grow on this journey to become the biggest Sci-fi MMORPG in the industry. Community is absolutely everything to us at Graviton Zero we believe that growing an amazing community and playerbase and continuing to expand on our promises will set us apart from the competition. We truly believe that a very enjoyable game will create a strong community which in turn leads to long term stability in the ecosystem. As long term Fanatic gamers we believe we know exactly what it takes to build a great game that keeps players wanting more

Q5. In the game, what types of payments do you apply to make it easier for players?  will there be an option to connect to Wallet Connect while playing?  And Can you describe your “expectations” about the gaming experience you would like to improve with your Project?

Jamie : We will enable users to connect to most of the popular wallets available today like metamask – The initial launch is on Binance Smart Chain due to its current high popularity, speed and very low fees — in the future, we are developing our models to migrate and bridge to other chains like Solana, Ethereum, Matic, and many others — the projects true visions is to be a fully multi-chain metaverse where everyone can participate! The metaverse will also be a completely open world and you will be able to fly around missions hubs and points of interest/monuments to perform quests/tasks for rewards or fight to dominate for planetary control and a wide array of engaging and fun game modes. We will strive to improve the gaming experience of our users at every turn being avid gamers our self.


Q1. From @RuinsOliver There are two things that interest me and intrigue me about a project, the first is “team expansion”. The second is the “marketing strategy and adoption plan.” Can you give us more details on these two aspects of #GravitonZero ? In which work areas do you plan to expand?

Jamie : We are rapidly expanding our team and partner base to meet the scale and magnitude of this sort of project. We are being incubated by Oddiyana Ventures, Oddiyana Ventures is an investment firm focused on funding the innovation in the decentralization movement, Defi, NFT, and web3 application, that are building game-changing business models in the crypto space.

Their connections in addition to all of our other partners and networks in the gaming and blockchain industry provide strategic drive and progressive growth for the startup to succeed. We are confident that Building a vast network of partnerships and connections will enable Graviton Zero to reach its full and true potential as one of, if not the biggest Sci-fi MMORPG Metaverse in the blockchain gaming space.  As we ramp up to launch we will expand our marketing campaign and will also ramp up with all form of social media. Including development diaries and AMA’s and so many exciting updates to ensure the community know exactly where we are up to and whats still yet to come!

Q2. From @tamboman13 It is predicting that DAOs will become the “next big trend” in the space and mainstream investors start to take notice. Will Graviton Zero introduce some forms of game/platform DAO Governance mechanics in the later phases of its development? How will it benefit us?

Jamie : In later phases of development, we will introduce some forms of game/platform DAO Governance mechanics and provide additional incentives for our active community to receive rewards and develop the project and game to new heights. For Farmers and Stakers of all $GRAV tokens and NFTs. This DAO system will enable token and NFT holders/stakers/farmers to gain voting rights proportionally to their involvement in the ecosystem.

Q3. From @anwarho18233812 Do you have a community for non english speakers? what are your plan for expanding your community and how important is community for you?

Jamie : Currently we do not have a community social for non-english speakers,We are overwhelmed with the global support of Graviton Zero and we are in the process of setting up multiple communities to expand our reach globally and allow our non english speakers to still feel comfortable and welcomed. Our community is one of the most important factors for us! we are all Avid gamers and we believe that community comes first and with it a great game and ecosystem will thrive

For us as an early project we want to get ourselves in front of as many people as we can to share with you our vision of what a true open world Sci Fi MMORPG Metaverse should be like! We believe we know exactly what kind of game the community is thriving for as we ourselves can see the VOID in the market

Q4. From @Moon56678867 Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Jamie : You can not buy our tokens currently but full listing information will be released in the upcoming few days. We are partnered with multiple IDO platforms one of which we have released an announcement today. Roseon Finance. RoseonPad. And we have some more listing announcements coming up that we are very excited to announce.

Q5. From @Yilmazatacan132 Nobody can guarantee the security of Smart contract. But Audit play an important role to find out the known bugs of smart contract. Can you tell us describe how strong is your security? Have you done an audit by any third party?

Jamie : Yes we do have an audit and we are working with another partner to perform a second. we will have a full announcement of our whitepaper/litepaper and full audit certificate from 2 different very highly respected auditors sometime this week and definitely before launch.


Q1. What is your mission and vision to build your project? What you want to achieve through your project in the future? Can you share your future roadmap with us?

Jamie : We plan to be the biggest and most engaging Sci Fi MMORPG in the entire gaming industry not just blockchain space – we are working with industry professionals and game development studios to bring the very best content – Please find attached below a picture of our roadmap – while some may say its ambitious with our partners we are actually very confident we will beat it and deliver sooner

Q2. Currently, what are the risks affecting Graviton Zero? To develop long-term projects and attract investors, what methods do Graviton Zero use to manage and minimize the negative impact of risk?

Jamie : I think the best way for us to manage risk is to ensure that we produce a game that everyone body wants to play, a game that can keep people from all corners of gaming hardcore and casual interested and always wanting more – we believe that having such a product will mena that it is a lot less prone to dips when the rest of crypto dips – if we have a game everyone loves they wont stop playing just because they might see a bad day on general crypto markets

Q3. Many new projects are full of bugs to use? How safe is your platform to use and what are the Audit status for platform security?

Jamie : We plan to tackle this issue using many different methods – first we are hiring industry professionals that can advise us on the absolute best practises currently known, second we will be running and opening the game up in a modular way which will enable us to have BETA tests for public with bug bounty programs and more to help us ensure we have the best and most secure product possible

Q4. Where can i currently Buy Your Token right now. And also which wallet support Your Token? Can you explain the background of Your team?

Jamie : Currently you cannot buy the token but stay tuned to our socials for all the launchpad listings happening

My name is Jamie Beck, I have worked as an IT engineer and project/technical consultant for many IT, Blockchain, and gaming companies over the last 12 years. Right now we have a small skilled team that has all been hardcore gaming and crypto enthusiasts for many years — currently we have 2 internal core game developers who have worked on AAA titles but we are also working with some external developers and studios co-developing the game which also have solid AAA title experience. Producing Work for companies like EA Games, EPIC Games, RIOT Games, and UBISOFT.

Q5. Why did you build Graviton Zero, what was the motivation for Graviton Zero to start this project? What is different about Graviton Zero project to attract investors’ attention?

Jamie : To achieve “Graviton Zero” is the ability to pass through the VOID untouched. The united alliance of Terra achieved this feat first and it pushed them into a never before seen golden age. We will expand on the lore of the Graviton Zero universe in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned to all of our social media accounts.

Research the project & prepare for best questions.

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