Joel : Welcome to our community Mr David

Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Forun Crypto Moonlight Official Group. We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with Albetrage.

Hi Mr. David from Albetrage Team, thank you for having AMA in here.

Ill explain a little bit about today AMA.

There are 3 segment in this AMA today

Segment 1: Project Introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free Asking

Mr. David: Thank you Joel, is my pleasure


Joel : Q1. Can you explain to us a little about your background before entering the cryptocurrency world and why did you finally decide to create Albetrage Project?

Mr. David: Thank you, my name is Michael, I am co-founder of Albetrage platform. I have been in crypto sphere since 2015, before then I used to run a business and at the same time I was into programming, I learnt java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS. Someone introduce me to BTC early 2015, I fell in love and have been ever since. I worked with a crypto platform in 2017 and after I meet David, we teamed up with some other people to develop Albetrage. We decided to develop Albetrage because we were tired of being exploited by the bookies. Thanks

Joel : Q2. Can you explain to us what is Albetrage a platform for?  What can users do and how does it work?

Mr. David: Albetrage is an anonymous betting platform that makes it possible to win anytime you bet. It has not been done before. It uses a process known as Arbitrage. The point of arbitrage betting is to cover all of the possible results of a sporting event in order to guarantee a profit, regardless of how the event plays out. Arbitrage works when a bettor takes advantage of the different odds offered by different bookmakers, by placing multiple bets on each of the possible outcomes of an event, so long as the odds guarantee you a profit. Quick example of arbitrage,

let’s say that bet365 offers Man utd and Chelsea to draw @ 3.7 odds and Either Man utd or Chelsea to win @ 1.28 but you notice that betwin offers

Either Man utd or Chelsea to win @ 1.47 odds. So if you place Draw @ 3.7 odds at bet365 and EIther Man utd or Chelsea to win @ 1.47odds at betwin, you are guaranteed

a 5.2% interest on your bet capital either at bet365 or betwin. You don’t depend on luck when you bet using our platform, you are guaranteed to win no matter how a game ended. No platform in the world is doing this, is a game changer and that’s why we believe that is the best crypto project you can invest in now if you want to make excess profits. Thanks

Joel : Q3. In some countries, betting is prohibited.  So what made you interested in creating a betting platform

Mr. David: Like I always say, Albetrage is not betting. Betting is when you depends on luck to win but we all know that most times, it results in loss. Albetrage is a must win, anytime you place a bet, you are guaranteed to win. It is more of investment with a guaranteed profits than betting. Still yet, we encourage our users to comply with the laws of there jurisdictions. Different countries have different laws, in some , the official age for betting is 13, some 18, some 21, etc. We can’t obey all, we are an online betting platform, the responsibility lies with our users to obey the law of their jurisdictions. Thanks

Joel : Q4. The betting platform usually get benefit from those who lose.  Whereas here you want to minimize their losses, then where will your project get benefit from?

Mr. David: Betting has brought a great deal of wealth to the world but it has not resulted in shared prosperity. The gambling industry as of today is an enormous and ever growing enterprise that worths over $449.3 billion. But it is not just broken, but also exploitative.

The whole business of online bookmaking is designed to make profits for the gambling companies and not the bettors. They set their odds in a manipulative way that favours them. Bettors today face huge problems when it comes to winning. But Albetrage’s mission is to put power in the hands of the bettors, eliminating exploitation. We believe that betting revenue can be shared proportionately between the bookies and the bettors. Before explaining how we get our profit, let me explain to you how Albetrage works.  Albetrage is not the normal betting platform you know, it is unique and different, it offers only arbitrage odds, let’s me give you an example of how it work, let’s say Nadal and federa  are playing a match. On bet365, Nadal to win is 1.7 odds, and federa to win is 2.3 odds. Now what Albetrage does is to offer Nadal to win as 2.0 odds, and federa to win as 1.01 odds. If you bet both options on bet365, you may win or lose. But if you select Nadal to win on Albetrage platform and federa to win on bet365, you have covered the two options. A user with 100 USD, using our Arbitrage calculator to calculate how much to bet on each platform, will bet 46 USD on federa (2.3 odds) at bet365 and 54 USD on Nadal (2.0 odds) at Albetrage platform, it can only end in profit for the bettor no matter how the game ended, he will make 6.9% gain on his capital either at bet365 or Albetrage platform. It is no more betting for the user, the betting now is between Bet365 and Albetrage. So when a user loses at Albetrage and wins at the bookies, the lost amount at Albetrage is how we make money. I encourage everyone to read our whitepaper to understand more. So you can see that no other platform can guarantee you are going to win apart from Albetrage. Thanks

