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Muhammad Ryan : Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forum Crypto Moonlight Official Group We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with @cfl365finance

welcome to our community

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: Thanks @Muhamad_Ryan , glad to be here

Hey @Joule123 , pleasure conencting with you

Muhammad Ryan: I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: project introduction

Segment 2: Question Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question On Group @cfl365finance

Muhammad Ryan || FCM: Before moving on to segment 1, could you please tell us a little about your background?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: Yeah Sure. We are a team of passionate Traders and have been there in the Crypto Space for more than 5 years.

Our team includes members from Leading Blockchain firms and CeFi Exchanges like Crypto APIs, Okex, Coin DCX and other prominent firms in the DeFi Ecosystem.

We have been a part of nearly 11+ DeFi projects that have a combined TVL of $50 Million USD


Q1, Can you explain a little about the CFL365.Finance project to our community?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: CFL365.Finance is Decentralized Virtual Marketplace for Stocks and Crypto Trading, where users will be able to participate in skill based trading contests by paying with $CFL tokens.

Once they enter the contests they would be getting virtual league balances which they could use to build their virtual portfolio (crypto and stocks) and depending on their portfolio gains and rankings they would be distributed with the rewards !

Q2, What is the main objective of the CFL365.Finance project?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: The Main objective of CFL 365 is the bridge the gap between Traditional Finance and Crypto World by providing users to opportunities to learn, test out their trading skills with other users on our platform and finally earn money for choosing the best portfolio combination and the end of the league competitions.

Q3, What achievements have the CFL365.Finance project achieved?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: We have prepraed a detailed roadmap and have divided our Project’s developments into Quaterly Milestones.

– For this quarter our goal is to launch the first version of the product and the do the IDO in a week’s proximity after launch!

– We have already closed 90% of pre public sale rounds have onboarded top VCs and advisors from the ecosystem.

– We would be launching the product on BSC chain and in the coming quarter we are also going to launch interoperability for multiple chains like Polygon (Matic), Polka Dot etc.

Additionally, we’d also be launching the native mobile applications for both Android and iOS by end of this year.

We’d also be launching lottery system, where users on completing certain milestones on the platform would be unlocking some lotteries which would contain guaranteed rewards ( tokens, NFTs etc). Over and all there’s lot in store that we have planned for the community and our users for this year and coming year.

Stay tuned for the exciting updates on our Telegram Channel:

Q4, What kind of security does the CFL365.Finance project use to secure investor data?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: Users are what constitute the lifeline of any project and their funds, security, and data privacy is of utmost priority for us.

Our dev team comprises of people who workes on Blockchain solutions for some of the top notch indtitutions in the world like JP Morgan Chase, IBM, EY etc.

In fact, we are taking every measure possible to ensure the safety so that there are no loopholes in our application and smart contracts and safe from any malicious attacks.

Additionally, we would be getting our smart contracts audited by the benchmark instituions from the blockchain space and would be testing our systems at regular intervals.

Q5, What advantages does CFL365.Finance present to investors?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: While formulating the Tokenomics along with the Token Utilities, and gauging the Market sentiment over the last 4 quarters, we researched more than 30+ DeFi projects in the Ecosystem and came up with Vesting Schedule that brings out the perfect balance between Investors, Platform Users and CFL 365 Finance Team.

We have found a sweet spot by addressing the needs of each of these three segments by providing early discounts, handsome APYs for Token Holders, and NFT rewards at regular time intervals which will probably boost the user and investor engagement on CFL 365 Finance platform


Q1, From @ShinPoka9984 : According to the project’s roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does #cfl365 team have enough Funds and Community to achieve those milestones?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: So, for this quarter we are pretty much on track and our objective is to launch the First Version of the product and then conduct the IDO as soon as possible. Ideally in a week’s proximity after launch!

Despite the current market conditions, our investors are quite hyped up and intrugued by our project.

In fact, we have already closed 90% of pre public sale rounds and have onboarded some of the Top VCs and advisors from the DeFi Ecosystem.

