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I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: project introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free asking

MOD: okay, it’s time for us to move to the first segment

Mr. Brady Dale: well noticed


MOD:  Q1, could you please tell us a little about your background and background about the DTA project (Digital Twin Agreement)

Mr. Brady Dale: My name is Brady Dale.I used to work as a senior reporter at CoinDesk. I help lead coverage on the new and innovative digital asset global markets. Who is investing in cryptocurrencies? How are funds and information moving between various companies and helping lead coverage on the new and innovative digital asset global markets. Who is investing in cryptocurrencies? How are funds and information moving between various companies and people? Now I worked for DTA team as Chief Economist.

DTA is the next generation of  decentralized oracle network which provide standard protocol  for data on-chain service.

The ecosystem of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications and the value secured by blockchain oracles are scaling in tandem, mutually supporting the success and growth of one another. As the value secured by DeFi continues to grow at a rapid pace, so does the importance of ensuring that this revolutionary new decentralized financial ecosystem provides a higher level of security and reliability guarantees to its users.

Digital twins  first appeared as a highly specialized tool for aerospatial engineering or product lifecycle management: within these confines, they were understood as full-fledged numerical-simulation replicas of some physical contraption. They are now often understood, in a weaker sense, as digital proxies to the things they “twin”.Mirroring the assets of the physical world in the digital world is also what the blockchain has to do. Therefore, a group of encryption community members jointly initiated the digital twin protocol, which integrates various digital technologies and digital twin ideas to provide services for everything and data on the chain

MOD: Q2, why are you interested in expanding the Digital Twin Agreement network?

Mr. Brady Dale: DTA oracle network aims to  sovle the problem in the development of blockchain technology.As we all know ,Blockchains and smart contracts cannot access data from outside of their network. In order to know what to do, a smart contract often needs access to in- formation from the outside world that is relevant to the contractual agreement, in the form of electronic data, also referred to as oracles. These oracles are services that send and verify real world occurrences and submit this information to smart contracts, triggering state changes on the blockchain.

DTA Oracle network  brings real-world data on events happening outside the Defi ecosystem into  smart contract  in a secure manner. This empowers Defi developers to build smart contract applications that connect to reliable real-world data feeds from DTA.

Q3, How do you judge that DTA is not a speculation concept? Where is true intrinsic value (technical content) reflected?

Mr. Brady Dale: When we judge a project, the most important thing is to judge its necessity and feasibility. If this demand is necessary for industry development and is technically feasible, then this is a viable project.

In addition to the inadequate infrastructure, the main problem is when the pace of business requires secure collaboration with multiple parties, you need a solution to bring everyone together—in real time—to share data .It is a very complicated job.Almost every individual and every enterprise will have a completely different solution. just like the Internet in the early days, every company need to build its own server and  network to access to the Internet,Well,at that time  speed and efficiency  were extremely low.

At present, the rapid development of blockchain is also due to the insufficient infrastructure of the chain. We must first solve the problem of everything and data on the chain. This is how DTA comes to provide a convenient and simple protocol for retrieving and external data for blockchains and smart contracts .

Judging from the feasibility.We carefully studied the implementation of DTA technology which integrated multiple mature digital technologies, organic coordination and integration, and created a new  protocol to provide date on Chain.Both IOTs and Privacy computing are relatively mature digital technologies. I think DTA has the  potential just like when Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, he organically integrated hash algorithms, P2P networks, Merkel trees and other mature technologies.

MOD: Q4. DTA needs to be consumed for assets in the chain, but the amount of DTA is only 21 million, will it be different?

Mr. Brady Dale: DTA has 3 application scenarios, including cybernet, twin protocol, and super DEX. Each application scenario will consume DTA, so DTA will be consumed in large quantities. However, although the amount of $DTA is 21 million, but the smallest DTA The unit of is 8 decimal places, so we don’t  have to worry about DTA being insufficient. The Bitcoin we are familiar with can also be subdivided to eight decimal places, so we don’t have to worry about not having enough Bitcoin.

Q5, is the DTA (Digital Twin Agreement) completely safe in terms of security for all cryptocurrency lovers to use?

Mr. Brady Dale: We listed $DTA on Uniswap,open-source ones which have their code exposed, are governed by parameters and logic set by the developers.

The security of all cryptocurrencies is actually a security issue of the issuance contract, such as the existence of vulnerabilities such as cheating or malicious additional issuance.

The DTA’s smart contract has been audited by the world’s top smart contract auditing agency, and there is no risk of vulnerabilities. Therefore, the security of DTA can be assured.


MOD: Q1, From @CryptoUser01 : Can you please describe how the $DTA stacking system works? and what are the benefits for the $DTA token holder/stacking?

Mr. Brady Dale:

DF mining accounts for 10% of the total,  2.1 million

DAO community mining accounts for 20% of the total, a4.2 million

DF mining is allocated according to the ratio of each user’s pledge to the entire network’s pledge

DAO community mining, according to the number of user invitations, according to a certain proportion

Users who hold DTA can get a certain percentage of rewards when they complete any of the above mining.