Joel : Q5. Can you tell us what network $ATE uses?  How much is the total supply of these tokens?  Where can we use this token?

Mr. David: ATE is a trc-20 token built on the Tron blockchain. We choose Tron because of many reasons, one of which is the speed of transactions and transaction costs. ATE have total supply of 5billion. ATE can be used for betting on our platform ( , you can also stake ATE on our platform which yeild great returns, you can also mine TRX anytime you bet with ATE. We are also working on many dapps and apps that will use ATE as a means of exchange. Thanks


Joel : Q1. From @Kvindvr A lot of DeFi users use mobile phones. Are you planning to release Albetrage own application on Android and IOS? Are you considering partnering with the DeFi mobile aggregator?

Mr. David: If you take a look at our roadmap, you will see lots of features that we are working on. More than 70 percent of people browse the internet using their phones, we know this. Currently, we are working on Albetrage android and iOS app. But before then, our platform is mobile responsive and works like a native app. Also we are in discussion with many startups for partnership. Thanks

Joel : Q2. From @Purwasi72370233 Most of the Crypto projects were built solely for the purpose of accumulating wealth for themselves. So, I would like to know the value you would like to add to the crypto industry which will bring greater abundance to the industry?

Mr. David: Albetrage is very different from most projects you see nowadays, what we are doing has never been done before, we are the first project in the world, both in crypto and non-crypto space that guarantees a return on betting. Nobody has done this before. We achieved this using a process know as Arbitrage. If you notice in crypto space right now, everyone is doing the same thing, defi platforms everywhere and that’s why is hard for investors to make money now. But we are different and have the potential of attracting millions of people to crypto space and also we believe that ATE will witness  over 3000% increase once everything is fully implemented. Right now, we have Staking module on Albetrage platform that gives up to 16% return and access to premium features of Albetrage. Also you can mine BTC, ETH and TRX  anytime you bet with ATE on on casino platform. Thanks

Joel : Q3. From @davidliefi I know that for Albetrage type of activities, you need very high regulated licenses in some countries. How do you spread awareness about Albetrage in the country that have stricted regulation for gambling patform?

Mr. David: Like I said earlier, We encourage our users to comply with the laws that govern their jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions up till now are hostile to betting, even cryptocurrency, but we are an online betting platform and cannot comply with all jurisdictions. In some countries like I said earlier, the official age for betting is 13 years, while some is 18,  others are 21 etc. Since we are anonymous platform, we don’t have user’s data, so there’s no way we can  determine our users age, so it is impossible to restrict them, that’s why I said that It is the responsibility of the users to comply with their laws. Thanks

Joel : Q4. From @ThinhLe63664993 What plans does Albetrage have to build trust and build collaboration in the community? And what is your strategy for attracting users from outside the crypto space?

Mr. David: Our community now has many non-crypto users, Albetrage platform sells itself. It is unique, never done before and highly needed. We have identify many betting forums in many countries, where we will run massive marketing, we are also talking with many crypto influencers to help in spreading the word about Albetrage. I can tell you that people pays as much as a thousand dollars to some platform like, oddstorm, rebelbetting etc, for them to identify arbitrage odds for them. Imagine what will happen and they hear about Albetrage platform. We believe that millions of bettors will join crypto-space because of Albetrage.  The best way to stand out is to solve a problem many people are facing. Albetrage solved the major issue millions of bettors faced all over the world, that is the issue of winning bet. The bookies set their odds in a way that gives them the upper hand. Though they promises huge payout, but they makes it extremly difficult for users to win, let me tell you, more than 70% of bettors loses their money in the long run. That where albetrage comes in, we makes it possible for bettors to bet using cryptocurrency without losing. No platform in the world has done this before both in crypto and non-crypto space, we are the first and the only platform for now. This alone will attract millions of people to crypto space. If you notice now, almost everyone is doing the same thing (defi platforms), that’s why is hard for investors to make gains now, but we are unique and different, this will help our investors to make huge profits.Thanks

Joel : Q5. From @HolderEthereum Are you planning to raise institutional funds for your platform? What is albetrage long term vision for institutional investors?

