September, 20th 2020, RAGHAV REGGIE JERATH – FOUNDER & CEO of Gather Network join a live Ask Me Anything session in Forum Crypto Moonlight Indonesia.

The AMA had 3 Segment which are the following:

  1. Project Introduction
  2. Twitter Question
  3. Free Asking


MOD: Q1. Can you tell us a little about your background and what your role is in Gather Network?


Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: Hi, I’m Reggie Jerath, the CEO and the founder of Gather Network. I’m a serial entrepreneur, leadership and management professional and an accredited chartered manager from the Chartered Management institute. I have scaled startups from idea to growth stage with revenues reaching as high as 200,000 USD per month. I lead teams varying from ten to two hundred people of a multidisciplinary background. My career also includes stints at MSLgroup and other large integrated agencies where he handled medium to large scale public, private and NGO accounts. I’ve been managing the Gather Network since 2017.

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: done

MOD: Sound great

MOD: Q2. Can you tell us what features are included in the Gather Network? And tell me how it works?


Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: For sure, Ill include images here as they help provide more context

Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads, provides businesses & developers to access cheap and reliable processing power.

Gather Online (Layer 0) allows web & mobile developers to monetize from their users processing power.
Gather Network (Layer1) is the protocol layer, a hybrid proof of work and proof of stake blockchain, where stakeholders are incentivized to maintain transparency and security.
Gather Cloud (Layer 2) provides affordable processing power to enterprises and developers.
Gather Enterprise provides consultancy services and tooling for developers, businesses and crypto networks.

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: done

MOD: Next question

MOD: Q3. Is the Gather Network completely safe for all cryptocurrency lovers to use?


Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: For sure, – Our current token is ERC-20 based, and the MVP was stress tested, so it is very safe, When the full network comes out – it would have undergone multiple pen tests as well

MOD: Q4. What services does Gather Network provide? What are the main advantages highlighted there?


Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: For sure

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: 1- Gather Online can be easily integrated into websites/apps with no pain.
2- Gather Online allows website/app owners to generate additional revenue on top of digital ads, or let them go ad-free for an enhanced user experience
3- Gather’s Loyalty program allows website/app owners to reward visitors in GTH/BTC or local fiat currency for the time they actually spend in websites/applications
4- Gather Cloud provides affordable cloud computing costs via processing power coming from publishers (there is no similar example in the competition)
5- Gather Cloud allows PoW blockchain developers to deploy without finding miners or building a mining community first

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: done

MOD: Last question from me

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: 🙂

MOD: Q5. What achievements has the Gather Network made in the near future? And what targets will the Gather Network achieve in the future?


Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: For sure

We already have around 200 publishing partners via Early Adopters Program so far, including names like ThePioneer (India’s oldest newspaper), TheDailyChain (a crypto news site) and Metalyfe (a new web browser). We will be running campaigns to raise the awareness of Gather Online as we get closer to the mainnet launch but in the meantime we will carry on and bring more partners with our B2B marketing efforts.

We’re currently testing Gather Cloud with Godrej Industries ($4B+ turnover) and we got ASAP Industries on board for the enterprise side. As part of our B2B business development efforts, we will also continue adding new enterprises.

Again for Gather Cloud, we are also building new connections with the other PoW blockchain teams where we can use their algorithms as part of our Merged Mining concept. For example, LUX chain is our first partner on this front.

Both for Gather Online and Gather Cloud, we will continue building new relationships with publishers, enterprises and PoW blockchain developers.

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: done


MOD: Q1. From @Withoutyousam

What is Gather Network what are the benefits we get from Gather Network because there have been many promising projects that have finally disappeared, not in accordance with the initial vission and mission?

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: nk I answered this one above – but just a brief highlight: – Gather is a multi layered block chain. What Gather does is as follows: We take small amounts of processing power from website end users ( with their explicit consent ) and then match it to Businesses and developers. – Why are we doing this? 1) Ads are broken – This allows websites a new way of making money, without having to use ads. 2) Cloud Computing is expensive – Anyone who has used GCE or AWS will know how expensive it is. – By generating processing power from end users – we are able to sell cloud computing services to businesses for significantly cheaper as compared to GCE/AWS 3) POW Security – everyone know that POW with high hashrate is bulletproof against 51% attacks, but with low hashrate, not so much. With Gather, Developers can deploy Child chains on Gather and gain hashrate from publishers – this making their chains secure, without having to find miners or a community. Let me attach som

MOD: Next question from Twitter

MOD: Q2. From @Rosanela08

How can we participate in the Gather’s Loyalty Program that is part of your partnership with Ferrum? What are the benefits of being part of this program?

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: For sure: Publishers (website and application owners) decide to activate the loyalty program or not. In Ferrum’s case, if Ferrum Network decides to activate the loyalty program, any user that is contributing processing power in Ferrum Network’s web staking platform or mobile application will be rewarded with a certain percentage of Ferrum Network’s earnings. The exact process will be announced later. But it would include providing a wallet address etc, so that you can receive your earnings.

MOD: Las question from Twitter

MOD: Q3. From @G4M3RYT15

What are the plans of $GTH in place for global expansion, are you focusing on market at this time? or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or focusing on partnerships?

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: We are heavily focusing on further development to achieve our goals for Gather testnet by end of 2020 and mainnet by March 2021, whereas we try to use our marketing funds wisely to reach as many people as possible.
When compared to existing advertising rates, Gather Online provides x1.4 better
profitability based on the observations on our MVP testing period. Therefore, the product will be naturally adapted with publishers seeking alternate ways to monetize. We are already receiving 4-5 requests per day from online businesses to join our Early Adopters Program. However this is assumed to go up as we ramp up marketing. On the enterprise side, we already have established connections and we will be adding more along the way as part of our goals.

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: done


Q1 From @JoxesXIII: If there is something that must be highlighted, it is the willingness of the projects to do charity. Gather Network claims a use case is for donations and charity, can you tell us a little more about it?

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: For sure – generally speaking – Charities live on donations etc. So to tell help Charties such as unicef out ( which already has been using something like Gather ) – They can Use Gather to monetise – with almost no fees. Check out the hope page by Unicef to more

Q2 From @RoZerius: Could you please tell me just a little more about the Gather team and some of their backgrounds? I have personally seen many projects launch with inexperienced team members, and some of those didn’t go so well due to easily avoidable mistakes.

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: For sure, Ill just attach images here, and ill also include our notable investor list

Q3 From @onike3: Does the price of the token matter to you from an operational perspective, if the token price is $1 or $100?

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: As there are budgets associated with token amounts such as legal fees, administration costs, token price matters as it defines the runway in a way for the extra activities from an operation perspective, in the long term perspective. It also affects the earnings by publishers, and this is why we have a very detailed token economy model where supply and demand are carefully thought, which can be further observed from this link:

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: done

MOD: Before we close this event, do you have a closing statement to our community?

Mr. Raghav Reggie Jerath: Great ama – and awesome questions everyone!!

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