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Hello everyone welcome back again to AMA series FCM. Today we will have an AMA with C.L as from CremePieSwap team 

Hello C.L welcome to FCM 🥳🥳🥳. Happy to see you here. Thank you for taking your time to be at FCM in the midst of your busy life. 🥳

C.L  : Hi everyone!

It’s such a pleasure for me to be here today

I’ll explain a little bit about how the AMA will works today

There are 3 segment in this AMA

Segment 1: Project Introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free Asking

Before we go to segment 1

Can you explain to us a little about your background before entering the cryptocurrency world and your journey untill join CremePieSwap project?

I started with crypto 4 years ago as a daily trader. After burning all my savings and trading accounts, I met Tony in 2019 and started to work with him to create our current project, LaunchZone ecosystem. I am now working as the head BD of LaunchZone as well as CremePieSwap.

CremePieSwap is a joined effort of the 3 projects: LaunchZone, 100Xcoin and BSCA.Army; to create the biggest functional ecosystem on Polygon network. It is such a pleasure for me to represent such a project.

I hope that after this session, everyone shall get a better understanding of our work and vision


Q1. Can you explain to us what CremePieSwap is? And what problem this project trying to solve?

C.L  : CremePieSwap is a multi-functional Dex built on Polygon network by the alliance between LaunchZone; 100Xcoin and BSC.Army teams. The project inherit the product and technical designs of LaunchZone while getting social exposure and support from 100Xcoin and BSC.Army teams. As the Polygon (a.k.a Matic) network is still an unexploited land, we are taking the chance to create a really sustainable system to ultilize LP and users from the network.

best of both worlds

Q2. “The More You Swap, The Creme-ier It Gets”, can you explain about this tagline to us? What does it mean?

C.L : finally there’s someone actually noticing the Cremie part of our Slogan, lol!

As CremePieSwap is the result product from the market experience of all 3 founding projects: LaunchZOne; 100Xcoin and BSC.Army; the tokenomics design of the system is created to bring multiple benefits to investors.

Each transaction of CPIE token shall be taxed 6%. 4% of the tax shall be redistributed to holder wallets and LP pools to create a continuous circulation for the token. In other word, by holding and making transaction with CremePieSwap’s CPIE token, you actually earn a passive income.

In addition, 1% of CPIE tax shall be burnt so the decreasing supply of token promise an increase in future price. What’s left is creating a good flow of business for the project and keep the token in circulation.

as our desire is to create a all-in-one economic ecosystem, there shall be a great number of new dapps that ultilizes CPIE token to increase the demand for it.

that’s why the more you hold and the more you use the token, the more value you gonna get.

that’s why in CremePieSwap, the more you swap, the cremier it gets!

Q3. In CremePieSwap you have several products, but 2 products that interest me are Lottery and Matic Price Prediction. Can you explain to us how does this product work and what rewards can users get from this product?

C.L : the lottery and Matic price prediction game work like what their names imply, it’s a lottery and prediction game. What to be noticed here is that such services shall ultilize the CPIE token to participate and also reward. By participating in the games, there shall be a lot of CPIE transactions made and the amount of liquidity and burnt token will increase. In simple terms, they work to increase the demand for CPIE token while increasing the long term benefits for users.

our IDO is happening on 12 of July at 8PM PST. Just check on our official twitter and you shall know what to do

Q4. At the moment , where you are focusing right now? Building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships? Could you please share it to us?

C.L : a good thing about CremePieSwap is that it is created by 3 different projects: LaunchZone; 100Xcoin and BSC.Army (a.k.a BARMY). With LaunchZone focusing on tech and product dev while 100Xcoin focusing on community building and BARMY focusing on promotion. This give us a very well-ballanced team that is capable of working seperately on different aspects while maintaining a systematic organization.

This is why we have all confidence that CremePieSwap shall be the shining star of Polygon.

Q5. In case some of our members wants to join CremePieSwap whitelist, could you please explain to us how to join the whitelist? Any requirements do we need to join this? And what is the benefits of join the whitelist?

C.L : Since 100Xcoin and BARMY team specialize in community and social media, we’ve got a great deal of early investors. In order to make sure that the IDO is smooth, stable and fair to everyone, we created the whitelist program to gather info of the buyers and limit the number of buyers. Simply said, you’ll need to participate in the whitelist in order to have chance buying CPIE token during the IDO launch.

the whitelist is opened until 10/11 July and the lucky winners from the whitelist shall be announced prior to the launch. So if you want to have the early purchase on a new and potential CremePie, the whitelist is how you go.


Q1. From @AlexaBaluran  CremePieSwap is the new-concept & leading AMM DEX and yield farming platform. How does the ButterSwap realign incentives for network participants, what strategy does it apply? What are the characteristics that allow players to win scissors?

C.L : As mentioned earlier, the tokenomics of CPIE token is designed with 6% tax to burn, add liquidity and redistribute to holder wallets. This means the longer the project is in operation, the more benefits holders will get from the liquidity and quantity of token redistributed. As 2% of CPIE transactions shall be redistributed to LP pools, users can also farm for CPIE token to continuously accelerating their return on CPIE.

