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Sunday, 5 December 2021,1PM UTC

Hello everyone welcome back again to AMA series FCM. Today we will have an AMA with PRAVANJAN PATNAIK as CO- Founder of BOOLIEN

I will explain a little about the AMA segment this time,

Segment 1: project introduction

Segment 2: Question Twitter

Segment 3: Live Question


Q1, Can you explain a little bit about the BOOLIEN project to our community?

Prav  : In simple terms, Boolien is unlocking the multi usability of NFT in real life.

We believe NFT has the same power that equity/stock has done for any company or business. It acts as a way for the entity/creators to share ownership to their fans.

We would be soon launching Vizva, a Hybrid marketplace where we envision empowering all creators to connect with their fans. Where you not only sell your Digital assets but collaborate with your fellow artist to create NFT together.

In the coming time we are opening up an option for creators to fund their project, Something like a Kickstarter of NFT and Non-NFT projects, powered on Blockchain. Where any project can come into life through the support of crowdfunding or fans contributing to the project and getting a return.

Creators can work collaboratively with their tribe & clans, and make their space as per their requirements and preferences of the project.

NFT is a modern age way of amplifying the value of any intangible asset and giving away true ownership.

Q2, Can you tell us more about the team and some of their background? I’ve personally seen a lot of projects launched with inexperienced team members, and some of them didn’t go well due to easily avoidable errors.

Prav  : Our passion stems from our people and our people are a blend of Content creators, Game developers, UX, Behavioral and Visual Designers, Blockchain and product developers, and many more creative minds with over 30 years of collective and 360-degree experience in various dimensions of the entertainment industry; movies, games, and content creation to name a few.

Our background also comes from supporting different entity with our other company as in and

As for myself, Co-Founder of Boolien. I come from the Movies and Game Industry with more than 15 years of experience as a Content creator in movies like “Bahubali” from India and worked with many Indie and AAA game developers from EA and Ubisoft. My skill set lies in Behavioral Design and Content Production.

As in technical support we have NICK MUDGE, recently joined us as our technical advisor who is a author of multi Ethereum smart contract author, like EIP-2535 Diamonds and EIP998 Composable Non-Fungible Token Standard and he is is also the part of projects like Aavegotchi (Defi-powered NFT game) and Quickswap.

There are also few big name, soon going to get associated with boolien, which we would be revealing soon.

You can check our team here in our litepaper –

Q3, Can you describe Boolien’s core vision?

sambasu  : Boolien is envisioned to unlock the multi-usability of NFT in real life. It encourages empowering creators to have their freedom of expression and work alongside their tribe members, from the ideas stage to raising funds and even distribution of their Intellectual property. We would be launching an NFT game, House Party, that would act as a use case to what and how we envision our future.

Q4, What kind of security does the BOOLIEN project use to secure investor data?

Prav  : Currently we are working with Industry standard security protocols that are already there with Moralis, as the project evolves we will be having DAO for security measures too,Some of the technical tools or smart contracts we are using all have a proof of concept in various existing block chains, we are here to use the already proven technology and enhance the usability of this from a user standpoint.

With Polygon backing Boolien project and Halborn team(The auditor of Dapper Lab Flow, Avalanche & Many more) as a potential team for our external code auditing, we can say, we have an enhanced security layering.

Q5, NFT is being talked about by cryptocurrency lovers. Does BOOLIEN have NFT? Then what is the use of NFT?

Prav  : Currently NFT is a hot topic, within the crypto lovers primarily due to the $$$ price tag related to it, and the celebrity aspect of, so what happens after the flame dries out.

One recent research which clearly highlights, 1-2% of NFT belongs to high paid clubs, the rest are in mid level, and remaining almost 70% remain unsold too.

As in boolien we are not selling NFT, we are opening up options or building an infrastructure which supports the multi usability of NFT and NFT that can have deeper value.

Boolien has a DAO, which intends to solve the issue of Fractionizing NFT, Culturizing NFT (a group of NFT). Liquidity NFT and Cross chain.


Q1.FROM @BorbaBorba18 : I want to make a long-term investment with this project.  But I’m skeptical right now.  How can you reassure me that this project is safe and profitable?

Prav  : Every project comes with a certain amount of risk, we are all aware of it, but the smartness is how de risk we can do, and thanks to decentralization and DAO, it solves a lot of investor problems.

The project has various attributes, few aspects are centralized in terms of storytelling IP,  the platform and Boolien DAO are launching is decentralized which de-risk the business model and also safeguard the investor money where the investment is divided into the NFT/Digital assets and Token,which has Utility not only on Boolien ecosystem but also in cross chain utility.

Q2.FROM @JohnSno55 : One of the outstanding projects that entered the boolien ecosystem is “House Party”. What is a House Party”? How does it benefit us all? What’s so special about it?

Prav  : Can’t wait to answer that!!!

We can say, Boolien is an output, because of the House Party..;) because there were many things we wanted to have with or on it, but there was never a platform to do so.

Coming back to the House party!!

House Party is a cross platform storytelling IP, you can think of the story being a string with different knots that connects with different timelines, and each knot around it would act as a different branch or an entry point for the users or viewers.

