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Tuesday, 11 January 2022, 12PM UTC

Hello everyone welcome back again to AMA series FCM. Today we will have an AMA with Nick  as CEO of AgeOfGods

Hello Mr. Nick welcome to FCM 🥳🥳🥳. Happy yo see you here. Thank you for taking your time to be at FCM in the midst of your busy life. 🥳

Zeus : thanks for having me

I’ll explain a little bit about how the AMA will works today

There are 3 segment in this AMA

Segment 1: Project Introduction

Segment 2: Question from Twitter

Segment 3: Free Asking

Before we go to segment 1 Can you explain to us a little about your background before entering the cryptocurrency world and your journey untill join  @ageofgodsnet project?

Zeus : I have been in crypto in total for around 5 years, I have worked for KuCoin Exchange for 2.5 years. Besides crypto I have been working as commercial manager for around 17 years


Q1. Can you describe your game project? and what kind of role play game AgeOfGods, is there a trading system between players to sell equipment or rare items in the game?

Zeus : AgeOfGods is a high quality game developed by Juego Game studios, where you can play and earn tokens in the process.

Start or join a guild, Progress through challenges and level up, get NFT Gear, Climb the Arena ladder, Battle other players in PVP, Participate in global PVP Tournaments while earning rewards that can be sold for tokens.

You can trade God NFT’s on our marketplace, items itself are not NFT’s.

100% of the revenue streams will be used to buy back tokens from the market, those tokens will then be burned, decreasing the total circulating supply which will drive up the value of the AgeOfGods token.

Q2. What audit certificate do you use? And what are the benefits for your platform?

Zeus : We are audited by Certik:

The benefit of Certik is that they are very well known and are integrated on Coinmarketcap. You can see our audit directly here:

Q3. Is your project fully decentralized? and is there a risk of centralization in the future?

Zeus : our project is not fully decentralized as our game is made and not open source, plus its controlled by the company. Our token however is fully decentralized and so are our God NFT’s. This will have no risk of centralization as that would be impossible.

Q4 Can you tell us what network $AOG uses? What is the total supply of these tokens? Where can we use this token?

Zeus : Binance Smart chain

Our token supply is 270 million, fixed supply, no inflation, no transaction tax

You can use this token to do Staking, Purchase ingame items, Trade on the NFT marketplace, Esports betting inside the game and use it in our merchandise store

Q5. for the success of the project Investors & Community is important. What is AgeOfGods Strategy to engage them?

Zeus : We have an invite and earn program, where you can earn passive income for inviting others to join AgeOfGods, while also putting incentive on remaining active in the future.

Each time a person that was invited by you spends any AOG, you will get a % of this.


Q1 FROM  @TonySta68796484 :Players in @AgeOfGodsnet can get their digital assets and these assets are tokenized and tradable between players and other markets. When you talk about other marketplaces exactly what do you mean? And being so approximately how many marketplaces do you set up on your platform?

Zeus : So we will have our own marketplace on our website, a secondary marketplace for example is PancakeSwap NFT

We expect to have at least 2 marketplaces (our own and pancakeswap)

Q2 FROM @babycrypto14 : Two types of methods you have in your game. PVP and PVE. What do we have to do in PVP methods and in PVE method? Can we earn from all of these methods equally? Do we need to invest huge amount in these methods to initiate the game? And lastly How can we get the “EXCLUSIVE GEAR”?

Zeus  : PVP focuses on challenging other players and increasing your rank on the leaderboard. Leaderboard rank will give you tokens and gets reset over time. PVE has challenges that you can overcome and when you succeed you will be rewarded.

The game is free to play, there is no investment needed.

If you want to be a top player however, you would at least need the God NFT’s to get the strongest Gods

You get exclusive gear by leveling up and competing

Q3 FROM @tuan_iker : Hacking incidents can be happened even on the world’s most secure systems. Does AgeOfGods secure enough from hackers? How do you manage if there is an attack to your platform?

Zeus : yes, first of all your tokens are in your own wallet, so we do not keep any tokens. We are fully audited by certik on safety. Our game itself will be made by a premier game studio. So safety is well taken care off. No personal data is stored other then your email address

Q4 FROM @MaharaniNiisa : As far as I have reviewed, Age Of Gods has been developed with many advantages over its competitors. Apart from success in project development, what is your plan for achieving the same success in marketing activities?

Zeus : The Marketing program to invite and earn others is a big key element of our strategy. As our community gets rewarded for inviting others. This same strategy we used at KuCoin exchange to grow and that worked very well.

Q5 FROM @Inezlolly : One thing that sometimes doesn’t count is the balance between character difficulty, so I ask, will the game try to match battles with people of the same level? and this mode will also be brought to the tournament or in the tournament will be different?

Zeus : yes, match making and pairing people in similar strength categories is a big part of our PVP.


Q1. Why do you choose Binance Smart Chain?  We also see some good scalability in some chain pop ups, so why choose BSc?

Zeus : Because Binance Smart Chain is the biggest chain with low fees. other networks are not as big so this is why we went for BSC

Q2. Where I can get the latest updates or more information about the project?

Zeus : , you sign up for our email and join our telegram

Q3. I want to invest in your project. Where do I buy your token? Is it available on any exchange?

Zeus : You can buy AOG on PancakeSwap, simply use this link:

Q4. As the entire market is down, AgeofGods was still able to hold strong and in fact break the 1$ resistance multiple times. With what were you able to achieve this?  Can you elaborate more about  2.5 million AOG staked challenge?

Zeus  : Yes, we have done very well because of our marketing effort and strong community. The 2.5 million staked challenge is to give people incentive to stake, win an NFT and get their APR increased. While also reducing circulating supply which helps with keeping the price high.

Q5. The name “AgeOfGods” is interesting. Where did you find this name?Is there a reason for that name?

Zeus : I was amazed that the domain name was free and nobody ever made a game called this way. I played AgeOfEmpires when I was younger and recently with its new release. So that inspired me.

If you like to be part of the next big game in Crypto, you should consider joining our community even if you do not want or cannot invest right now, it is still going to be worth your time. As later on you can earn tokens for free. Nick – CEO of AGE of Gods

Website :

Telegram Group Official :

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