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Ryan : Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with @Cryptocoin_CTCorg

I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: project introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question

Before moving on to segment 1, could you please tell us a little about your background?

Isaac : Am Isaac Sevenz an experienced CMO of about 2 years working with different project as advisor in the past but as now am i was appointed as Head of Marketing of Cryptocoin project where currently i work now


Q1, Can you tell our community what is CryptoCoin?

Isaac : Cryptocoin is a BEP20 bridge token created with high sensitivity peer to peer electronic cash of its kind , bridging a gap between physical assets with crypto currency backed by crypto Tokens and Coins existing on Blockchain

Q2, I see that your project have a mission to bridging gap between physical assets, fiat currency with crypto currency. Can you tell us how do you do this?

Isaac : thank you for that great question but i would like to request everyone following this AMA session to read our Whitepaper because it will explain this in details which i can not in this short time given to me

Q3. Who are the partners who have worked with Cryptocoin to date?  What are the benefits of this cooperation?  In the future, will there be cooperation with other partners?

Isaac : yes currently we have worked with Saltswap and Indoex International Limited as our partners and recently we carried out giveaway to Saltswap users and this was done to increase more exposure of our project to the Defi community but we still have more partnership and cooperation coming both exchange partnerships and non exchange partnerships all for the success of Cryptocoin project.

ref to our roadmap

Q4. What are your steps in the future to build trust in your project so that more investors will come and your project will grow even more?

Isaac : we have many steps and plans which we are working on to build trust and these are 1. We are working on our first  Auditing ,2. We are finalizing with time lock contract of all tokens allocations stated in our whitepaper 3.we are in talks with top tier 1 exchange site to list Cryptocoin for trading on their sites. 4. we also working on our first dapp where CTC token holders will benefit more and many more are coming and we know by doing this and more our project will get the trust from the investors and the public .

Q5. Can you tell us about your presale?  How can we join the presale? Is there any requirement? And where will your tokens be allocated?

Isaac : Yes our Pre-sale has already started and we are remaining with 10 days only to end. The pre-sale is open for any one to join no whitelist or minimum price required to buy. we allocated 22,330,000 CTC token only for the pre-sale and incase of any token left unsold will be liquidity permanently to prevent them from going into circulation .

Isaac : Token Sale Guidelines and Rules:

i. Go to 👉

Pool ID👉 4854 and Pool NAME👉 CTC tokens PSALE

ii. Use Trust Wallet App and MetaMask wallet to connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet, make sure you have BNB deposited in your account and then you will be able to participate in the bounce pool.

iii. Bounce Pool Sale has started, send your BNB to swap for CTC tokens, the number of CTC tokens you receive is based on the swap level of the current pool.

iv. The swap will be successful if the accumulative BNB amount sent is below the bounce level of the pool. When the bounce level is reached, any BNB sent will bounce (sent back to your wallet address).

The pool is closing when one of the two conditions are met in any order;

1. The Bounce Level is Reached

2. The Pool Runs for 23 days and 16 hours.

The Token Contract address is 0xb7f80a74aaa4fd30a3ee7c03fde3dc88e6002c12


Q1, from @lequthu  : As an investor in the world of Blockchains, I would like to know what makes your project different from the rest that already exists. What makes them safer and more efficient?

Isaac :cryptocoin is a BEP20 bridge token created with high sensitivity peer to peer electronic cash of its kind , bridging a gap between physical assets with crypto currency backed by crypto Tokens and Coins existing on Blockchain

With CTC token everyone will be able to contribute to the bridging gap between physical assets, fiat currency with crypto currency .

CTC token will be used in real market to purchase goods, pay for services, also will be store of  Value digital currency.

Q2, from @Obung : Almost all blockchains have a way of solving the three main problems of blockchain, trustworthiness, speed and cost.  How will you solve it and maintain your position in the crypto space?

Isaac : Cryptocoin as of now is built on the fastest, cheaper network called Binance smart chain and all these problem faced by ethereum slow speed ,high transaction fee as of now will not be faced by Cryptocoin users in transacting and trading of CTC token in anyway.

