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Hello everyone welcome back again to AMA series FCM. Today we will have an AMA with Harry Behrens as founder and CTO of bloXmove  🥳

Before we start the AMA.

I’ll explain a little bit about how the AMA will works today

So there will be 3 segment in this AMA

Segment 1: Project Introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free Asking

Before we go to segment 1, we want to know more about your background.

So could you please explain to us a little about your background before entering the cryptocurrency world and why did you finally join with bloXmove project?

Harry Behrens : My background is oure software: I have a master of science (Diplom) from the Technical University of Munich.

My master thesis was on neural networks in a distributed-memory multi-computer

“pure software”

I then moved to Japan where I worked for a company producing AI software. I also entered the University of Tokyo where I graduated with a PhD on Distributed AI.

All my life I worked for ventures, as programmer, analyst, CTO, project lead etc.

In 2015 I joined Daimler Financial Services in China in their IT department.

Privately I am working with Blockchain since 2013-2014

In 2018 I convinced Daimler Mobility to create a Blockchain team dedicated to using Blockchain in automotive, asset finance and Blockchain. In Daimler we then created the “Daimler Mobility Blockchain Platform” (pls. google this).

This is the software which bloXmove took, when we executed our spin-off from Daimler


Q1.  Can you explain what bloXmove is to our community and what problems ultimately led you and your team to create this project? What do you want to offer the users ?

Harry Behrens: We are bloXmove, a newly found venture with headquarters in Ireland and Germany. Our product the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform was incubated by Daimler Mobility (the parent company of Mercedes) and this is also the background of our founders and board.

bloXmove will provide an open mobility protocol based on the BLXM token. By earning or holding this token companies can connect their vehicles to bloXmove to offer decentralized mobility services.

Users can consume these services with BLXM

Our singapore entity which will launch the tokens will be completely governed by the community: all important decisions will be voted on by the community.

That means holders of BLXM tokens who have staked their tokens with registered wallets can decide where the foundation invests and what initiatives it supports

Q2. Actually i don’t really understand about how this bloXmove works. So what kind of reciprocal relationship does bloXmove want to create between the transportation service users, the transportation service provider itself, and bloXmove?

Harry Behrens : This is a very good question. And the short answer to this is: bloXmove will be like a “Star Alliance for Mobility” .

Mobility service companies can use bloXmove to bundle and resell services from other providers. It is like “sharing economy” for B2B; Blockchain and decentralized technologies are very good at this.

This allows them to create much deeper products. E.g. A scooter company can sell “Berlin 100% mobility” to their customer through their own app –  including car sharing and taxi – without losing their customer. For the customer there is no need to re- and re-register. Everything is handled with one ticket (“verified credential”).

This means customers do “service roaming”, where they only register once and then can use all services without any additional overhead.

bloXmove handles all the logic and takes a small transaction fee.

Q3. Can you explain to us about what features are in this application?  Then what do users need to be able to access and use this service?  (For example, users need to have $BLXM to pay the service). Try explain more about this details!

Also if we need to use $BLXM to pay the service, where can we buy it?

Harry Behrens : Imagine a company owning 30 electric Tuktuks in Cambodia. They can license a simple “smartBOX” which they connect to the wiring of the vehicle. The company then receives a simple SDK (software development kit) from us. They use this SDK to give access rights to the vehicles to their customers.

All identities (company, customer and car are based on DID). This means we can control and verify identity, access right in crypto. Our platform handles all of this.

The owner just connects the vehicle to the platform and uses our SDK to issue tickets to their customers. These tickets can either be expressed as NFT or as verified credentials based on the DID standard. bloXmove verifies access control and receives BLXM tokens from the customers. We pass the customer fee to the owner of the Tuktuk.

For this the Tuktuk company needs to the platform transaction fees in BLXM.

Harry Behrens : We need the user to show he/she has a valid access token/ticket. This verification is based on DID-based verified credentials

It is a pure crypto-native protocol which is actually interoperable across Blockchain layer-1

Q4. What kind of business model does bloXmove have?  Where does your project benefit from?  On the other hand, what are the advantages for transportation service providers who cooperate with bloXmove?

Harry Behrens : Our business model is simple: we charge transaction fees. The advantages for the service providers are:

1) together the operators scale by creating one shared platform

2) the platform is not controlled by one centralized company (UBER, Didi etc.)

3) customer relationship is kept by each operator

4) there is no vendor lock-in

5) because customer relationship is not taken over by the big hyperaggregating monster, transaction fees will always be low, because whoever has the customer relationship keeps the negotiating power!

Q5. The concept offered by bloXmove is planned to be applied in certain countries or will it apply globally?  If globally, how does your project attract existing transportation service providers to cooperate with bloXmove?

Harry Behrens : We start in Germany and the Netherlands; simply because we have already partners there who wish to start with our platform. However we will definitely extend our reach into Asia Pacific and China soon. Our proposal is quite beneficial as described in question 2) and 4):

1)  Companies using bloXmove can offer services to their customer which combine and bundle more than the company has on its own: e.g. a scooter company can offer a ticket for “Berlin all you move” including car sharing, taxi and buses.