Q2, From @Fedricho376 : I really wanna hold a good amount of token but i need to be sure of its profitability. What advantages of holding your token and also where to buy it? What is the token use case & how does it capture the value of ecosystem you’re building?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: Our Token Holders are rewarded in multiple ways that would not only encourage them to buy more but also get rewarded in multiple ways while enaggeing in different leagues on our platform. A few of the broad advantages are

– Game Mining

– Referral Mining

– Getting High APYs for holding CFL Tokens in your wallet (without any lockin period*)

– Option to Convert CFL Tokens to exclusive NFTs via our Partner Platforms and regular intervals.

We are bridging the gap between legacy finance and Crypto Ecosystem wherein users Learn, Simulate and Earn simultaneously

Q3, From @KakLan0510 : I know that #CFL365 is launching two secure hardware devices and embedding Decentralized Virtual Marketplace  into real world IoT devices. Please tell us what these devices are and what these Decentralized Virtual Marketplace?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: Security is an inherent part of the Blockchain, are we are not rebuilding the wheel here !

Our First launch would be in the form of a Webapp wherein users will be able to connect their W3 Wallet like Metamask and purchase our Tokens initially from PancakeSwap, Uniswap and other DEXs to participate in different leagues on our platform.

We subsequently will be launching Android and iOS version for our users in the coming quarters.

The Virtual Hybrid marketplace here signifies the virtual portfolio that you will be able to build once you join our leagues.

Rewards will be distributed proportionally as per your skills and portfolio allocation in these leagues

Q4, From @DamithDilshan17 : Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners? Can anybody anywhere use this project without Any restrictions?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: We are a global decentralized project, with our team spread across USA, Africa, Dubai, India and Asia.

Our focus is currently on bridgin the gap between new users who are getting into trading platforms and professionals.

You can test and polish your skills on our platform, encash your gains and then earn even more in the DeFi Ecosystem!

Anybody, anywhere in the world with an internet connection and with a Web3 wallet (like Metamask) can use our platform.

There are no restrictions from which exchange, dex, or platform that you can buy our CFL tokens

Q5, From @bukanmengg  : Many new projects develop well at first, but then fail to achieve good results. How will you manage and develop your project to gain a position in the market and become a good project in the blockchain industry?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi: In the DeFi Ecosystem, our greatest strength in terms of building this project would be the community and their feedback !

Hence we have dedicated over 30% of our total token supply for Ecosystem and Rewards to ensure we give back to the community as much as possible

Additionally, we have the concept of NFTfying the tokens. This basically gives users an opportunity to wrap their token holdings into a NFT that they can use to purchase collectibels from our partner platforms. This NFT created will be having similar utilities as CFL token itself on the platform

Additionally, users will be able to sell their tokens in a completeley different marketplace altogether, presumably at a higher price (given the NFT market trend)

This concept is bought in to ensure that whenever there is token dump or price tank, we shall announce a NFTfying event, where the portion of tokens would be taken out of the circulation supply and would be wrapped into NFTs.

This ensures that our tokens is always in demand and users who will be holding our tokens shall get many other benefits besides being able to just play on the platform.


Q1. From @iizabila4  : Binance smart Chain blockchain is having high transaction speed and cheap gas fees., Are you planning to launch your mainet or switch to other blockchains in the future??”

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi : We plan to launch this project on Binance Smart Chain and make it interoperable by creating bridges with Polkadot and Polygon (L2 – Ethereum Solution)

Q2. From @pascal0011 : Token burn is important for investors.

Do you have any plan burn or buy pack?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi : Instead of burning tokens we will provide a NFT swap option for our platform users

Q3. From @Rifat111111 : What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?”,

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi : Our Project is the perfect platform for non crypto natives wherein users can login to our platform and participate in our leagues that simulate real time trading scenarios in which users get to win more than 10x of their portfolio.

Q4. From @Vantulator0001 : English is a popular language. How does your project plan to spread awareness of its project in different countries where English is not good?your GREAT PROJECT have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi : We are actively partnering up with different TG communities that are active in crypto space across different regions where english is not the first language.

In case if you know more such communities, do let us know!

Q5. From @Vantulator0001 :  Share with us about your plans for 2021, what are you currently focus on, and are you going to expand the list of major exchanges?

Mohammed Abbas Kazmi : We are in talks with a few exchanges and will keep sharing about our updates on this channel and Twitter platform

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