On February 12th 2021, 7PM GMT+7, Alex and Natalie Kubalova from DAO Maker join a live Ask Me Anything session in Forum Crypto Moonlight Indonesia.


Joel : Hello everyone welcome back again to AMA series FCM. This time we have a special guest, namely Mr Alex from Dao Maker team.

Hi Mr Alex from Dao Maker Team, thank you for having AMA in here. Will you say hi to our community?

Alex DAO Maker : Hello everyone, Alex of @DAOmaker here. Thanks for inviting @NatalieDaoMakerNEM and me to your cozy community.

Natalie Kubalova : Hey guys! Nice meeting you !

Joel : I’ll explain a little bit about how the AMA will works today.

There are 3 segment in this AMA

  • Segment 1: Project Introduction
  • Segment 2: Question from Twitter
  • Segment 3: Free Asking


Joel : Q1. Can you explain to us a little about your background before entering the cryptocurrency world and why did you finally decide to become a part of Dao Maker?

Natalie Kubalova : I did my degree in International business in the UK and China. I have started 5 years ago translating forex trading videos for my father because he cant speak english, for the begining I didnt like it very much, but then I saw opportunity and decided I want to invest and trade for myself, since I already knew some basics.

Last year I have started learning about crypto and took an online course on edx.com about it. Luckily, I met DAO Maker one time in Prague where I am from, I went for an interview and since then I am super happy to work in this industry with amazing people that I can consider as a team and also family. :)))

Alex DAO Maker : I’ve followed crypto since 2015, but bought my first assets in Januar 2017 after studying them a while.

Decided after to cash out from my stocks-trading account and to explore the crypto markets,. I`ve invested in more than 200 ICO`s in 2017 and cashed crypto into fiat out one week before the BTC ATH.

 happy about the good results i went full-time into crypto and my DAO Maker (ICO DOG) journey started weeks after with Chris, our CEO. So far, i`m an old crypto-dog. )

Joel : Q2. Can you explain to us what Dao Maker is? And what products does Dao Maker offers to its users?

Natalia Kubalova : Founded in 2018, DAO Maker was created by a team of experts in trading, fundraising, token economy modelling, and technical development. During the 2017 crypto hype and the following crypto winner in 2018, blockchain faced numerous challenges and difficulties for mainstream adoption.

Most crypto projects lack of expertises in economics and mathematics, creating many token economy models that will never work.

Many crypto projects were hungry for public attention, looking for the fastest way to grow its community and ignoring the quality and value that community can provide. This led to the heavy use of airdrops and bounty campaigns by crypto projects, making their token worthless.

Alex DAO Maker : Many crypto projects were using the ICO model for fundraising. It is certainly more accessible to much more people than traditional fundraising. However, the ICO funding method is not favorable to most investors that it is not secure. Many crypto projects feel no responsibility to their token holders, doing pumping dumping schemes, or simply spent the fund irresponsibly.

To undertake the 3 challenges I mentioned, DAO Maker created a set of services and products, they are token economy consultancy, Social Mining SaaS, and DYCO & SHO.

Here comes the experience of Chris and me. There is nothing left to surprise us after the 2017 ride. )

Joel : Q3. Please tell us more the details about Dao Token and tell us what can we do with this token?

Natalie Kubalova : DAO Maker Token is the governance token of the DAO Maker Ecosystem built on Ethereum, allowing holders to participate in the ecosystem. DAO Maker Token held a series of Dynamic Coin Offerings since late 2020, raising over 8 million USD.

The DAO Maker Token aims to create a decentralized ecosystem, enabling a go-to platform for retail venture investing in equity and tokens. This Tuesday we have officially launch our token on Gate and Kucoin, and the current price is already 30x, you can find it under the ticker DAO.

DAO Maker Token holders can stake their tokens on the DAO Maker Platform to obtain governance, holder incentives, and sponsored lending pool benefits. Stakers can submit and vote proposals to determine the governance policy and propose or vote for which projects can join the ecosystem.

Stakers can receive passive income from the reward pool. As a non-inflationary token, the reward pool distributes tokens to stakers from fees paid by projects using DAO Maker products and services, such as d-Teams, Dynamic Coin Offering, Strong Holder Offering, Venture Bond, Venture Bond Exchange, Venture Margin/Lending Pool, YieldShield.

Staking DAO Maker Tokens requires an activation period of 14 days, while unstake DAO Maker Tokens requires a cooldown period of up to 5 days. This mechanism ensures only holders looking for long term value to participate in the DAO Maker governance.

Joel : Q4. Social Mining looks interesting for me, can you please explain to us more about Social Mining?

Alex DAO Maker : Founded already in 2018, Social Mining is the best tool for the growth and management of communities in the crypto space. proven by projects like LTO Network, Elrond Network, Orion Protocol, Avalanche, NEM, Injective protocol, and many more. Soon we will launch the new generation of our SaaS: dTeams. This will be open to non-tokenized projects, companies, or KOL`s. This market is way larger than the crypto market and thus there is a huge growth potential for us. Social Mining gives many crypto enthusiasts around the globe to monetize their skills. Explore our Social Mining platform: https://socialmining.daomaker.com/


Q5. How far has Dao Maker grown for now? And what are the future steps to make this project grow bigger than now?

Natalie Kubalova : We are one of the leading blockchain service and advisory company to crypto startups. In our portfolio, there are unicorns like Injective Protocol, Orion, Elrond, Avalanche, Seascape and most recent fundraising that we are about to launch today for Viaot. Companies like IBM are in corpoartion for Vaiot to use their saas.

