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Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on the Crypto Forum Moonlight Official Group We are honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with @thegemsgg

Welcome to our community Andy koh

Mr. Andy Koh: Hi CRYPTO Moonlight Community and I am hope  you guys are ready for a great AMA together with host tonight. My name is Andy Koh and I am the co-founder and CEO of GEMS @thegemsgg.

I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: Project introduction

Segment 2: Question Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question

Segment 4: Quiz


Q1, Can you please introduce yourself and share a quick overview of @thegemsgg?

Mr. Andy Koh: My background has always been in the Esports, tech, and hotel industries. I have 20 years of experience in the IT and Esports industry.

GEMS is an one stop destination for gamers that integrates the young population into the new sharing economy.

GEMS stands for: Gamefi, Esports, Metaverse ,SocialFi.

Q2, Can you explain to us about:

1. NFT Rental, Defi Union

2. Fanfi Studio

3. DAO Guild

4. P2P Arena

Mr. Andy Koh: So let’s discuss these critical business pillar that born GEMS as complete ESPORTS 3.0 Eco System.

1. NFT Rental & DeFi Union

We understand the high entry Fee to the GameFi World and the exorbitant price point of NFTs created a high entry barrier for gamers to enter the world of blockchain GameFi hence through GEMS we will build a NFT Rentable in game assets in our market place to made Gamefi more accessible for gamer’s with social finance issues.

2. Fanfi Studio

Often we forgot the important of FANS and how are they being rewarded. GEMS will acquire blockchain aficionados to influencers and streamers with GEMS’ all-rounded system. A fan tokens system will be introduced to diversify their income stream

3. DAO Guild

GEMS is following the industry big movement especially on decentralization and we felt the need to follow same hence to empower gamers to make decisions, as well as maximising their ingame profit with professional gamers tips and equip with powerful NFT add-ons we will build not just a guild but a DAO guild that is powered by GEMS DAO Guild community.

4. P2P Arena

We want +sources of gaming income for gamers hence we will integrate P2P Arena so that our game’s merchant can publish competition and gamers can earn more gaming incentives by participating in tournaments, live-streaming, sponsorships, video-on-demand content.

Q3, Could you share the GEMS Roadmap and also provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results the project has achieved so far?

Mr. Andy Koh:


We have nearly 80K members on Telegram and over 18K members on Discord. Over the past months, we have successfully attracted VCs and blockchain investors from globally to invest  in our project  e.g. GAIN Associates, DEX Force, Solchicks, AvStar Capital and the list goes on.

With that being said, we are having over 40+ ecosystem partners including on the GameFi heavyweight segment such as Dreams Quest, Project Seed, Fota and many more.  Not to mention, GEMS is currently working with our partners in Southeast Asia, in order to expand our ambitious hotel network in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia.

We have a mission to provide an all rounded, fully immersive GameFi experience by integrating our online system with offline hotel touch points. So that players can gather teams and battle in competitions in our Esports and GameFi tournaments in near future!

Q4, From an investor’s perspective, when we want to enter into a project, we usually do some research,  can you tell us the list of GEMS team members and the list of GEMS partners?

Mr. Andy Koh: Every EPIC war need an army of  soldiers however in GEMS we have shining stones. I would like to introduce my great team and founding partners.


Q5, Which smart contracts of your project are well monitored by the auditing company, if yes, can you tell which company did the auditing?

Mr. Andy Koh: We are currently working with few auditing company since we have not yet finalized on TGE. Our TGE is likely to be April’22 but we will monitor the market situation and we want to run when the market is ready to BULL.  Nonetheless we have confirmed the chain @thegemsgg token will be on BSC. It was indeed a very tough decision on what chain to choose, we decided to go with Binance Smart Chain because we found that a lot of GameFi projects are on BSC.

BSC is a hard fork of the Go Ethereum (Geth) protocol, and as such, it shares many similarities with the Ethereum blockchain. Ultimately for our NFT rental marketplace will need sustainable low gas fees, hence the another vital decision to choose BSC.