Q2. From @amal09226189 : According to the roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough funds and strong community to achieve those milestones?

C.L  : what I can say from now is that our team have all the experience, motivation and resources it takes to make CremePieSwap a star project, since CremePieSwap team is consists of 3 dev teams. This allow us to be ambitous with the design of CremePieSwap and there shall be a series of new dapps exclusive to CremePieSwap to be launched.

However, since the names and functions of such dapps are part of our long term marketing strategy, I am not entitled to disclose too much on this. Just stay tuned to our updates and you shall see the miracles

Q3. From @HbJag  What is  your project ‘marketing strategy’ ?? What will you do to make your project stand out against others in the crypto field and the people who come to explore your project??????

C.L  : we are currently running a viral whitelist program prior to the launch of CremePieSwap. The program involves referral reward so participants have chance to win fractions of a Lamboghini and we’ve been making a hit with the program.

Ken the Crypto, CEO and founder of 100Xcoin is a well known KOL in America market. He’s cremepie-ing himself everyday until the launch so the reaction for CremePieSwap is peaking constantly

other than this, we also have the meme bountites to stir up the atmosphere so the presale marketing is doing great in our favor.

Q4. @AhmedSamna6 I would like to know if you’ve completed any security audits? Perhaps by third-parties? We’ve seen dozens of hacks, exploits and stuff like that this year, What measures have been taken to protect FLAT community from it?

C.L  : CremePieSwap shall be audited on 10th of July and the reports shall be shown prior to the presale. In addition, CremePieSwap is inheriting the technical foundation of LaunchZone, which were audited at least 4 times by Certik, Halborn, Verychain and Defiyield, so everything is in the right track for now.

Q5. From @Aykutbarnabas Nobody can guarantee the security of Smart contract. But Audit play an important role to find out the known bugs of smart contract. Can you tell us describe how strong is your security ? Have you done an audit by any third party ?

C.L : this question is similar to the one above so I have stated my answer already


Q.1 Lyle Dragon Hunter : With blockchain being such a young industry, Partnerships are an integral component of any project journey. Which types of Partnerships have CremePieSwap already attained & What are the plans on this front moving forward?

C.L : for the start, CremePieSwap is the result from the partnership between LaunchZone, 100Xcoin and BARMY so the project has a good head start since infancy. After the IDO launch, CremePieSwap shall operate as a multifunctional Dex on Polygon so our partnership shall be opened up to any potential partners wanting to submit their token to our platform. After all, ultilizing partnership is the business of CremePieSwap itself.

Q2.Roy : q. How can I know more about your project, do you have any website or YouTube channel you can share with me???

C.L  : At this point, you can visit our official website: and our official twitter @CremePieSwap. The telegram community is shown on the twitter site so you can grasp most info on CremePieSwap by visiting the web and twitter. Furthermore, as CremePieSwap is co-founded by LaunchZone, 100Xcoin and BSC.Army so you can also visit the social accounts of the founding projects to get the most info on CremePieSwap. This is a recap of the Live AMA session between CremePieSwap and BSC.Army so I hope you get a big picture about us easier

Q3.Get it : IF THE BEAR MARKET COMES will your token PROBABLY DUMP? Do you have any plan to prepared for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell ?v

C.L : the tokenomics of CPIE token is designed with the 6% tax serving as the mechanism to defend its price by ultilizing liquidity and increasing Holders’ benefit. This shall defend the token during bear market as well as calming our investors from panic sell. As CremePieSwap is operating as a Dex so as long as we can mantain a good business, we can still maintain a good circulation for our CPIE token and the tokenomics shall work properly. As far as I know, even during the worst bear market, there’s a lot of dumps but defi projects never died 100% during these markets. There’s still transactions and there’s still service operation even during bear markets so we have no fear in not being able to carry out the business of a Dex. Bear markets and correction periods are the essential elements of any markets so we wouldn’t have become project founders if we don’t know what to do during these times.

Q4. Leone : Do you plan to venture into the world of NFTs and that it is someHow related to BTC?

C.L : As mentioned earlier, CremePieSwap is designed to be the all-in-one economic ecosystem so we plan to cover all market aspects and scopes of services. NFT is therefore not an exception. There shall be NFT marketplace and services on CremePieSwap but since our solutions are unique and exclusive, you’d only know about them once we officially announce.

ROSA : What matters to most unconscious investors are small short-term wins. However, long-term goals provide much greater gains. What kind of interaction do you plan to raise the awareness of investors on this issue and to enable them to make long-term investments in your project?

C.L : At the dawn of our colab, LaunchZone, 100Xcoin and BSC.Army teams shared the vision of creating longterm value for the Defi space. This means both creating great products and educating community about the future and applicability of Defi. Therefore we shall work on our products and staying connected to our community simultaneously to make sure that everyone gets realtime support from the team and get a bigger picture of the future of Defi from what we do. Thank god that we have 3 teams to do this

C.L : so if there’s more you want to know about us, don’t forget to stay tuned to our updates and social accounts guys

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