Q3, from @alisa_crypto : Many investors hit and run in the sell and sell session after listing on the first exchange, How did Your project prevent early investors from selling their tokens and what benefits you would give them?

Isaac : As of development so far we are finalizing with our first full decentralized Exchange which will be launched in next month after  the public token sale for investors to  benefit, earn interest , stake their token in this we believe this will prevent early investors from selling their tokens and  Cryptocoin will be token to be used on this coming decentralized Exchange.

Also we are planning to develop the Cryptocoin wallet in future more about   the wallet will be provided on our social accounts soon.

Q4, from @Jindrugs1 : Currently hacking is a terrible thing for the defi project, can you explain the security that the CRYPTO COIN CTC project has, especially the security of our assets and data, and how the  CRYPTO COIN CTC strategy becomes a big project and is known in the Crypto world?

Isaac : Cryptocoin project we allocated a total sum of 15,400,000 CTC tokens for the Future Development and new innovation purpose in the project and we also allocated another total sum of 2,310,000 CTC token for Research purpose. With this all fund allocated we believe and assure that it will help to improve the security of asset and data because it will be enough to fund the development and research of new security and innovation to protect our user data  and of the Cryptocoin Project as in general  for the success of the project.

Q5, from @BENSTOCk23 : Rug pull is Being too much. In this situation, How can we trust you and when are you planning to listed on a CEX?

Isaac : Yes as our project auditing is one of our first to do on our list and this is in the preparation and we can say in next early month  we shall be releasing our auditing document for the public  but we can assure that our project was developed by high top qualified Blockchain developers so no rug pull can be experienced from Cryptocoin project.

About the listing this going to be done immediately after the token pre-sale ends.


Q1. KYC What is your top  priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Which part of the project are you most focused on right now?

Isaac :  yes as of now our focus on 3 major thing 1. first listing of CTC token 2. Launching first decentralized exchange for CTC token holders to benefit and earn interests 3. Auditing report and lock contract for tokens

Q2. XXX : What are your plans for Africa considering the fact that Africa is becoming one of the biggest crypto currency market?

Isaac :  yes thank you for that good question regarding to Africa market we already have local community group of Cryptocoin project but we still also more focused and soon we shall be launching the first ambassador program for African market specifically.

Q3. i thingking about me : Does Crypto Coin have a place to check the $CTC token price or some kind of bot price and how much is the total supply or hardcap of the $CTC token and Is $CTC token already registered on DEX or CEX?

Isaac : at the moment no bot price for CTC token but soon we shall have one because that is simple to get, Regarding about the total supply CTC token has total supply of 77 million . Yes CTC token is already listed on one of our partners DEX exchange you can check it  but more listing on CEX and DEX exchange will be available after the Pre-sale

Q4. Andra Man : What is the role of token in the ecosystem? Where can people currently buy it?what would be its used?

Isaac : Yes token is available to buy in our on going Token Pre-sale link to buy >>> which will be ending soon  and CTC token is going to have many use case in which include CTC token will be used in real market to purchase goods, pay for services, also will be store of Value digital currency but the main Use case is with CTC token everyone will be able to contribute to the bridging gap between physical assets, fiat currency with crypto currency .

Q5. Anita Wiza, : As we know, every successful project has some behind the scenes story, what is the story behind CTC Bridge success? What was its vision when CTC Bridge first came as an idea?

Isaac : Our Project was created in a motive and after long research where we found out that Most of all the Tokens and Coins are created and backed by real world assets (physical assets) and real world currencies (fiat currency). Such crypto tokens and coins are real facing danger in the future because of certain situations which public do not have control of, let’s say in case of real world currencies go through what’s called rapid inflation of money this means all crypto Tokens and coins backed by real world currencies will lose their value instantly, if us the public without noticing it.

and this is why Cryptocoin was created to solve that and being backed by crypto Tokens and Coins already existing on Blockhain we do not see any of that kind to ever happen to Cryptocoin.

thank you for having us and we welcome all members to join our community for new development and to not forget to join our Pre-sale before its end – Isaac

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