Mr. David: So far, we have worked on our platform with our funds, we didn’t collect any money from anyone. But to run a successful business, you need as much funds as you can get. That’s why we are having presale at the moment, to raise more funds to push the platform. We encourage people to take advantage and accumulate ATE now before the prize sky rocket. Go to . Thanks


Q1. From @ahamed2129: Typically, investors buy tokens that are likely to increase in price in the future. I saw that, total supply of the token  is huge.

So, do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

Mr. David: One thing you should know is that what really matters is the utility of a coin/ token, what we solved is huge and will create huge demand for ATE, there’s some coins like Xrp , TRX, ADA, etc that has over 70 billions total supply but today, Xrp goes for 0.6 , almost a dollar, TRX for .03 , while some token that has 1 million as total supply worths 0.000001 today. Utility matters, I can tell you that buying ATE today is like buy BTC in 2012, you will make lots of gains in the nearest future. Betting industry worths over 500 billion and imagine what will happen when most of them start using Albetrage. Thanks

Q2. From @chelyabinsk_crypto: I don’t really play in casinos, but I am really interested in passive sources of income. How can I make money on Albetrage’s platform? Do you plan to offer liquidity mining or so for more “passive income”?

Mr. David: We are not a casino platform, we are a betting platform that guarantees that you will win anytime you bet, I perfectly understand you, many people are afraid of betting because they are likely going to lose their money but that’s what we solved, from now onwards, you can bet without losing, you win anytime you bet. Also we have both staking and mining app embedded in our platform where you can mine TRX anytime you bet with ATE. Thanks

Q3. From @arshad009876: I am very interested in your $ATE token project. what is the minimum transaction to participate in the $ATE presale and how do I make a payment and where do I buy the $ATE token? and how many slots are available at presale $ATE this time ?

Mr. David: You can participate by going to , you will see our address there, send TRX to the address and an equivalent of the TRX in ATE will be sent to your Wallet address within 1 hour, the minimum purchase is 20 USD worth of TRX, to buy with other coins , PM @michael_albetrage , 10% of the token supply is available for presale. thanks,

Q4. From @rapaidu: Why do you think the decentralized gaming platform Albetrage will be able to compete with the centralized platforms? How does Albetrage provide better user experience than the centralized solutions from the same segment?

Mr. David: Like I always say, we are not competing with other bookies, we complement them, without them, we cannot work, you have to understand what Arbitrage betting is first, to do Arbitrage, you have to place bets on two platform, I advise you to read our whitepaper or our tutorials, or better still, search for Arbitrage on Google to understand what we are. Thanks

Q5. From @ALAMSP: Gambling is risky, also Crypto is risky too, Why is needed to combine 2 risky features together?, how will you help users to minimize their losses and help them to maximize their profits?

Mr. David: Like I said earlier, we are not a gambling platform in the real sense of it, with us , you are sure to win anytim you bet, and as for crypto been risky, yes it is but the truth is that without taking risks, you hardly make wealth, they says, all millionaires are risk takers, those that took risk with bitcoin from 2009 to 2013 are all millionaires and billionaires today, you can take a little risk with us today and see where it will lead you. Who knows, you may be the newest millionaire soon,  50 dollars , 100 dollars, 200 dollars etc can make you a millionaire in the nearest future if you invest it in the right platform. Thanks

Joel : AMA Crypto MoonLight X Albetrage has finished

Thank you Mr. David for attending this event. I hope all this knowledge will make us understand more about Albetrage

To all members I thank you for participating in this event.

See you next time, and we will announce the winners later.


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