As a Play to earn NFT game:

We would be introducing 7 Flags or 7 Factions, as an NFT, this would act as a way for users to hold the NFT, and also even trade in different games in the same Genre of adventure. NFT acts as a rewarding mechanism for the fans to hold a part of the IP. 

It’s about 7 Orphan and their dark adventure, the story has been written by Dean Wilkinson, Multi award winner story writer with over 33 years of experience in working with Dreamworks,Goosebumps and Disney to name a few.

If it gets too overpowered don’t worry, we got you covered, you can check our website and keep on track with our community as we launch House Party Litepaper.

 Q3.FROM @Forid27991921 : Binance smart Chain blockchain has high transaction speed and low gas fees, Are you planning to launch your mainet or switch to another blockchain in the future?

Prav : Presently we are launching on the Polygon network, for which we have got some exclusive support from them, including a grant that they have given us, seeing the potential of our project. Polygon has almost close to Zero gas price and super fast in transaction speed.

In coming time, for our cross chain and cross bridging across multiple chains, we have partnered with Polkachiper team who have backed by Alphabit team themselves.

We aim and intent to solve the user experience of players or users, who want to have a seamless experience in enjoying a piece of game, buy or sell NFT, and even collaborate with fellow creative clans, without bothering much about the underlying technology.

Q4.FROM @fulmoti12 : @booliener platform is place where users can submit job requests in a fun and interactive criteria. Are all the payments done in @booliener? How do you ensure all the users are valid and payments are done correctly? Do the users need to register or complete KYC?

Prav : Let me try if I get the question right!!

Boolien platform is not a platform to submit job requests, its a platform for bringing your creative project to life. Every transaction or and payment done on or through, boolien ecosystem, would be connected through few of well known, wallet, starting with metamask, we don’t store any details for Investors, unless the investors want to add it themselves, for instance, on our platform, vizva you can either connect you wallet, and get started instantly, or you can sign up where we provide unique tailored made option, for them like having their wishlist, like we have in Netflix, with that option, you would be can save your favourite NFT to invest in later.

In doing so, we clearly mentioned, in our Term & Condition, the detail stored is to be used to provide the best content to the users, we don’t use user data in any other way, as we vow an agreement.

Q5.FROM @Andreas045673 : Some NFTs are very rich in artistic value, however, how can you ensure that the NFTs showcased on your platform can meet customer demands and “needs”? Thus, can you explain in detail how you can evaluate NFT and connect artists with subscribers?

Prav : Art and NFT are 2 different creatures!!

NFT is a way to have the identity secured, Art is subjective and can have various meanings to different people. For us we are focusing on the story and the deep meaning behind the Art, and thanks to NFT it would act as a token of authenticity.

Few used case or story i want to Highlight is “Domenico” who work with scientist is creating Glitch artist, so what the deep meaning in the Art here, the scientist he work with study Cancer Cells, he take the macro images of those and create art out of it, which not only have a embedded story in it, but can also serve a way to hold value for the buyers, they can purchase this, and drop in our NFT liquidity pool and even earn certain yield out of it, it can also act as way where it act a cell or token in a strategic multi verse interplanetary game and etc.

Another story or you can say stories, we are in talk with is a Artist Village, named Raghurajpur in Orissa, where every family is an artist there culture of art goes more than 100 years old, they don’t even have an idea, what internet can do fully, NFT are like alien to them, and turning their Art into NFT, and selling would not only give stakeholder to have a option to hold a piece of History, but the artist there to stabilize their life style and even get immortals on the digital ecosystem, which would be future. Their art work also has deep storytelling power, which can easily inspire any writer to script a short movie on it.

The possibilities are endless, we can’t evaluate every aspect, but surely we can and build a platform where they empower their vision and explore the true potential of it.


Q1. do you have an ambassador program? Can you share the link of ambassadors?

Prav : Not yet, but we would surely opening up soon for influential only.

Q2. Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Prav : Bool token is deflationary token, and will be locked in projects pools, It’s total, 10 billion tokens 22.2 % will be for investors and public launch, and 14% will be locked for teams with a five year vesting schedule. It is a utility token.

Q3.Have you done any bugs testing of your platform? what are the Audit condition of your project and any bugs and vulnerability found yet?

sambasu : Yes, our main and top priority is security of the users and protection from hackers. We are doing security audits from certified members that are well known in this industry. Also we ourselves will also be conducting unit tests and debug reports time-on time with open source developers.

Q4. Do you have any whitepaper? If yes kindly share it us.. And currently from where we buy your token?

sambasu : Yes we do! Please check out our litepaper HERE! 👾


Q5. Can you tell us about your plans to attract the non-crypto audience? with which killer features will your project aim to get the attention of non-crypto people? Is this a long term or short term achievement for your project?

sambasu : Currently we are creating easy to understand videos about what NFT is and what are its future usage. We are a team backed by UX designers, researchers, developers and artists from all over the world. We are also on board as UX Jury member with an NFT project backed by the UN (Unitied Nation) which is proof and belief, that we are primarily working to enhance the experience of Crypto and make non-Crypto life much easier.

We have initiated Boolien Academy to help others understand about the technology, and creating a space which will be owned by the community and managed by the community.

Website :

Telegram Channel Official  : 

Twitter :

Telegram Group Official  :


“Keep rocking, Became a booliner!!  We would be launching FREE NFT very soon. Be in touch. Be happy and stay safe!!”

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