Alex DAO Maker : https://t.me/daomaker_ann/582 you can check here

VAIOT SHO for DAO hodlers and LPs is now LIVE!



Main Criteria

You need to hodl DAO Tokens in your ERC.20 Non Custodial wallet. The minimum amount is 500 DAO, holding more DAO increases chances of winning. Providing liquidity on the Uniswap DAO/ETH pair will also increase your chances of winning.

Bonus Points

Earn additional bonus points for providing liquidity for any pairs on Uniswap, Balancer, or Sushi Swap


10.02.2021 (12pm UTC) — SHO starts — Wallet sign-in is open

12.02.2021 (12pm UTC) — Wallet sign-in deadline

12.02.2021 (14pm UTC) — Announcement of winner’s tickets / KYC/AML invitation / Funds collection starts

14.02.2021 (14pm UTC) — Deadline for KYC/AML and sending funds

Read The Full article:


VAIOT: https://t.me/VAIOT_Community


Q1 From @bayrakkutsal

Which DeFi risks did DaoMaker manage to reduce with the technology it developed? What is the most creative aspect of DaoMaker?

Alex DAO Maker : Well, DAO Maker is advising DeFi companies for years now and the average “risks” are our daily business. But of course, our smart contracts are audited and we take the security of our products very seriously. I suggest you to dive into our website, VentureBond is a very interesting product

Q2. From @Aykutbarnabas

Now, the token launch process is easy, but to develop the ecosystem, stabilize prices, expand the market is a challenge in every project? So what are your team first steps towards solving this problem? what is your plan to maintain token price & supply in the market?

Natalie Kubalova : We have many upcoming partnership and projects coming to keep surprising our comminity. In 2021 Q1, we are going to launch Venture Bond alpha, acquiring a fiat license for the DAO Maker platform. In addition, we will be working on the legal side of complaint equity crowdfunding.

In 2021 Q2, our new crowdfunding platform will be live, featuring Compliance as a Service for token sales. Other developments include the release of dTeam Express, 2nd generation of Social Mining. In 2021 Q3, Venture Bond Beta will be released. We will also release DYCO margin lending pool and adding fiat on ramp to DAO Maker Platform.

In 2021 Q4, dTeams for for equity-funded firms.

In 2022, VB exchange will be launched, allowing our users to trade venture bonds. In addition to this, we will also launch our equity offering platform.

Q3. From @Kosavalcenkk

Can you tell us, has Dao Maker been audited? as we know, smart contacts are vulnerable to hacks, and to carry out an audit costs a lot of money. So can you tell us a little about that, because investors need to know?

Natalie Kubalova : Yes, last year the defi hack was mostly caused by smart contract vulnerabilities. Since our DAO DYCO (a form of token sales) features toll bridge and a distribution schedule, a secure smart contract is highly important. Our smart contract is audited by CertiK. As we all know, CertiK is very famous for smart contract auditing. Our collaboration with CertiK will ensure our smart contract’s security as well as our other future products.

Q4. From @Nuralimi16

Whether the project DAO maker requires verification of personal data (KYC). so we can start mining and so on. is it safe for us as document owners and we as document owners would be worried if our documents were used for other things / crimes, for example?

Alex DAO Maker : Sorry. Bu this question is a “bounty hunter” question and is in no way related to us, the user didn’t spend 3 seconds to understand who we are. We were one of the first AMLD5 fulfillment companies in crypto. So sorry, won’t answer this question. https://medium.com/daomaker/amld5-kyc-the-recession-of-crypto-freedom-regulations-are-here-and-they-keep-getting-c1b8b0b549c4

Q5. From @elvie3193

What is your long-term plan with DAO Maker early adopters? What are the best ways for community to help you guys out with adoption?

Natalie Kubalova : After our launch we have distributed in 875k DAO tokens, which is over 2,6mil USD to our community, you can read about it in this article


In are social mining, staking saas, we offer people to be rewarded mostly in crypto for the added work that they contributed


Q1 @Nickkiii : I’m aware that the DAO token is being issued under a 65% DYCO, does this implies that every single token will be refundable at 65% of the purchase value? If yes, what would happen to, also can you please explain further and how token buyers can benefit from the Toll Bridge?

Natalie Kubalova : We already have the deflationary token supply, thanks to the toll bridge. To read more about daomaker.com/dyco and toll bridge.

Q2 @Ruda02: .Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, project,do you have an ambassador program? If so, #how can I become one?

Natalie Kubalova : Yes, we do have ambassadors, you can contact our admin in DAO Maker community about it https://t.me/daomaker

Q3 @Feranno : The DAO Maker system reduces the risk of investors, but according to the principle of “the lower the risk, the lower the profit”, does the investor’s earnings decrease with the risk?

Alex DAO Maker : We`re trying to lower the risk, but we can’t eliminate them all. refundable Strong Holder Offerings (SHO) and our DYCO (Dynamic Coin Offering) our flagship offering are a good or the best compromise on the market so far. I suggest you to read here about DYCO and SHO: https://daomaker.com/

Q4 @Hira_2021 : association support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

Alex DAO Maker : See our Social Mining Platform: https://socialmining.daomaker.com/

Q5 @Jun_s_2001 : Where it will be listing soon, dex or cex?  And how will you get users from all over the world and what are the features of this project to invest in longterm, please explain

Alex DAO Maker : Please visit: https://cryptorank.io/price/dao-token

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