2)  The other company receives additional revenue with no cost of sales or marketing and increases utilization

and both of them stay independent and in full control of their customers

3) Together they operate a full platform that can offer a one-stop destination for their customer, even if each of the companies is quite small: Together we are strong (“E pluribus unum”)


Q1. From @ay2nKYqIOsSm68D : For project development, the main priority is to have sufficient funds. Is your team financially able to carry out this project? Do you have a partnership with a venture capital company or an investment company?

Harry Behrens : We have already 3 venture companies who are invested at the seed round.

1.  Outlier Ventures: one of Europe’s most famous acceleration companies in the crypto rea.

crypto area

2. Germany’s first crypto fund

3.  Master.Ventures a Singapore/Thai venture operating the PAID Ignition launchpad

We are also currently doing the last phase of our token presale before the public launch in September this year.

So anyone who can and wants to invest 75,000 USD or more is welcome to approach us for a token presale.

Q2. From @light_poker  : I read in your website that you have an use case called ” Power meets Mobility”, so can you explain with more details about this use case? Is something related with electric vehicles?

Harry Behrens : Car batteries can be adapted to work bi-directionally:  E-vehicles become rolling batteries that can participate in grid balancing

Fleet companies can provide new energy services which generate new revenue streams

Blockchain technology is the cooperative solution to connect both sectors – Power & Mobility

The precise documentation in the blockchain ensures certified 100% green energy and enables smart resource utilization which has a fast CO2 impact – these support the sustainability targets of governments and companies

On this use case we are working with one of Germany’s 4 Transmission Service Operators (TSO), i.e. energy network backbone

in addition to the energy web foundation.

So: Power meets Mobility!

Q3. From @Ductrung753951 : Could you please tell us about #BloXmove token $BLXM and $MPB! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Harry Behrens : Yes, the token is BLXM. MBP stands for Mobility Blockchain Platform: that is what bloXmove is.

There will be 50,000,000 token units in total and we will release 800,000 (1.6%) on the launch event.

The foundation will hold 54%

BLXM is used to use the access control and mobility services of the platform. Companies buy BLXM to be able to pay for the transactions on their services.

Users buy BLXM to pay for these services

Q4. From @luckyjem02  : A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how #BloXmove planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the #BloXmove team ?

Harry Behrens : Yes, a healthy token protocol can only be achieved with an active and engaged community: You!

We are now starting our community building. This AMA for instance is one example. We have also started out Telegram group and Twitter channel and every two weeks or so we will publish a Medium article for our White Paper.

And yes, we are definitely recruiting coders and product owners in the area of blockchain and decentralized technology. So if you are a coder and wish to contribute pls. send me your CV and we can have an interview!

You can also directly apply over our web page at

Q5. From @Liomie : What are the priorities of bloXmove in 2021? As we are in the bullish phase of the crypto market, are there any exciting initiatives that you’re planning in the pipeline that you can share with us?

Harry Behrens : Re. priorities:

1. Take the 6 pilots which we have signed up with leading industrial players live

2. Successful token launch and positive token economics

3. Deploy our platform as the platform of choice in the Netherlands Mobility as a Service ecosystem

Plus: Showcase the result of our stealth project with a major Chinese Blockchain group at the Shanghai Blockchain Week in Shanghai

re. “bull market”: I believe the bull market ended in May. What we are seeing now is more of a “crazy crab”: a lot of very volatile sideways movement

This just means we need to be more focussed: we will launch in the second half of September and really go full power in the last 4 weeks.

Before that we will grow organically, work on our core software, take the first pilots live and close many more partnerships.

I believe we will be announcing very strong and powerful news every week or so starting beginning of August.

We have been busy filling the bag with sweet surprise!


Q1 From @Andrcriss  : What kind of information media do you use to widely introduce the community, what makes you believe that the information media will spread?

Harry Behrens :  We use Twitter, Telegram and LinkedIn extensively




– be informed about the latest announcements:

YouTube main videos: (Power meets mobility)

We also have two good video on YouTube showing how the platform works

Q2 From @Teslaelc : Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team ?

Harry Behrens : We will have 50,000,000 token units of which we will publish  800,000 at token launch

Q3 From @millu00112 : Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with your project?

Harry Behrens : A picture is worth more than a 100 words:

Have a look at the founding team and our advisors. Also remember that we were incubated by Daimler Mobility.

Daimler is one of the world’s most respected German companies and famous brands.

Now ask yourself: do these faces look like they have come to cheat you? Or do they look as if they have come to deliver lasting and high quality value?

Q4 From @Sumon99990 : Do you have a whitepaper if yes please share in with us and secondly how to plan to increase

your community and promote them to hold your tokens in the long run?? Also have you planned in your tokenomics at present?

Harry Behrens : We are releasing the WhitePaper in slices on medium.

Pls. go to

for the first 4 slices. The full Whitepaper will be published mid-August.

Q5 From @millu109 : I was exploring your website and i couldn’t find your roadmap. Do you have one? Could you share it? I am curious to know your plans and strategies for this 2021.

Harry Behrens : This  is our company roadmap

On the token journey:

August: start full BLXM online campaign

mid-August publish WhitePaper

mid-August – mid-September: announce our partnerships and pilot success to show how much progress we are making in revolutionising mobility as a service

Sep 10-13: participate in Shanghai Blockchain Week with WanXiang Blockchain group: demonstrate live the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform and annouce partnership with Chinese players

mid-September BLXM token launch

Website :




Telegram Channel :

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