Detailed info can check with our whitepaper

Now we have more than 10000ETH on the pool

and we just listed on uniswap no more than one week

Q2, From @cantikamaliaaa : DTA is made to expand DeFi to the next level. Why are you interested in this and the development of DeFi like what your project wants to achieve?

What are your plans for the future to attract more investors and users to your project?

Mr. Brady Dale: Here is our roadmap

We believe that DTA has found the biggest difficulty in the implementation of blockchain technology-on the chain. Because it is very difficult to get everything on the chain for the current blockchain, the core lies in the cost and convenience of the chain, and DTA has proposed its own solution, integrating various digital technologies. The only goal is to make everything on the chain. The chain is simpler, which is the core of our unity.

We are currently looking for community partners on a global scale, and we hope to call on global forces to do this. At the same time, DTA will also launch the on-chain service provider node plan in 2021, calling on global users to become on-chain service providers. This is the development plan of DTA.

MOD: Q3, From @todeearths : DeFi’s biggest problem is how the digital world can accurately

anchor the value of the real world. So how does your project (as one of DeFi’s projects) solve this problem?

Mr. Brady Dale: The essence of DTA is a digital twin protocol, a super oracle.

The operation of DeFi is inseparable from the oracle to provide off-chain data. The goal of DTA is not only to provide off-chain data services for DeFi, but also integrates digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, AI, and privacy computing to make the physical world more accessible. Digital assets are completely mapped to the chain. Therefore, the essence of the digital twin protocol is a standard on-chain protocol, which provides standard on-chain services for DeFi operations and all things on the chain.

MOD: Q4, From @CuteKitten00007 : What are DTA plans shaping up for marketing and building a strong, core community which is important for any new project in the crypto space?

Mr. Brady Dale: DTA community  will host both online and offline seminars with other blockchain communities and defi investor communities  Seminars are planned twice a week.

At the same time, we will also carry out more than 10 offline salon activities in various places. The goal of the DTA community is to bring together an investor community of more than 50,000 people. Accumulate a certain community foundation for the future development of DTA.

Our China community do very well

MOD: Last question from Twitter

MOD: Q5, From @SemogaberkahXD : What is currently the biggest challenge/challenges that you are facing in terms of becoming a successful project or company and what would you consider as your main advantages on the market over your competitors?

Mr. Brady Dale: On the road to success for DTA, the biggest challenge is the integration of blockchain technology and the real world. Because at present, companies and individuals around the world have limited understanding of blockchain.

Many people don’t know much about the benefits and opportunities that blockchain technologies such as digital twin protocols, oracles, and smart contracts can bring to them. Therefore, the promotion of technology is very difficult.


Q1. How important is the community to you?  and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Mr. Brady Dale: For every blockchain project, the community is the most important. DTA welcomes any project-sharing community to participate in DTA community construction. Whether it is technology development, media promotion, or branding, all welcome to participate in the DTA community building

Q2. Trust is very important in business. So, what makes investors, customers, and users feel safe when working on your project? And how to gain the trust of many users who have negative thoughts about blockchain and DeFi?

Mr. Brady Dale: DTA’s smart contract has been open source, and has now been audited by the world-renowned security audit company-China Know Chuangyu Technology. Therefore, the community can be trusted.

To judge whether a project is credible, in addition to code audits, it is also necessary to evaluate the necessity and feasibility of the project. We have discussed the necessity and technical credibility of DTA before and, so DTA is trustworthy

Q3. How do you think with Asia market? Does your team have any plan approach INDONESIA which the potential market in crypto, there have many great teams and investors want work and earn money from crypto?

Mr. Brady Dale: DTA is a global open blockchain project. We are very interested in developing communities in Indonesia. We welcome excellent communities and media to cooperate with DTA. DeFi is a wealth opportunity in the blockchain field. We believe all the DTA community can realize the freedom of wealth.

Q4. I am interested in contributing to DTA. Do you have a Global Ambassador Program, and if so, how can I apply?

Mr. Brady Dale: DTA will launch a global node plan. All communities interested in DTA are welcome to participate in DTA’s business. Later, we will also start the DTA global node recruitment plan.Please keep eyes on our official Twitter.

Q5. Does $DTA have plans to increase or decrease supply in the future?

Mr. Brady Dale: we will never $DTA increase supply in the future and DTA has 3 application scenarios, including cybernet, twin protocol, and super DEX. Each application scenario will consume DTA, so DTA will be consumed in large quantities.

MOD: AMA Crypto MoonLight x DTA (Digital Twin Agreement) has finished

thank you Mr. Brady Dale for attending this event. I hope all this knowledge will make us understand more about DTA (Digital Twin Agreement)

to all members I thank you for participating in this event.

see you next time, and we will announce the winners later.

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