Q1, From @xs_xsikur Each platform will model the “Game Metaverse” in a different way in their projects. With GEMS, what does the concept of Metaverse mean to you and how do you implement it on the platform? How does this help improve the game system in GEMS and improve the user experience?

Mr. Andy Koh: We are currently working with few partners and 1 of them which is Metafluence we are working closely with to build something on the METAVERSE. We will be building ESPORTS HOTEL in the space for everyone in future to WORK.PLAY.LIVE. We will be also building not just avatar but 3D dynamic emotional digital avatars as our representation of our physical identity.

Our focus is to work with our GAMEFI’S partners to bring not just immersive experience but an interactive ESPORTS experience that have been hot lately. GEMS is a eco system platform that help GAMEFI partners to be listed in our platform.

Q2, From @y1sus_afp GEMS aims to provide a 360 degree and fully inverse GameFi experience. Why a 360° experience, if you start from one point, then 360° we would be in the same place. What will it actually provide and facilitate in DeFi?

Mr. Andy Koh: Technically speaking in order to have a full immersive ESPORTS experience 360° via VR lens, glass or goggles is mandatory. Secondly in order to use our GEMS tokens, you’ll first have to buy them. You can do it by going through a loop of fiat currencies and bank intermediaries on our exchange that we will be listed which we are talking to a few good ones right now.

But that’ll spoil the whole point of a decentralised trading mechanism. That’s when decentralised finance or DeFi comes to play. Through DeFi networks, you can easily buy or sell your GEMS tokens using smart contracts, P2P transactions, and more. All the components — Metaverse, NFT, and DeFi — operate over the blockchain.


Q1 From @Dindeg: In terms of the FanFi Studio program, how would you conduct our talent acquisition? On what country/region will you be starting to invite potential gamers and talented individuals to be part of your team and be guided under this program? Can we apply to be part of this program?

Mr. Andy Koh: GEMS @thegemsgg competitive advantage above 1000 and 10K is our O2O features. Our 1st flagship OFFLINE partner will open their ESPORTS Hotel in Singapore. We will be recruiting and also have few scholarship system to groom local talents. Let me share you the rendered video of our OFFLINE partners: Arena Esports Hotel that we will be working with them closely to conduct local community activities.

Q2 From @popy1234566: Telling about real world adoption. Most of the user are still not aware about Blockchainchain and Blockchainchain related products. So, how Your project can raise awareness about their project with non-crypto users too?

Mr. Andy Koh: We have just completed the ESPORTS 3.0 industry standard which we aim to bring ESPORTS through education via on all our 50 OFFLINE touchpoints by 2024. We believe through local offline education can adopt the concept of train by training the trainer so that GEMS can be more widely spread to the benefits of all users in the Gamefi + ESPORTS eco system.


1. How many major components does GEMS have ?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4 (Answer)

2. Who are the founders of GEMS?

A. LABS Group

B. Arena Esports Hotel

C. Game One 

D. All of the above (Answer)

3. How many offline touchpoints do GEMS want to expand to?

A. 6-8

B. 20

C. 30

D. 50 (Answer)

What is the first solution that GEMS is providing?

A. NFT Rental Portal (Answer)

B. DeFi Union 

C. P2E Arena

D. DAO Guild

5. When is the upcoming Binance live event?

A. Feb.23, 08:00 UTC+8

B. Feb.23, 18:00 UTC+8

C. Feb.24, 08:00 UTC+8

D. Feb.24, 18:00 UTC+8 (Answer)

Mr. Andy Koh: I have 2 things for you tonight just for CRYPTO MOONLIGHT

  1. Small promotion of the upcoming binance live event: https://twitter.com/blocklikecom/status/1494577382526623747?s=20&t=dzqgPNFwtHJL-nRuwIgF8g
  2. Also, in order to thank the support of the Cryptominers community, we have prepared some perks for y’all which will be last for 3 hours only!

Winners will be to get 100 USDT after finishing some tasks. Join after the AMA: https://bit.ly/3B9NoxB

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Discord : https://discord.gg/gemsggofficial

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